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Vornado 15-in 3-Speed Indoor Black Stand Fan

10 Reviews
  • Vortex circulation moves all the air in the room
  • Adjusts from a height of 27″ to 42″
  • Moves air up to 100 ft


  • Vortex circulation moves all the air in the room
  • Adjusts from a height of 27″ to 42″
  • Moves air up to 100 ft
  • 3 speeds
  • Fully adjustable airflow
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 5-year warranty
  • Maximizes the efficiency of your home’s cooling system
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 16.75 × 13.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. Steveo

    If you are looking for a fan to cool (or move air) in a room, the Vornado is it. I brought one about 10 years ago. It has pretty much run non-stop in my home. Over the years I have add one in each bedroom. Living n Texas the fall/spring can run in 90s, the summer 100+ so being cool is necessity. My original Vornado finally died – it was completely worn out. I brought a replacement unit online from and picked up for the store – very convenient! The new Vornado is better made (in my opinion) and little more quieter. The stands for the new units are higher. It also comes with an extension to make it about 2 foot taller which is really a neat feature to have. I highly recommend it!!

  2. Ariel

    I was looking for fans for the house because it gets so hot upstairs. I saw this unit on line and it caught my attention. The reviews were great. I went ahead and bought two : one for down stairs and one for upstairs where it gets so hot. It has made a 100 % difference. You can point the head of the unit straight up, straight ahead or lower depending where you want the airflow to go. This will be the only unit I will ever buy should I ever need to buy a fan again or for someone. Oh, and yes :: you can lower the height as well. It is worth the price. Thank you for carrying it and having for ship to home.

  3. micrn01

    I was shopping for a fan that was quiet and could cool a wide main living area. This fan fits that criteria. While I wouldn’t say it’s “whisper quiet” on the lowest setting sitting on carpet, it is silent compared to the tower fan I replaced that sounded like a motor boat. I don’t have to turn up the tv volume when the Vornado is running! It’s easy to assemble as well. The fan itself swivels up and down on the stand so it is semi-directional even though it does not oscillate–which I don’t miss since it moves air so well. Kind of pricey but 24 hours into ownership, no buyers remorse!

  4. Maxie

    I agree with others wholeheartedly that the move to the 3-speed design was a step in the wrong direction. We bought our first Vornado quite a few years ago, when the variable speed dial was available, and it’s still going strong: quiet and powerful — we love it. The first one was so good that we bought a second one; we were very disappointed in the 3-speed dial, and from the beginning, the fan just wasn’t as effective as the first one. We should have returned it, but alas — first it became noisy, and now the motor has died. Too bad — this was once a fabulous product, but we either got a lemon the second time around or Vornado’s quality control is failing…

  5. Fanboy

    I have bought 2 of these fans over the years. Very simply, no one builds a better fan, I think, than Vornado. I use one in a family room (without the full-height extension). The other moves between the master bedroom (its primary spot) and the living room or dining room in really nasty hot weather. Although this is a “whole room” circulator, the design makes it directional enough when you want to aim the air primarily at one area (like my face). The only reservation I have about buying any more Vornado fans is the switch to 3-speed controls. I absolutely, positively prefer and want the variable-speed rheostat control. It might cost a little more, but I would happily pay the price.

  6. KansanCanuck

    I have had my Vornado fan for around 10 years and I would never go back to another brand of fan. It has moved with me from Kansas to California to Canada. I now want to get a second one – not to replace it, but for another room. It is powerful, quiet, and effective. The only really down side I have had with the fan is keeping it dust free on the blades, but maybe that is more a fault of me than the fan itself. It is not overly complicated to take apart to clean but due to it being black, it tends to show dust easily. (stating Kansas since this brand isn’t in Canada)

  7. Anonymous

    This was our first summer in our 40′ dome home. The previous owners had run 2 air conditioners all summer to keep the lower level cool. The upper level would be 10-15 degrees warmer in the heat of the afternoon. Even though we had many days over a 100 degrees and high humidity, we only ran one air conditioner and our Vornado. There may have been 2-4 degree difference in the lower and upper levels on the hottest day. We would not have been as comfortable all summer without our quiet Vornado. We are so grateful for our unit. Never want to be without it.

  8. ishop2buy

    My old variable speed fan finally bit the dust and this is the only similar product. I’m sorry to say but this is likely the last Vornado fan I will ever buy unless Vornado realizes that what made its fans sell was not kitchy fashion fans but excellent quality fans with quiet operation. The fan is noisier than my old fan and I have only three speeds to choose from and none are “just right”. There you have it…it was improved when it wasn’t broken and as the saying goes. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Former Loyal Vornado Fan Fan

  9. kal8

    I got this upright air mover for a condo north of Boston. It’s been great and is used year round but I have a few complaints, some of which have been resolved. The unit can be knocked over and on ours the front face plate came loose. To vornado’s credit they quickly shipped a new face plate. Cleaning–this thing is very hard to clean. We keep a moderately clean home but the vornado gets packed with dust and muck if you use it in the kitchen at all. You can take off the face plate and fan blades but the rest of it is very hard to disassemble and clean. I wish they had designed that better as I would pay for the ability to clean the thing more easily. It’s really an eye sore we hide from company at this point even though it still has great functionality and utility.

  10. Amos

    Before purchasing this fan probably six or eight years ago, I used to buy a new fan every three or four years. Each time I hoped my new purchase would be more satisfactory than the last one. The Vornado was perhaps three times the price of any of my previous purchases, but it is by far the best fan I’ve ever owned. It does a better job of circulating air, and it does its job quietly. Because it is on a stand, the fan does not take up space on a table top. Nor is it like a box fan which sits on the floor and stirs up dust. I like that my fan has a rheostat speed switch which gives me infinite control. The only drawback to this fan is that the screw which attaches the fan to the stand keeps working loose and must be tightened after even limited use. But overall, this is a great product.

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