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Vornado 7.5-in 3-Speed Indoor White Desk Fan

28 Reviews
  • Vornado air circulator fan delivers a full-size performance to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home
  • 3 speeds allow you to tailor the airflow to your needs
  • 7.5-in compact design provides easy portability to your bedroom, kitchen or office


  • Vornado air circulator fan delivers a full-size performance to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home
  • 3 speeds allow you to tailor the airflow to your needs
  • 7.5-in compact design provides easy portability to your bedroom, kitchen or office
  • For indoor use only
  • Full action pivot head provides multi-directional airflow, delivering air movement at any angle for even temperatures throughout the room
  • Motor produces airflow up to 301-CFM for maximum cooling in any room
  • Metal construction ensures durability, and the vintage style offers a classic look that blends perfectly anywhere in your home
  • 5-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind
Weight 9.24 lbs
Dimensions 9.13 × 14.37 × 14.57 in

Latest reviews

  1. Fanfan

    I have several vintage Vornados. At least one has a plastic blade, but most are metal. To me, the sound they make (especially the metal-bladed ones) is absolutely their best feature. It is the most relaxing white noise I’ve ever known. I’m very happy that Vornado is now making them in this style again, and I encourage reproduction of some of the other old models. I’m quite satisfied with the quality of the one I have, but it doesn’t have the same sound as those old ones. Still, I don’t regret the purchase — it is a well made fan and I like how it looks. I’d definitely buy another if it came out with a metal blade.

  2. Alanna

    This fan is powerful, quiet, and cute; everything I was looking for! It helps cool down the house during the day and on particularly warm nights I’ll put it on low in the bedroom where the white noise is also appreciated. I like that it’s small enough to put on a table or kitchen counter and to move it easily from room to room. The chrome finish works well with our minimalist decor, and it always draws appreciative comments from guests. My husband finds it a little loud for his taste when on the highest setting but the sound doesn’t bother me. Thanks, Vornado, for making the fan of my dreams!

  3. South Texan

    I was surprised and amazed at what this small, powerful machine could do in a large space. Within minutes of plugging it in, this relatively small fan had perceptibly cooled my large (15′ x 20′) living room with a raised ceiling. It worked better than my ceiling fan at moving the air around. Please do note the instructions on how to use the air circulators–you don’t use them to blow on you, but to aim the air at a wall or ceiling and then have the air redirected and circulated around the room. What’s great about that is that the whole room feels cooler, not just a single path of moving air. I also love that it doesn’t dry my eyes the way an oscillating fan does when the air passes directly over me.

  4. Stan

    I have lived with an older Vornado, perhaps 40 years old, and have resisted swapping it out for another brand because of the fan’s staying power and continued service. I changed the switch, serviced the motor and it has kept going. Only until recently did I finally choose to replace it with another Vornado of the same style, but slightly smaller in size. I couldn’t be happier. For someone that enjoys the breeze and hum of swooshing air and not the sounds of a turning motor while sleeping, the retro style circulator is the perfect companion. Its air circulation seems effortless and clean. I only kick myself for waiting so long to swap out the older Vornado for a new one. No reason to look at any other brands in my opinion.

  5. Mortimer

    Of course I have not used the fan yet since it is still winter. I did try it out to be sure it was okay. I do like the air flow and it is quiet. In fact it is quieter than one other Vornado fan I have. The only thing that is of concern is the way to remove the grill for cleaning. I do believe a grill fastened with small screws would be better. I have a small Massey fan that has just four screws for the grill. But that is small concern until I try to remove it for cleaning to see for myself how easy, or not easy it is. Thank you.

  6. Clark

    Vornado fans are really well built and last a long time. I just ordered this floor fan and also a pedestal fan. They are quiet and really move the air. My parents had 2 Vornado fans they had bought in the 1950’s. I had also bought one of these fans in 2004 – it is the 60th anniversary special edition. These fans are made of heavy metal construction. They are worth the extra cost you pay compared to cheap fans. We now have 3 Vornado fans going in our house ! They help circulate the central air-conditioning.

  7. Ritchie

    I originally bought the VFAN for my great room to augment the central air. I figured the highest speed would provide enough circulation without drowning out the TV and people’s conversations. It did the trick, but I found myself wanting just a bit more air and a bit less noise. So I purchased the VFAN Sr. and moved the smaller model to my bedroom. Much better fit! The bigger Sr. Model gave more circulation on the second speed and less noise while the smaller model gives me more than enough breeze and “white noise” for sleeping.

    I love the retro look and the heavy duty feel of these circulators. Our house is done up in the Arts and Crafts style and these fans, while not being truly “period” pieces, blend in nicely. The muted green goes greatl with our traditional A&C colors. Couldn’t ask for much more. Thanks, Vornado.

  8. CP51

    I own two of the vintage style metal Vornado fans. I absolutely love them! They are well-built, quiet and move a lot of air, even on the lowest setting. Because they have an attractive design, I usually don’t pack them away at wintertime and have found that they are quite effective at helping move the heated air around as well. I’m so glad they brought back the vintage design and the additional colors! I will definitely be adding to my collection.

  9. Dissatisfied Customer

    Love the fan but not the inability to easily clean the inside of the fan. First you need to figure out what tool to use, and then figure out out to get the tool in the narrow space. Once you remove the back it’s almost impossible to line the screws up with holes to put back on. Trying to clean the inside of this fan is a nightmare. Taking it apart to clean is a nightmare!!!! If you like a clean fan, definitely do not buy this fan!!!!

  10. afanboy

    I am very pleased with the Chrome version of the retro “VFan”. It is a beautifully made fan. The chrome finish, is almost mirror quality on the shrowd. The 3 speed switch on the back of the motor feels solid and the motor itself runs quietly, without any hum. It is quite powerful for the size, due to the deep pitch 5 blade fan. The fan blade is black plastic, which would have been nice if it was metal, but not a deal breaker by any means. Noise level is average on High and Medium speeds, compared to other fans of this type, but is exceptionally quiet on the Low speed setting. This would work great in a bedroom or office, where you wanted some gentle air flow, but low noise. Overall, I am very pleased with this fan and glad to see Vornado continue to produce high quality fans, for the buyer who wants more than the average plastic bargain store throw away.

  11. zeph

    This fan has a very solid and substantial feel to it. There is nothing flimsy about it. I have it on a table directed toward my living room and I can feel it up to about ten feet away. I need to move it around to find the best location. It did come with a couple of small surface scratches on the gray housing around the fan motor. They’re only cosmetic, but this probably shouldn’t have passed final inspection.

  12. julieinthekeys

    I have been waiting years for Vornado to make another retro metal fan. I love this one as much as my Silver Swan!! This one is very quiet. I like a little white noise so I use the swan in my bedroom. I purchased the silver one to use in my livingroom and I’m very pleased – all my friends have commented on it 🙂 Ps, I’ve purchase personal and roomsize heaters and I’m very pleased with them too.

  13. Razorback

    This makes my third Vornado, to add to the two heater-fans we already have. One of or heater-fans is the vintage green (I wish that can had the option to run it with NO heat), so I was glad to see this 3-speed vintage fan to add to our collection. We love to use them in the house and in our RV….. we never leave home without at least one! Quality product, outstanding warranty!

  14. ivanbe

    I apologize.

    Anyway, great fan. Good solid build quality. Looks great and blends in with home decor. It has three fan speeds that cover a lot of range. The lowest setting is very quiet but still moves a lot of air around, while the highest setting is a turbine, though the noise is an even hum and not off-putting. Totally recommend this fan.

  15. bascar

    Hooray! something besides dust-collecting black. I was wondering how substantial the metal version would be and it is just perfect. Nice high shine surface that disappears into the background. Performance and noise level are perfect. It does have rubber feet on it so it won’t scratch the furniture and it works as a sound/vibration absorber.

  16. Aldrea

    Powerful and effective fan in a small, great-looking package! The only feedback I have is about the color/design – would prefer the base to be all one color without the brass. Would love to see more versions of this fan in different colors. (e.g., muted vintage colors like olive, matte caramel, etc.) Thank you for making a great product!

  17. Deborah

    When I saw this fan, it blew me away. The color isn’t accurately captured on this website; in reality it’s a deeper mossy color, a color that takes retro a step further. Sitting in the store where I found it, no object could look more out of place. This fan belongs in an Iowa farmhouse, or in a Vermont country store. I’d have bought it even if it didn’t work, because of its iconic looks and workmanship. It truly belongs in the Museum of Modern Art for its flawless industrial design. But enough about appearances. It’s a powerful fan that pivots to any position. It’s a perfect size to fit into my small cottage and yet deliver airflow I’d expect from something 3 times its size. It sounds like an old school fan, a great white noise. And although I haven’t cleaned it yet, it appears to have been thoughtfully designed to maximize cleaning the blades and inner body. This fan is a home run and a true breath of fresh air. Or, more accurately, a most welcome blast from the past.

  18. WehoGB

    Bought the fan for use at my desk. Love the adjustable speed and the great airflow. It’s very quiet so it doesn’t bother my office mates. The only issue I have is that the lovely green color wasn’t available for several months. I bought chrome instead (only other color was white). Love the fan though. #sweepstakes

  19. Anonymous

    We’ve had the fan for a few weeks now and love it. It’s really good looking and keeps the room quite cool. My only critique is the power differential between the first and second settings, as the second and third settings are weaker than I would expect compared to the first. But overall I love this fan.

  20. Ty

    This is a super cool looking fan that moves a decent amount of air. The only real issue with it is that it is only adjustable up and down rather than side to side. It also doesn’t have any sort of oscillating feature, so its best used in a small room. It looks awesome and it is super quiet.

  21. vermonter

    I love my new green vornado fan! Very sturdy in appearance. Green color is darker and more muted in appearance but still very attractive. Quiet but pushes a large volume of air around. So much more attractive than the newer more modern Vornado fans. I would buy this again in a heartbeat!

  22. Larry the Product man

    I love this very high quality and retro looking fan. It has three speeds and puts out for a small fan. I will likely last 40 years! No more plastic fan that is cheap and ends up in the landfill, This is a ‘lifetime’ fan. Only has a 5 year warranty, but it will last, and look great too!

  23. Bonnie Gerhart

    I purchased two air circulators and LOVE their design, color choices offered, and sturdier construction. This is the fourth air circulator that I purchased through the years so I know the product is reliable and efficient. I became 100% brand faithful after the first purchase.

  24. Hitomi

    I purchased this fan after getting the larger Vornado vintage fan. This size is great for a table top. I use it to circulate the air in the bedroom at night. Very powerful for it’s size. The 1st and 2nd settings are quite, 3rd setting produces noise but it isn’t unpleasant.

  25. HappyCamper

    After thoroughly enjoying the standing version of this fan for about a year, we bought two matching tabletop fans and couldn’t be happier with them. They look great, they’re a nice size for smaller bedrooms, and having three speeds makes the fans a bit more versatile.

  26. Mocha

    I have loved Vornado since a friend gave me an original fan. This fan I just got to replace the old one does not compare in quality. And, as someone in a review said, it is way noisier than the originals. Sad. Of course, however, I still want a Vornado.

  27. king

    I love this fan! It is very well made, quiet and powerful. Even the box it comes in is delightful! The blade is plastic, but everything else is good solid metal like Vornado made years ago. I have the red one, very retro. I highly recommend the VFAN.

  28. Bbordeau

    Wonderfully quiet on “low” setting. Disappointing on “high” because it does not move as much air as the model from the 80s. Where can I get my older model fixed?? I am keeping the new fan for the bedroom as it is almost inaudible on the low setting.

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