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Vornado 1500-Watt Utility Fan Utility Indoor Electric Space Heater with Thermostat

29 Reviews
  • Specially tuned aerodynamics moves more air faster and farther
  • Cool-touch case
  • Tip-over protection


The Velocity 3R is an elevated option in the Velocity Tuned Heat Series that creates hotter heat, moving faster and traveling farther into a room than ever before. The sleek round shape of the exterior combined with the touch controls keeps the whole room stylish and comfortable at the same time. A cool-touch case, auto shut-off, tip-over protection and the luxury of a 1-9 hour timer adds to the worry-free design. The Velocity 3R comes with the 5-year satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with it, Vornado will make it right. The Velocity Series is everything you love about Vornado vortex heat – amplified.
  • Specially tuned aerodynamics moves more air faster and farther
  • Cool-touch case
  • Tip-over protection
  • Automatic safety shut-off system
Weight 6.66 lbs
Dimensions 8.98 × 11.02 × 12.44 in

Latest reviews

  1. Donny Free

    I recommend this heater for anyone looking for a compact, safe, yet strong, heater. I was looking for a small heater for my office. I needed something that could fill a space with heat efficiently while also meeting safety requirements. At the bottom of this heater is a tilt sensor that shuts the machine off if it falls, tips, gets jostled, or even lifted up. This is great if you have a dog or, kids, I would imagine. There is also a cooling cycle that blows cold air for a set amount of seconds, to cool the entire machine once you have turned it off. I am a big fan of these safety meaures. The screen is digital and has three fan speeds. It does not oscillate but it heats up a room pretty fast either way. It also looks pretty sharp for a heater. I am used to the traditional mini gray box space heater which is not the most elegant. This reminds me, that there is also no strange smell emitted. Which also makes me feel more safe. So far, I have run it daily in my large office and have no complaints. If you need a space heater, buy it and you will not regret your decision.

  2. Pamiam

    We live in an area that doesn’t get cold snaps often, but when we do, it gets very cold.
    There are areas in our house that are warmer than others, no matter how the entire thermostat is set. The one room in the front of the house always seems chillier than the rest.
    We definitely felt the recent winter blast, and the Velocity 3R provided us with cozy warmth in that room.
    The Velocity 3R is an elevated option in the Velocity Tuned Heat Series is designed to  create hotter heat, moving faster and traveling farther into a room.
    You can feel the air from across the room!
    This is not a heater that will heat cold air, but I think of it as a heater booster.
    I like it’s modern design with a sleek round shape of the exterior, and white color. It fits into any home decor, and does not take up a lot of space.
    The digital display touch controls are easy to see and program. It has a cool-touch case, auto shut-off, tip-over protection and the luxury of a 1-9 hour timer. I like that feature in case I want to take a nap, but don’t want the heater to stay on continuously. It comes with an easy to understand information guide, which is great!
    It’s not whisper quiet, but I don’t find it that disturbingly loud either. Nobody in the family has trouble sleeping or watching TV with it running. I would actually say that it’s quieter than many of the old school box cooling fans.
    I found it interesting that this can be used to move cool after air around in a room as well. I plan to test that feature this summer.
    The Velocity 3R not only keeps the whole room stylish, but three Vornado vortex amplified heat keeps it very cozy warm. That not only is comforting to ourselves, it’s also a great way to stay warm without turning up the thermostat.

  3. Carliarr

    This is the perfect little heater. We have it in my seven year old sons room and it’s perfect for a child’s room. You can set a timer so it’s not running all night. You can set the temperature you want it to get to. It reads the current temp of the room and does a count down if how long it will be until it shuts off.

  4. Dpjp2020

    I am truly impressed with the quality, durability and functionality of this whole room heater. I really like that it heats up 39% faster and has a digital display; which allows easier reading and setting the correct temperature, but also displays the room temperature. I love that it has a timer which can be set from one to nine hours. I also really like that it has three different heat settings but also has a fan only option. I use this in my bedroom and can not believe how fast my room heats up and stays warm. I would definitely recommend this heater to anyone looking for an awesome heater from a well known brand as you will not be disappointed by this one.

  5. Oscar31

    I receive this great product. It is amazing ! I can not stop recommending . I and my children liked it a lot because with this cold they are better because they no longer feel cold day and night, a very good product, I highly recommend it because it is warm. I loved the vornado very much, I recommend it to my friends and family.

  6. mom5072

    I received this heater a few weeks ago to test for my honest review. I fell in love with it. It heats up my large downstairs area perfectly. It is lightweight, easy to use, has a nice digital display and it is quieter than most electric heaters. It has a timer on it, so you can program it to shut off when you want. It has safety features such as automatic shut off should it ever tip over and a cool touch case. It also has programmable modes, fan only, low, medium, and high heat. You will be impressed with this heater.

  7. Arno

    I received few days ago the Velocity 3R whole room heater and it was a perfect timing as Texas saw a cold front. I used it to heat one room that is kind at the end of the heating chain, with a north orientation and it turns out that the heater is very efficient.
    I really like the 3 different heat capability and the fan only (you can even use it in the summer), like you go full blast at the beginning then change to mid or low when you are at the desired temperature, like that it is quieter and it does not disturb your activities or sleep.
    The thermostat and the current temperature indication are great and very convenient.
    The last thing is that the design is great.
    In summary, if you want a good quality, fast, efficient and reliable portable heater, I recommend the Velocity 3R.

  8. FurMommy

    I’ll start with my only con: its not any less noisy than a box fan on high.
    *flexible on placement, light weight
    *safety shut off feature if knocked over
    *puts out a great deal of warmth quickly(settings of low, medium and high
    *timer feature
    *easy touch digital display
    *adapts to virtually all decor
    *no strange odors emitted

  9. Mom23

    I was excited to get my Velocity 3R Whole Room Heater. I really love it’s modern design. It has advanced safety features like: it shuts off if tipped over or if excessive heat is detected. It has a cool touch casing, so it is safe to touch even on a high setting. It has a digital thermostat, so you can easily select the temp you want, and it warms up a room nicely. You even have the option of using it in fan mode. It has a timer which automatically powers it off, which gives you the choice of using it anywhere from 1- 9 hours. BUT off course as with any heater, it should never be used unattended. All in all, this is a really smart idea for a heater. I give it a thumbs up and highly reccomend it!

  10. Emsfox

    This little heater has a great weight to it and with it’s auto off safety feature this heater is a good choice if you have small pets or children. It had no problem heating my entie living room, super efficient!

  11. Holli

    I have had a vornado heater in my office for the last 6 years and ran it for a good 40 hours a week if not more. When my heater finally quit on me there was no question about which kind to replace it with. The old model was no longer available so I decided on this one. I like the digital display and sleek design but this heater is LOUD. Also, my previous heater had no issue heating my office with my door open and I’m realizing very quickly that this model cannot do it unless I close my door to keep the heat in. I wanted to love this product as much as my last one but sadly it just doesn’t measure up.

  12. Angel

    I recently got the Velocity 3R Whole Room Heater because we are in the midst of winter, and I needed a new space room heater. This model is supposed to heat the whole room you are in, as opposed to just hearing personal space with a personal space heater. I love the look and style of the Velocity Vornado, it’s sleek and modern. I do like it, but it doesn’t blow very hot air. I find if I sit near it I feel it sometimes blowing hotter, but moreso I feel it blowing this cool warm air. Overall it’s good, but the price should come down, as it isn’t hot room filling heat. I would love it if it blew hotter air.

  13. Jomel62

    Well, being in Florida, I had to dine myself up to try out the Velocity 3R Whole Room Heater. I put the heater in the master bathroom to test it out. The bathroom is a bit larger than your average master bathroom, and this Lil’ cute heater warmed it up very quickly. The only downside as with most Velocity is the loudness of the heat blowing from the heater. Other than that, this heater will serve the purpose of warming the entire room. I love that even though the heater is very small, it has the weight to keep it steady along on the floor. So far, I would recommend this heater for purchase.

  14. Cathie0120

    I receive this great product. It is amazing ! I can not stop recommending it to my family and friends. It carry this product every where I go. My family and friends gather around this amazing product! We really enjoy this great product. Will also post on social media so that my friends and FB Mom’s can purchase this great product
    Thank you

  15. B.

    I will preface this review by saying that I am a loyal Vornado customer and have purchased 3-4 heaters over the years, and have owned a fan, all of which I loved. This product unfortunately is not for me. It constantly runs, and is NOISY!!….kept me up last night. After using it one night, I will be returning it. Also the lit panel is brighter than my previous models, which I didn’t like since it illuminated my bedroom more than I preferred. If you are using for a home office or a space where there is ongoing noise, this may be okay for you, but I definitely would not recommend for a bedroom. The heat output was as good as my previous models, and from a pure heating aspect, the product was good.

  16. Nikkibee

    I am loving this heater so far. It really lives up to its name! It heats a large room very quickly and is sturdily built. I don’t worry about the unit being knocked over, but it has a very responsive safety system just in case. Big fan!

  17. MamaBear34

    I have been a Vornado brand lover for many years now and have owned multiple of their standard table fans. I don’t think of their brand name when I think about space heaters, but I should’ve known that if I ever needed one, they were the ones to “get it right”. I’ve always appreciated Vornado for their compact, modern and ultra effective fans. Their fans are small, take up so much less space, but boy are they powerful! The same is true for this Vornado Velocity 3R. I must say that of all the space heaters including heat dishes I’ve owned, this thing kicks out more heat and much farther than any of them, hands down. Vornado advertises on their box that the heat travels farther than their competition, I definitely have to agree with them. I set my Velocity 3R in my dining room since the first stop my family makes first thing out of bed (we don’t sleep with the heat on) is the kitchen table. I could literally feel the heat output over 10 feet away on the “Medium” setting! I get nervous with space heaters, especially overnight, with prolonged use and the plug outlet getting really hot (I get nervous it will start a fire). The first time I tried the Velocity 3R I only put it on the “Medium” setting to test out the heat on the outlet. I let it run for hours and the plug was barely warm to the touch. The next time I used it on the “High” setting for hours and the plug was only mildly more warm than the “Medium” setting. I really appreciate the Automatic Safety Shut-Off System and the “Finger-Friendly Design” as I have a 2 year old and I need every safety aspect they have to keep my little one out of danger. This space heater may be a little more pricier than a standard space heater, and you might open the box and think you “got screwed” with how small the Velocity 3R is, but I promise you, once you plug this baby in and fire her up for 10 minutes, all your doubts will literally melt away as you bask in cozy comfort! This is a must buy! You will NOT be disappointed!

  18. James F.

    I am riding with this heater. I know reviews have said its loud, but the sound is even and like a fan. I use this in my bedroom and it sounds like the fan I have in the summer. The heat output is just fine, very effective. But, its best used in a small/medium sized room with the door closed. Shut the door and set on high at 80 degrees it will take about 20-30 minutes to take the chill out of any room. This heater looks and feels like it will last a while. I have read reviews about other models complaining that it broke down after a month or two of use. Not this model. This little heater is sturdy. Also, has a great back lit display which is essential for night use. Backlighting is important for me because I use this heater in my bedroom. Not getting another heater.

  19. Lisa02

    My mom lives with us and is always cold, so we put this in her sitting room which is about 10 x 12 in size. It did a great job of heating the room up and was easy to operate. It has a pretty powerful fan for such a small unit so is a little loud at first but after several uses you kinda tone the sound out. There is a nice handle making it easy to move from room to room as needed. I also like that once you turn off heater the fan runs for about 20 seconds to finish blowing out any heat before powering off.

  20. megana

    Looks very stylish sitting in a room. Really heats up 200-300 sq ft rooms quickly and easy to use. I haven’t gotten it to heat up any higher than 74 degrees even after setting it to 80 or higher (not that you need it that hot, but it’s weird that it would have the option to go higher). I haven’t figured out why it caps at 74 but I assume it is to prevent overheating. The only major problem is that it is VERY loud. If you can get over the noise, then this will be very handy to have around.

  21. Ellie

    I have been using the heater for about a week, it is very cute and doesn’t take up space. It is very easy to use right out of the box and has a great safety shut-off feature, So, whenever you move the heater, it will shut off, but it’s very easy to turn right back on. However, with this cold weather I want to feel warm and comfy in my home. I have been using it in the living room of my apartment and it will make the room more comfortable, but not warm. I have tried increasing the temperature, by pressing the up arrow, but it does not lock into the higher number (90) that I was shown. It does fluctuate between 65-70 degrees. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that if you are standing or sitting in the direct path of the heater, even though you are 12 feet away, you feel cold air blowing directly at you and it is uncomfortable.

  22. Q4

    I purchased the heater to take the chill out of a small, unheated 120 sq ft enclosed porch and leave it on its lowest setting (60 degrees). It could easily heat a larger space. It’s ideal and has excellent though very sensitive safety controls. The new control panel with timer is great improvement and is more visible. I would recommend a thermostat range from 50-80 degrees (rather than 60-90 degrees). I am very satisfied with this heater.

  23. Donnieb

    I’m really loving the Vornado space heater. It puts out a great amount of heat. There are three speed levels. My favorite part is when you are ready to shut it off, it has a 20 second cool down period. I have never owned a space heater that had that. I feel it is a nice safety feature. We use it in our bathroom and it is perfect for that space. I would definitely recommend this high-quality Vornado space heater.

  24. Gstan80

    This heater is great! We are using it for our daughters room as she just had surgery and want to keep her comfortable. This works so fast and heats the room quick!! It heats up instantly. It is a little loud but the pay off from it is great. The kill switch on the bottom is amazing! You only have to move it less than an inch and it shuts everything down. I love that safety feature! That is high recommended!

  25. Louie

    We bought this to replace an older Vornado heater that we use in our bathroom (that still works by the way) and discovered that this was not intended for use on a ground fault wiring system. The only other downside was this heater is much louder than our older model Vornado. Other than that the thermostat feature on this heater is much nicer and it heated the room much quicker than our old heater.

  26. Sallyann

    Bought about a month ago. Is digital so you have to tap the temp multiple times instead of just twisting a dial. Turns completely off if you move it and does not come back on (we learned that the hard way). Does produce warm even heat. We use it in our RV. When on heat mode and you lower the temp or turn it off, it blows (louder) in fan mode for 20 secs before it goes off. Irritating.

  27. Jeannie420

    I was really surprised by this heater. As soon as I plugged it in heat started blowing out. I expected a little warm up time. It is fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box, just plug it in. I use this in my upstairs homeschool room for those chilly mornings and it heats the room(14×14) up quickly and keeps it nice and warm. It’s very easy to use and looks nice also.

  28. innocentangel71

    I stay cold. My husband runs the air, the fan, and a window unit even into the winter. This little heater works wonderfully. I put it in whatever room I’m in and turn it on and it keeps it nice and warm in there for me. He can be cold and whatever room he is in, and I could be nice and toasty warm. I was worried with the size since it is kind of small, but it works wonderfully.

  29. Amber 32

    I got this Velocity 3R Whole Room Heater to heat my living room when it gets a little chilly, but it does not seem powerful enough to do so. The fan blows a good amount of hot air but it does not seem to go far. When it shuts off it blows out cool air which defeats the purpose I feel. This heater is also pretty noisy. Overall, this is for a pretty small room to work well

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