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VIGO Gramercy Matte Black Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

26 Reviews
  • High arc spout: pull-down spout delivers an aerated flow for Optimal maneuverability and kitchen performance
  • Eco-friendly: certified by the IAPMO with cUPC, NSF-61, NSF-372, CALGreen and AB1953; this faucet is also CEC (Title 20) flow rate compliant, mandatory for all homes of California
  • ADA compliant: single handle design that operates both the water and temperature controls ensures that this faucet is accessible for all homes


A retractable spout with a 30-inch extendable hose is cleverly concealed in the VIGO Gramercy pull-down kitchen faucet in matte black. With a stylish yet timeless design, this black kitchen faucet evokes modern and minimalist sentiments that are unparalleled by any competition; built from Solid brass construction and plated in 7 layers of Premium finish, this sink faucet for kitchen resists corrosion, tarnish, and rust. The single function pull-down spout head delivers an aerated flow making it easy to fill large pots and pans. A spout face that resists mineral buildup and a lead-free build, this faucet for the kitchen sink is safe and sanitary for all. Eco-friendly and great for water conservation, the Gramercy has a 1.8 GPM flow rate, keeping it within CEC (Title 20) compliance standards. A single-handle controls the water and temperature operations, making this faucet ADA compliant and accessible for all.
  • High arc spout: pull-down spout delivers an aerated flow for Optimal maneuverability and kitchen performance
  • Eco-friendly: certified by the IAPMO with cUPC, NSF-61, NSF-372, CALGreen and AB1953; this faucet is also CEC (Title 20) flow rate compliant, mandatory for all homes of California
  • ADA compliant: single handle design that operates both the water and temperature controls ensures that this faucet is accessible for all homes
  • High-tech features: 30 inch extendable hose and pull-down kitchen faucet spout delivers an aerated flow
  • Easy to clean: the Sedal ceramic cartridge has been tested for up 500,000 uses as well as a mineral-resistant nozzle for easy cleaning; the PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating on matte black finish resists fingerprints
  • Easy installation: the hot/cold waterlines are made from thermostable, freeze-resistant metal braided PEX; this faucet requires standard US plumbing 3/8 inch connections for an easy installation
  • Quality assured warranty: All VIGO kitchen faucets feature a quality assured Limited lifetime warranty
  • 1, 2, 3, 4-hole installation compatible: purchase the faucet with a deck plate (VG02008MBK1) to instantly transform into a single-hole installation; matching finish Soap dispenser may also be purchased separately
  • Water pressure tested for industry standard
Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 13 × 32.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. panningforbacon

    I’m super happy with your product so far. It looks so slick (but won’t belabor that here because everyone can *see* that in the product photos). It also feels solid and durable. Overall, a great value for the price. Thanks Vigo. Really.

    I am struggling a bit to get the sprayer head to recoil completely back to the faucet, but that’s more because the layout of the pipes under my sink don’t allow the counterweight to move without bumping into stuff. Also I would also prefer a longer retractable hose for the sprayer head, but again, the layout of my pipes probably won’t allow that.

    None of those problems are from the faucet though. The faucet is still aces. 😉

    I also can’t speak to how it wears over time since i literally just installed it. But given the price, I’d be happy if it lasts >5 years.

  2. GigiBlogger

    I bought this kitchen faucet in stainless steel decor for my house in Tennessee. When I moved to Florida the first thing I did was buy one for my New Build. I took out the new one that came with the house. It has small footprint and no spray all ove the place. Contemporary design but goes well with farmhouse and modern design decor.. I bought the black this time. Love it!

  3. Abma44

    I bought the Vigo brushed stainless steel faucet to go with a cafe coloured sink (my neighghbours recommended the look: they have the same). The faucet matching my brand named sink was 3.5 time more expensive than the Vigo’s AND twice as much as the sink itself! I very pleased with the outcome, the look, and functionality. The extension is easy to pull out and goes deep into the basin of the sink. I appreciate the clever design feature (notch) that allows for the nozzle to sit tight with the faucet. Great faucet at at attractive price that will not break the bank.

  4. Amy1982

    We bought this about a month ago and recently installed it. The first thing I noticed was the pullout hose was frayed and when it was installed the cheap nylon hose kinks when you pull it and loses pressure from the kink. The head of the pullout sprayer will not go back into the fixture. The faucet itself is made very well. It looks very nice. I’m afraid when I push the sprayer head I’m finally going to break it. I don’t know why with such a great faucet they would use such a cheap hose.

  5. Vickisoup

    I bought this in black with the matching soap dispenser and I couldn’t be happier. It’s beautiful, easy-to-use, wipes clean and makes my kitchen look so elegant.

  6. Anonymous

    We are in the finishing steps of remodeling our kitchen. We choose every feature carefully and looked extensively for our kitchen faucet. We choose this Vigo Gold faucet to complete the look and are thrilled we did. It is not only beautiful but the stream and the spray are fantastic. I highly recommed Vigo faucets. We had one in our previous home that we also remodeled and loved that one too! Great product

  7. Dardarkam

    This is a great looking faucet. I don’t know how it works yet. The plastic clip that holds the sprayer hose was broken. Ill need a replacement part before use.

  8. LaelaM

    Faucet looks great! Hope it lasts ! The only complaint I have is that the sprayer hose is very short. It doesn’t make much sense but other than that I love it

  9. VikaM

    This faucet and soap dispenser were definitely a great decision to upgrade our kitchen. When I first saw this faucet online I loved how sleek and modern it looked without being too extra. This faucet gives ample water flow and the pullout feature makes reaching every corner of the sink of big pot and pan a breeze! This particular faucet was out of stock in all of my nearby stores and online shops and I can definitely see why. It’s simple yet sophisticated and definitely upgrades the look of a kitchen. The soap dispenser was very easy to install and easy to refill and there has been absolutely no issues with it pumping out the soap. One pump is all you really need to get your dish sponge all sudsy and ready to clean up messes in an instant, it also makes the space look less cluttered and clean. Definitely happy with this purchase. Hoping these will last us a very long time!

  10. Jessica G

    I bought this faucet a couple days ago and could not wait to install it. It feels very sturdy and looks slick and modern in our modern kitchen. The swivel function of the neck is smooth and the water pressure is great. I would recommend this faucet for anyone looking for something modern, eye catching, and very functional. It is also great for washing big pots and pans that normally get in the way of faucets.

  11. Hitmaker1

    I needed to replace my leaking imported Italian designer kitchen faucet. I looked at many different models from Koehler, Delta, Moen and Grohe before I stumbled upon this Vigo faucet on the Wayfair website. After comparing prices and scouring reviews I decided to give it a shot. It was easy to install and it looks great! I’m pretty happy with the Greenwich kitchen faucet. So far so good.

  12. Elana

    Absolutely love it!!! This was my 5th faucet that I got trying to match my kitchen. Thankfully, the last one! I kept buying and returning faucets until I finally received this one and instantly fell in love. Gorgeous and super easy to install!

  13. hudson08

    We purchased this for our home remodel that was wrapped up a few weeks ago. The faucet is beautiful
    In Matte Black and very functional. Great water pressure and easy to use. Looks great and couldn’t be happier with it.

  14. Dreamzinkitchen

    I was tired of my commercial looking pull down stainless unit and wanted to make my sink pop. This tap spoke to me online and I was so pleased with the appearance. From blah to BAM!! Thanks to Vigo taps ❤️

  15. Elena2004

    Matte black has already started to wear off and I haven’t cleaned it with anything abrasive. Poor quality. Pull down faucet only locks in one place which is annoying.

  16. Evie Sue

    I love my new faucet…It not only looks good but is very easy to use…I am impress with the height it clears very tall cooking utensils.

  17. RojoCojo

    So far installed easy and it is working fine. Like the idea of no buttons! It retracts slowly. Would a little 4-D-49 help? Thanks

  18. Geo33

    Bought this to replace a bigger bulkier faucet.
    Installation was very easy. Totally pleased with the quality and finish!

  19. Drake

    I just installed my new Vigo pull-down spray kitchen faucet in matte black. I love the matte black look and sleek design. The spray switch works great and the spray is very powerful. The spray head retracts and clips back in the faucet well. The lever to turn on the faucet is slim but strong.

    Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. This is a great product for the cost! The only reason that I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the hot and cold engraving on the faucet lever are backwards compared to the hot and cold water lines. I.e., if you turn the lever towards you it is cold even though the faucet is engraved “H” for hot. However, the simple fix is to swap the water lines. Vigo should fix this manufacturing defect.

  20. Claudettea

    Very satisfied with my faucet installed a month ago.

  21. Sharon D

    It is stunning in my remodeled kitchen, love it!

  22. Anonymous

    Amazing and beautiful

  23. CalS no

    We bought this for our motorcoach but found out too late that it was higher than most faucets and didnt fit under our top cabinets. So we installed it in our home. Unfortunately there are two features that evaded me when I was researching faucets.
    This does have a pull down spout but there is NO sprayer.. Not ideal.
    Secondly, there is no base plate and my sink is a three hole. I discovered the lack of an eschution plate after the old faucet was torn out and there was not one available locally. We now have two ugly plugs in place.
    On the plus side the faucet has lots of pressure with and without the reducer in the line and seems to be very solid.

  24. MarkMil82

    We were needing a new faucet for our kitchen, BAD! And this one is PERFECT! Seriously! I am so glad we got this one. It is super easy to install. The instructions are super easy to read and follow! Everything is labeled super well so it’s not hard to connect the hot and cold water! It is also heavy duty! It’s built VERY well. It is sturdy and solid. It also does not leak, which is a plus! I had never heard of this brand before but I am so glad we tried them out because I am super happy with this faucet so far.

  25. Skeeter

    I bought this style faucet due to my standard pull down sprayer hose fraying on my existing one. I decided to buy Vigo due to the excellent reviews from many satisfied customers. And….I wasn’t disappointed. Actually, surprised at the excellent attention to detail in so many areas. From the shipping box to the operational features and the metals used that comprised this unit, all were top-of-the-line. The ease in which each feature functions scores an A+. Even the installation had been
    thought out carefully. You can tell the team that engineered this worked on the basis of “if it was mine, how would I want it”. I would recommend this to anyone.
    Nailed it.

  26. TeeY

    I bought this about a month ago. Install was doable for an amateur like me, but instructions were no thorough nor clear, requiring some rework. The fit is tight when threading the hoses through the base pieces that screw into the main faucet. Pull-down doesn’t easily slot back into place, and the entire faucet twists when I swing the faucet head because there’s nothing holding the faucet base in place to the countertop. All that said, it looks neat and clean, is an improvement over my old faucet, and I was able to install it myself thanks to their quick connect hoses. Overall, it’s good value and we’re satisfied.

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