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Vornado 32-in 5-Speed Indoor Black Tower Fan

24 Reviews
  • Versa-Flow™ adjustable airflow
  • Moves air up to 85 ft
  • No oscillation necessary with V-Flow™ Technology


  • Versa-Flow™ adjustable airflow
  • Moves air up to 85 ft
  • No oscillation necessary with V-Flow™ Technology
  • Touch controls – 5 speed
  • Energy-saving 1-8 hour timer
  • Removable inlet grill for easy cleaning
Weight 10.42 lbs
Dimensions 7.32 × 10.08 × 31.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. Wayward

    It’s a nice little unit, it puts out enough air to cool down one side of a room pretty well. I think it’s a little noisy if you wanted to turn it up to high and try and cool down an entire big room. But compared to a big air room fan it would still be pretty quiet by comparison. The remote is a little on the cheap side, I usually have to press the power button 3 or 4 times to get it to turn off. It seems to want to change the timer when I want to power it off. The unit itself has a nice looking control layout, which makes it looks much more polished and expensive by it’s appearance. I received this on a very hot week so took advantage of it immediately.

  2. somepeoplskid

    When I first pulled it out of the box, I said “What the heck is this?” Moves air up to 85′, come on!! This tower on 5 won’t blow a piece of paper in half 11’2″ in front of it. I tested it. What is with the ridiculous turn knob on the top to move essentially what came from a motor vehicle’s dashboard, to “spread the air in such a fashion that is cools a much larger area”NOT! Or the fact that this pulls all the air in the room and circulates is instead of an oscillating fan. My room mates oscillating tower fan ran the same time as yours and I found her $39 Honeywell quietset, out preformed your machine 10 fold! The Honeywell was over all quieter and preformed much better at keeping the room cooler.

  3. Ashley

    We live in AZ and summer is brutal here. We have a 2 story home and our master is upstairs. With a/c set at 78, it’s still warm in our room at night. This vornado fan is amazing! The option to narrow or widen the stream of air has been so nice. I’ve never encountered another fan with this feature, but I love it. I can direct air towards my husband or myself individually or both of us. With a large room, 18’x18′, I didn’t expect this fan to help cool the room as much as it does. It’s quiet if it’s not on the maximum speed, but wow, maximum speed is awesome! So much power, such a great asset on the hottest days here. Overall very happy with this fan and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a reasonable solution to help keep their space cooler.

  4. Shay

    I received this in exchange for my honest opinion of using this product and I must say living in Southern California during the summer it can get very hot and I like to have a cool breeze be able to cool me off. The Vornado does all that and then some. I honestly can’t stop talking about all the many features this air circulator does, it has a setting than can be beneficial for your needs, a small remote control included to be able to control the setting to your liking. Easy to set up and perfect for small spaces.

  5. Jeff

    Purchased the fan in June 2020. And turned the knob the other day, and the cheap plastic air fins are already broke. I literally only turned the knob 6 times since I purchased. The small plastic pieces that turn have 2 out of the 4 broken. Additionally, the remote is terrible. When going to power off it changes the speed average of 3 times before the actual feature of tuning off. As much as it cost, would think it woukd me more dependable. I will not be purchasing this brand in the future.

  6. Skamp 16

    This is an amazing fan. We have a small window ac in our living room which is fairly large. The window ac by itself didn’t do much, but this fan helped circulate the air everywhere. It also so quiet compared to the huge round one that we have. I can watch TV without having to turn my TV all the way up which is awesome. I love how it adjustable, has a timer, and it hasn’t fallen over yet. This is an amazing fan and I plan on buying a second one soon.

  7. Ashley C.

    We live in AZ, and have a large master bedroom upstairs. The ceiling fan helps a bit, but not enough. With a large upstairs room, memory foam mattress and az heat, our room gets uncomfortable at night, even with A/C on. This fan has been a lifesaver! It allows us to select the speed, direction and width of the stream of air. I got a bad sunburn, had the chills, but hubby was still hot, not a problem! We turned it to the more narrow stream of air, still on high, and I didn’t go feel a thing and he was relieved to still have the cool breeze blowing at him. It’s let us retire our old, loud tower fan and given us great piece of mind and relief at night. The remote is fantastic too. Nothing like not having to get out of bed to adjust the fan in the middle of the night. Very highly recommended, especially for those in warmer climates, like us.

  8. Jaxstraw

    This fan is way too noisy. There is an annoying vibration / humming constantly coming from this fan. This makes it not suitable for bedroom use or anywhere else where you want quiet operation. This is the first Vornado fan I’ve ever had problems with. I’m very happy with other models, such as the regular air circulators, but don’t recommend this tower model.

  9. SLK

    My first one had a weird burning smell that didn’t go away. I had it 4 days and the longer it was on the more it smelled. I contacted Vornado and spoke to Sheri Martens she was the nicest customer service representative I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. She is the only reason I’m writing this review because I normally don’t write them. That lady is AA+ and needs a raise. Anyway, she made the process extremely easy and my new replacement fan was here in a matter of days. It had a new smell to it but nothing like the other one that was returned. The smell was gone within a couple of hours on the new fan. I am very happy with this tower fan and my experience with this company as a whole. The fan blows cold and runs like a dream. This was my first Vornado product and I am sold for life. I had tried 2 different tower fans both name brand and they had nothing on this fan. Thank you Sheri Martens for making me a happy customer

  10. C.Crane

    I have an finished bonus room in my house that is typically 5-8 degrees warmer than the rest of my home. I tried this fan in that space. I was hoping it would circulate the AC through the room, more evenly cooling it. While it does provide good air circulation with a small, straight, footprint, the fact that it doesn’t oscillate leaves me disappointed. The fan is very quiet on all but the most powerful 2 settings, and it does provide a constant stream of air. It snapped together very easily and is surprisingly stable for such a tall and narrow product. I would recommend this for a small room, it would be nice for a child’s room since there is no way for them to get their fingers in. It would also work well for a very long, narrow room or hallway type setting. At the end of the day I like the appearance and I, overall, like the functionality, but the lack of oscillation would keep me from purchasing or recommending in the future.

  11. Mr. Smooth

    There is nothing great about this product compared to the standard air circulators. In only a few moths of use, the power switch activates the fan motor with a loud grinding groan. This goes away with a second touch of the power switch. To assure the tower fan is completely off, I have included a power strip and I am using that to turn the fan on/off. Even with the power strip, it still moans and groans on start up until the fan power switch is touched. Otherwise, it does work. I have not complained formally even though this has a five year warranty, because I don’t really want Vornado to replace it with another unit that will be just as unsatisfactory. In the future, I will only purchase the standard air circulators. This product replaces an Hitachi Tower Fan which ran reliably from 1998 to 2016 (18 years). The Vornado Tower Fan has been very disappointing in comparison and even more disappointing because it has the Vornado name on it.

  12. AmyLA

    I was pleasantly surprised that this non-oscillating fan could cool off a room so quickly. The fan itself is sturdy yet has a relatively small footprint with its tall narrow design. It both looks and feels well made. I liked having the ability to adjust whether I wanted the air to blow in a narrow or wide path. By adjusting this setting I was able to quickly cool a larger space. The fan was quiet enough to run all night and not keep me awake. The different power levels were easy to set and the timer was a feature that I never knew that I loved having! The lightweight design was easy to move from room to room. The only negative is the small remote that comes with the fan. It doesn’t work nearly as well as it should and I found myself having to push the buttons more than once to work. Overall, I really liked this fan and found that it did exactly as it was advertised to do. *I received a free sample of this product, all opinions here are my own.

  13. Coreen

    I live in New England where the days are warm and the nights are cool. This air Circulator is perfect for my needs. The only thing that I have negative to say, is that the remote is very tiny and doesn’t work. I have tried all different directions and angles and I still can’t get it to control the unit. For me that is not a problem.

  14. Katt

    It is very quiet!! I was surprised at how powerful it is while being super quiet. The “fins” are adjustable so you can have it pointed right at one spot or have it opened up to cover a larger area. It also has a very attractive design that would fit in with any decor.

  15. snevels

    This fan couldn’t come at a more perfect time, it was a hot day and I was in need of a fan. This fan is very quiet and it was easy to use and adjust. You can make it blow more in a straight line, or just turn the know to spread the air to a wider area. I like the sleek, slim look of the fan. With a light press of the button you turn it on and can adjust the speed from low to high. It comes with a small remote. (very small) I stuck a piece of Velcro on it and added some to the fan so I wouldn’t loose it. I like how it comes with a timer, perfect for when using during bedtime. Unlike an old tower fan that I used to have, this one doesn’t wobble. It’s held firmly in place, which is a plus, also the back air intake grill is removable, so you can wash it – wash away all the dust that fans collect! Even though this fan doesn’t osculate, its powerful enough that you don’t need this feature. The fan is lightweight and works well, one of the best fans I’ve ever used! *I received a free sample of this product, all opinions here are my own.

  16. GLB

    This fan is beautifully and cleverly designed. The adjustable vents are a big improvement over the traditional rotating tower fan. I do wish the remote was a little more substantial and that it accepted AAA batteries instead of the harder to find flat disc type of battery. My only real complaint is that the removable intake grill piece started making a vibration noise that is quite annoying. I tightened up the 4 screws that hold it in place and that didn’t help. I called the service desk and the representative didn’t even know that the grill was removable and didn’t know what to do about the problem. All she could offer was to replace the unit which I thought was silly for a simple, although annoying problem. So far I’ve discovered that if I fold a small piece of paper in half and slide it in the thin space where the grill fits into the body of the unit the noise stops. I may try to find some little rubber washers that I can put behind the grill around the screws and see what happens. If I can’t fix the problem I may return it since the noise keeps me from getting to sleep.

  17. smm348

    This fan moved the air in my bedroom wonderfully. It was not super heavy, but also seemed to have a sturdy base and didn’t wobble or tip over when the fan was turned up higher.

  18. Alan E Alt

    Product works as expected. A screw and washer fell out of the plastic bag holding the fan as opened it. There is a rattle in the body of the fan. Does not inspire confidence.

  19. Jefflaw

    This fan does not oscillate, but still manages to get air to circulate in the entire room – eliminating the little pockets of warm air that oscillating fans do not.

  20. Babyzilla41

    I love it, you can adjust it to how wide you want the air to blow. Very easy to move and the air is cool blowing out.

  21. ECC in SF

    Good product – wish it came in other fun colors.

  22. xrayer

    I tried this fan in two areas. One was a large upstairs bedroom at our house and the second was the living room at our cabin We have air conditioning at our house but the large bedroom upstairs is always still warm. To warm for me to sleep. When I turned this fan on I loved, loved, loved that it was so quiet. I can’t sleep with too much background noise. It also helped that you could adjust the airflow so that it did not blow in my face all night, like an oscillating fan. Most of all it kept the upstairs cool. At our cabin we don’t have air conditioning and some of the windows don’t open so I put it to the test. Once again we were impressed by how quiet it was. It did a better job of cooling the area off than any other fan that we had. My husband and I were impressed. It is also stable because we have 3 large dogs and they ran by it numerous times and it staid standing. I also liked that if it did get knocked down it would not hurt the dogs. I was also impressed with the sleek design and how nice it looked. I personally did not use the timer feature but it is cool that it has one if needed. This fan was functional and did a great job of cooling with quiet efficiency. We will have to purchase another one so we don’t have to haul it back and forth.

  23. Slurpy Park

    This Vornado fan is shorter and slimmer than the typical tower fan. I was surprised by how strong the air flow was, given the size of the fan. I use it in the master bedroom and it provided a nice current through the room. The fan also has a dial to adjust whether you want the air to blow out wide or narrow, giving you the option of having the air directed at a small space or across the room. I actually have another Vornado tower fan in the bedroom which is bigger, but this smaller one is more powerful and cools us down faster. Another lovely upgrade on this fan is the buttons/switches. The design is pretty simple. There’s an on/off switch, a timer, and +/- for power. However, these are all touch screen, giving the fan a nice, classy look. I can also see the on/off button with the lights out, because the circumference of the button lights up in the dark. The only thing I was curious about was that the vents (where the air flows out) were soft rather than hard like most other tower fans. I was surprised when I first touched it because it is made out of a different material than I am used to. But after I tried adjusting the vents in and out, I think this material works well with this fan and may be needed for its features. All in all, a great product! Saves space and does more than bigger fans do.

  24. LB

    Whole Room Circulation: I didn’t notice any more of a difference between using this and others that did not have this claim. Versa-Flow Adjustable Air Flow: Bit misleading: it “adjusts” an inch wider or narrower, controlled by a control knob on the top of the unit. Not controlled by remote. Moves Air Up To 85 Feet: Again, I didn’t notice any more of a difference between using this and others that did not have this claim. Touch-Sensitive Controls: Very sleek. My fingers glide right over them. Very dim back-light, which dims even more once it’s in use. Hard to see. 5 Speed Settings: Good range of speed settings. Remote Control: Minimal function and intelligence. Controls power, fan speed (up or down), and timer. The timer button is one button that rotates through the entire cycle. Therefore, you must remember how many times you press to get to the desired time length. Completely black in color. While very sleek and modern looking, I have black side tables, and this remote visually disappeared into the background. Sensor: It took several attempts to make adjustments and required moving angles and positions. 1-8 Hour Timer: Convenient. Removable Inlet Grill (For Easy Cleaning): Did not use, but seems easy. No Wobble Base: 4 individual pieces lock together to make the base. Sturdy, but not suited for uneven surfaces. I found that there was a very low rattling noise no matter where I used this. This was remedied by adjusting. Other notes: Be prepared to balance the entire product on four fingertips. A good unit that provides the standard functions one would expect in a tower air circulator. This has a few nice extras, such as a remote control, and 1-8 hour timer. Compared to others in its class, this is overpriced. Standard functions are highlighted as special features, and the claimed unique features are minimal and economy at best. Nothing here blows me out of the water. If the price were reduced, I would recommend. Otherwise, save your money.

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