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Utilitech 33-in 2 in 1 Ceramic Digital Tower Fan/Heater

16 Reviews
  • Settings – 2 heat options, ECO energy-saving mode, and fan-only mode
  • Controls – LED digital thermostat and control panel with remote control included
  • Safety features – overheat protection, automatic shut off/timer, child lock mode, and anti-tip switch


The Utilitech 33.7 inch 2-in-1 premium oscillating ceramic digital tower heater and fan has a maximum 1500 watt power. This tower heater fan is perfect for year-round use to warm and cool small to medium sized spaces such as dorm rooms, dens, small offices, and more!
  • Settings – 2 heat options, ECO energy-saving mode, and fan-only mode
  • Controls – LED digital thermostat and control panel with remote control included
  • Safety features – overheat protection, automatic shut off/timer, child lock mode, and anti-tip switch
  • Efficient heating – reliable ceramic heating technology
  • Additional feature – built-in dust filter
Weight 14.96 lbs
Dimensions 12.6 × 7.99 × 33.66 in

Latest reviews

  1. SK

    This heater came very well packaged and there was no assembly required. The built-in thermostat works well and keeps the room at the set temperature. The set temperature is adjustable from 40F to 95F. However, one should keep in mind that this is a heater, and it will not cool a room down if set to a lower temperature than room temperature. That is, if a room is at 80F and the unit is set to 70F, it will not get the room down to 70F but just sit idle. This is obviously by design, but just wanted to point this out. I wish the fan would put out more air. Especially in heat mode I can barely feel air being pushed out, but on the upside, it is very quiet and it works as designed. The remote adds convenience especially when the heater is across the room. Overall, it’s a nice heater and I would definitely recommend it.

  2. Sparkland

    This Utilitech 33 inch vertical ceramic digital tower fan/heater works perfectly to take the chill off a room. This ceramic heater is tall enough to disperse the heat evenly in the room, pushing air over a chair, sofa, desk, and bed, etc.
    The unit is shiny black plastic with silver accents on the front and top. It comes with a remote control that adjusts fan temp, speed, and direction. It has an oscillating feature for a wider disbursement of the air. You can also adjust the fan settings by using the manual controls on the top of the unit, if you lose the remote (which can be stored in the rear of the tower).
    The highest temperature setting is 95 degrees and the lowest setting in 40 degrees. Any temperature in between may be selected, though it would not heat my 15’x20′ room to 95 degrees.
    I definitely would recommend this fan because of its small footprint. It takes up very little floor space, and looks good in the process. It will keep you warm in the winter.

  3. Woodcutter

    With cold weather arriving my heating bills expectantly went up, and there is not much can be done about it. But little things do help, like heating comfortably one area being used and keeping the rest of a house at lower setting. And that’s were this heater shines. There are few options for heaters. Oil-filled heater is quiet, but slow to heat room and is good for really extended times only. Fan-based are quick, but noisy. This heater fits kinda in between: thanks to a large fan it’s super quiet, but still moves heated air around. And footprint is really small, all the size went into height. Add to it a cool shiny black mirror looks with color display. It asks for attention even when I stuck it in the corner. Touch controls are easy as it should be unless you want to mess with timers which are available as well. Set it to Eco mode and set needed temp and forget about it. Remote lets adjust temperature right from a couch when it gets to hot. So overall, it looks and works great.

  4. Homeowner25

    This tower fan heater is perfect for a small area. It covers 300 ft² which was perfect for my TV room. I like the sleek smooth look. Was easy to set up and easy to use. Comes with a remote control. Only downfall was you can’t be very far to turn on with the remote control and wished it had veritable speeds for the fan. Otherwise it was great. It has a timer and an easy to read display. I like the fact that if it tips over for any reason it’ll shut off. Thinking about getting another one for the bathroom area.

  5. Oliver

    This heater is packed very well, protection from top to bottom. When I plugged it in to test, the heat was almost instantaneous warming. The top controls are touch responsive and don’t have to be pressed. A nice bright and big display tells you the setting for the heater. The remote is very plain, wish it mirrored the top controls in layout. The filter in the back is thin and very simple, just the basic open foam filter. Inside is a “squirrel cage” fan just over half the length. It pushes a descent amount of air. At the top where the control board is has plenty of air so it shouldn’t be a problem. There is a handle in the back to move it around. Nothing special just a flat square, would be nice to have a contoured handle for it. For heating a room it works very well. Give it about 20-30 min and it will start to warm up the space. This thing works as intended with a modern sleek look to it.

  6. C

    This heater is a very poor at warming a small room. Placed it in a 8’X8′ bathroom with a tile floor. Set heater to max. temp. and it took 20 min. to heat the room to 74 degrees from 67 degrees with the door closed.
    I believe the heater is a poor performer because the fan has only one speed–SLOW. However, because of this the appliance is VERY quiet.
    The digital read out screen on the front on the unit is easily readable.
    The unit does have a filter that can be removed and cleaned ( see pic. ).
    The remote control does NOT come with batteries

  7. WILL

    I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a standard $25 space heater with a sleek exterior and higher price tag, or if it was actually better. Now that I have been using it I can say it is actually much better than a standard cheap space heater. Not only does it look better, but it is SO quiet. I use it in my office, where my previous heater had to be turned off when I made phone calls because it was so loud. This one is super quiet. And the digital thermostat works well, and it has a remote, and it does look very nice. I believe it is worth the higher price.

  8. JWDubbya

    Utility has 2 in 1 ceramic tile heater has a digital control panel on top of unit and a digital display along with a remote. Heater has a tip over switch on it in case your pet or kids get tangled in the cord. The first part of the 2 in 1 is the heater and the second is the fan only mode. What’s great about it is that it has an oscillating tower so you can send out even heat or air into the room. Remote works well. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a little extra heat for a cold room or much needed air blowing in the summer months.

  9. Phil

    The heater/fan came well packaged and there was very little assembly required. It is a very attractive unit. It has two heat setting and a energy saving mode (ECO). When running, it is extremely quiet, it has a auto shut off as well as over heat protection. My favorite functions are the removable dust filter, remote control and the oscillating function . The only negative I found was the fan has very low output. All in all, I would definitely recommend this product.

  10. Billy

    This heater is nicely designed and it only took a few minutes to learn the remote controller and the features it offers. I set it up in different areas to add additional heat in my workshop and it performed as I expected. I would of liked it to have a stronger fan to move more air however it was whisper quite so that is the trade off. For a temporary gentle heat source it did the job, but don’t expect it to heat a large area. Overall, I’m satisfied with this unit.

  11. JMG

    I picked this product out of the Loop review process because we have a main bathroom that can get a little cold in the morning and I don’t want to kick up the heat for the entire house for the sake of one bathroom. This heater came out of the box ready to use. It is a slender design so it fits in right where we need it and it is an attractive black as well. Heat came out of it immediately, so no need for it to warm up like other heaters I have had. It is also quiet – the fan and the rotation don’t distract from everything else. The best thing about it though is the remote. I can switch the heater on while my wife and I are still languishing in bed and our bathroom area is then ready for us when we start our day. Fantastic!!

  12. bettywit

    The chemical smell from this ceramic heater is very strong. I had it airing out in the garage for over a week. I brought it inside and set it up in the living room. I let it acclimate overnight so it could warm up since it’s been in a cold garage. When I woke up in the morning, the livingroom reeked of strong chemicals. I haven’t even plugged it in because I didn’t want the smell to be worse. So I’m not able to use this heater because of the strong smells. I can say it is sleek and stylish and it comes with a remote. Batteries are not included.

  13. Reviewer

    This heater works great. Best part is that it is so quiet. There are many features- oscillation, child lock, temperature settings, remote, etc. The tower is tall ( check measurements) and sleek. I have used it several times this winter.

  14. RaiderHawk

    This portable heater arrived just in time as the cold weather has taken its toll. It is an impressive device thus far and is worth its weight in gold. The adjustable warm air flows quite evenly from top to bottom. The height is also beneficial. A smaller one would only cover so much while this one distributes warm air from a respectable area keeping more of the body warm vice only certain parts.
    The oscillation works very well dispensing air from one direction to the other covering a wide berth to a given area. Should the heat become too much, the ECO mode is there to compensate for that. No heat needed and just air? The fan-only option compensates.
    The remote works very well close up and at a reasonable distance from the heater itself. The operation buttons are easy to use and function with a small press of the buttons making it that much more efficient. This is well made.
    I think the makes hit all the marks on this portable heater. Just be sure to read and adhere to the precautions listed in the operations manual to remain safe while it is in use. Highly recommended.

  15. Bob

    I have been using in a 200 square foot room for about a week. The heater warms up very quickly and heats the room evenly. The heater itself is quiet.

    One unexpected feature it has is a filter on the intake. Overall it’s a good value.

  16. Punkin

    I purchased one on yesterday at the store and was so pleased by nights end that I went online and purchased a second one as a gift to my parents.

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