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USW 14-Gauge VividFlex Extension Cords 100-ft 14 / 3-Prong Outdoor Sjtow Medium Duty Lighted Extension Cord

20 Reviews
  • Superior Flexibility down to -58°F/-50°C
  • VividFlex is SJTOW rated, oil and weather resistant
  • Lighted Female and Male Plug


Manufactured here in the United States, these USW VividFlex power cords are First in Flexibility and made for the Contractor. The wire is made to coil up easy and lays flat even in the coldest environment. The rugged, tough-skin outer jacket won’t tear or rip when used on rough jobsites. USW’s new VividFlex extension cords are oil resistant and feature 2 lighted plugs giving you a quick visual check for power.
  • Superior Flexibility down to -58°F/-50°C
  • VividFlex is SJTOW rated, oil and weather resistant
  • Lighted Female and Male Plug
  • Made in the USA
  • UL and ETL Certified
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 12 × 12 in

Latest reviews

  1. Megan W

    We live in Buffalo, New York. Between the cold and the snow, winter is a real force to be reckoned with here. However, life doesn’t slow down on a cold, winter’s day though. We soldier on!

    This bright blue 50-feet extension cord specifically engineered for cold-weather climates has been a great addition to my arsenal of outdoor tools and accessories. It’s sturdy and well made. I appreciate how the female plug end glows when it’s plugged in, so I always know whether it’s live or not. Rated for use down well below zero degrees, I never have to worry about its performance suffering when Mother Nature comes to play. This cord helps me get the job done, even when the weather is against me.

  2. Gebi

    This Hyper Tough 50′ cold weather extension cord is a very well made insulated extension cord for use indoors and outdoors. The extension cord is UL listed and it’s made in the USA. It’s a 14 gauge, medium duty with 15 AMPS and is made for cold weather use and stays flexible from -58 degrees below zero to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s great for my outside yard lights and inflatables during the holiday season or for my electric weed eaters, edgers, hedge trimmers, etc. The extension cord is sturdy and the bright blue color is noticeable so you don’t run it over with your yard tools. I’ve used it for outside work and indoor work and I’m definitely happy with this extension cord and I highly recommend it.

  3. tlaventure19

    I really enjoyed the extension cord from Hyper Tough. What I liked most about this product is that they transparent plastic pieces on the ends of the cord light up red when you are using them. Extension cords can be used for just about anything, especially if you need to plug something in far away or in a weird hard to get spot. This extension cord will solve this problem. It’s 50′, sturdy and very well made, as well. Seems like it will last a long time. This extension cord can also be used outside. You can hang up Christmas lights or plug-in decorations and plug it into the cord and it will be cold weather friendly. A nice addition to the product, itself. Will recommend to family and friends. Thank you!!

  4. KarenS

    I’ve been using this cable for over two weeks now and I am enjoying it! I have another cable for 100ft that I’m using for my backyard projects and this 50ft cable is perfect for my front porch. The season is here and all of the holiday decorations are up! This cold weather extension cable is taking on the temperatures like a pro. The cable is able to withstand the low temperatures and still remain flexible and it’s not becoming stiff or brittle. I usually contend with numerous squirrels and they haven’t even touched the cable which I am extremely pleased with. If you’re on the search for an extension cable that will be able to withstand the colder temperatures, is well insulated and supplies power the way it should, I would absolutely recommend this!

  5. DebbieC8118

    If you have kids, chances are you have blow up decorations in your front yard. For this you need a decent gauge extension cord that will withstand through the winter. For me living in New York winters are harsh, so you need a dependable extension cord and this is that cord. It doesn’t kink or tangle. The gauge is thick enough to run those blow up decorations. Where the actual plug is attached to the cord is very sturdy – if you use extension cords often you know that this is a main point of breakage. Highly recommend.

  6. Shcclc

    I can’t speak to how it’ll hold up in snow or ice because I haven’t really had any, but I’ve had rain and cold and it’s worked great so far. This cold weather extension cord is the perfect addition to your outdoor holiday lights without the stress of worrying in winter weather. I have extension cords that really just make me nervous to use during the winter. I don’t get that feeling having this plugged in. It’s durable, heavy so it won’t really move and a vibrant color so it’s easy to see.

  7. Christa17_81

    These are amazing. I have used them here and there but by next weekend they are going to get a major workout. They will be getting all hooked together so that I can hang and put up lights on my house. I am so excited to use them. I usually end up hooking a bunch of small ones together. These are going to go a long distance and are nice and heavy duty. They will be used so much around our house. My husband already tried to steal my yellow one.

  8. Dduffy33

    I got the 50’ and the 100’ cold weather extension cords, I used them today for my leaf blower, and was very happy. The covering seems very durable, and I was able to roll it up very easily when I was done. I’m primarily going to use these for our Christmas lights, and it doesn’t seem like I will have to thaw the cords out in the basement like years past, before trying to roll them up to put them away. I am very pleased with these cords.

  9. Momof3

    My husband got a new grill for Father’s day and it has a rotisserie on it which we thought was battery operated, turns out it is electric and so it needs to be plugged in. I was so happy to get this 50 foot cold weather extension cord so my husband can use his rotisserie. It works great, even on cold days. My husband would BBQ in the snow if he could. I am very happy with this extension cord and would recommend it to my family and friends.

  10. bluejeep

    This cord stays flexible at -58 degrees, which I hope we never get that cold, but in Pennsylvania we do get in the negative. This is a great cord to use for outdoor use, lighting, and electric tools such as trimmers, drills and I hope to be able to use it with my electric snow shovel/blower, since it can reach farther than the one I have. The cord is bright blue, with a heavy vinyl coating that will not shred up over gravel, or rough surfaces. It has a grounded outlet and hasn’t kinked up when I’ve used it for medium duty use. It’s easily rolled up so that it is ready for the next use. I store it in my garage so it’s handy when needed.
    I should be able to get many years of use from this high quality cord, that is found in larger discount stores at a great price. It’s made in the USA and has a 2 year warranty, which is more reason to buy it.

  11. Dawn H

    We have electric items outside that we run all year round. I’ve had issues in the past with cords getting wrecked from being in cold temperatures for too long. This extension cord has been great for making sure that doesn’t happen. The “icy” blue color lets you know that it’s the one for cold weather. The 50 foot range is great for my front yard. I can reach just about everything with it. I am very pleased with this extension cord.

  12. Shamiza

    This Hyper Touch cold-weather extension cord is very heavy in weight and also the size of the cord. It says it medium weight. It seems very sturdy and durable. The color is nice too.

    I think it’s perfect for this time of the year since it’s for cold weather, for Christmas decorations like lights and those blow up decorations. It’s 50 foot so will reach a good way. We will be using it for power tools since we don’t do Christmas.

  13. Wilson

    Great cord for backyard projects like using a saw or even using my battery charger on my riding lawnmower. It isn’t overly long. It is 50′ which is long enough for me to run from exterior outlet to lean-to or driveway. The blue 14 gauge cold weather cord is a little thick and heavy but not so much I would not want to use. The color is nice , it is easy to see when stretched across yard. I imagine it will last manyany years.

  14. Merey

    I’m glad we got this cord to use for our outdoor Christmas decorations this year. It’s heavy duty and well made. And it’s specifically designed for use in cold weather which is helpful in my Northeastern region. This cord will be outside exposed to the elements for quite a few weeks, and I feel safer having this well made and rugged electrical cord out there instead of your generic outdoor extension cord.

  15. CMar

    We bought this cord to help with our pool pump that sits above our pool cover. It’s worked perfectly and is just the right length from the pool to our electric box. We needed a cold weather cord, because of the weather temps, and we didn’t want it to short out, beings the water is pumped in every temp from the pool. It’s been very useful so far! I would recommend to anyone that needs an outside cord!

  16. Smilz39

    I received these in perfect time to set up my Christmas lights. Every year setting up my outdoor Christmas lights in a Hassle due to tangles cords so this year I was looking forward to new ones. This cord is the perfect length without being too long and bulky. The fact that it is thicker material means it doesn’t get tangle together which is great for years to come. Overall happy with the product.

  17. dfrenchkis

    This is great for all types of jobs around the house and outside in the garden. I don’t have to keep unplugging items and then replugging them someplace else as I work. This will be a time saver in the long run and keep household jobs going without interruptions. I love that I can use this outside in the cold weather and hook up more christmas decorations separate from my christmas lights.

  18. Molana88

    I got this 14/3 50′ Cold Weather Extension Cord for outside and under my house. This cord has been the best weatherproof cord I have ever used, and i have bought several over the years. Most of them would short out or stop working half way through the cold season and I would have to purchase a new one. So far this cord has worked perfectly and shows no sign of needing to be replaced any time soon. Ths cords length was very important for fitting my needs at the time. Usually I would have to buy 2 cords to make them reach all the areas needed to get power to. Having the option of different lengths with weatherproof capabilities was just perfect. This cord is made very well, very durable and I dont have to worry that the elements might be too much for the cord to handle. This product has made my life a lot easier and gives me peice of mind at the same time, that I can count if the cord to be safe.

  19. Suzhappy

    This 50’ cold weather extension cord is exactly what I needed this holiday season. I’ve always envied people who had gorgeous Christmas lights all over their yard. Well it’s time for others to envy me because my once dark lonely yard is now filled with beautiful bright lights thanks to this sturdy extension cord. Our house will surely be at the top of Santa’s list this year!

  20. espondel

    We used these Cold Weather Extension Cords for our outdoor Christmas decorating this year.
    We love how they stay nice and pliable out in the cold. Makes decorating with them so much easier.
    They come in nice long lengths too, so it makes reaching those far away decorations easy without having to connect multiple cords.
    We are very happy with these extension cords.

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