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Vornado 9.4-in 99-Speed Indoor White Desk Fan

17 Reviews
  • Vornado’s signature Vortex Action provides complete circulation of all the air around you
  • Variable speed control provides infinite airflow settings
  • Multi-directional airflow


The Vornado 633DC Circulator is the latest medium-sized whole room circulator in the Energy Smart™ family. With simple variable speed that ensures precise control of the air flow, you can easily adjust from a whisper breeze to a thundering rush of air. The 633DC features classic Vornado Vortex Action for whole-room circulation, keeping the entire room cool and comfortable. Complete with our 10-year satisfaction guarantee, these DC circulators will keep you comfortable for years (and years) to come.
  • Vornado’s signature Vortex Action provides complete circulation of all the air around you
  • Variable speed control provides infinite airflow settings
  • Multi-directional airflow
  • Moves air up to 80 feet
  • Energy-efficient brushless DC motor
  • 10-Year warranty and premium support from Vornado
Weight 6.08 lbs
Dimensions 9.3 × 12.2 × 14.3 in

Latest reviews

  1. Brightbluebutterfly

    I love this fan! First of all, the fan is compact, and really is sturdy. I love the size of it. I put it on my bar area between my kitchen and living room. You can adjust the about of air flow that comes out, to light to serious air movement! My favorite part of the fan is the knob, which turns it on and off. It is like a turn dial, it is so quick and so smooth; it is a so easy to use and makes the look so modern. I have never seen this on any other fan. It is great for small spaces and medium size rooms, as the air flow is adjustable. I seriously love this fan, this is the best fan I have ever owned. I plan to buy another for my basement also.

  2. Mick’s Mom

    About a month ago, I bought the 633 DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator & the 133 DC Smart fan also. I LOVE THEM BOTH! I have various other name-brand fans, but these are by far the best. Unless they are turned very high, they are very quiet & they can be adjusted to blow in any direction. In very hot Texas, they allow me to keep my a.c. set at 79-78 and still feel totally cool.(As an a.c. repairman told me, it’s the air that cools you, don’t keep lowering the setting.) They were well worth the price for how much they reduce my utility bills! And I use the small fan in the bath to dry towels and shower, to prevent mold.

  3. MallyMall

    I’ve had this fan for almost a month now and it’s great for circulating air in an entire room. You can definitely feel the air coming from somewhere even though the fan isn’t directly blowing on you. The speeds of the fan are good cause with it being lower and on you, it’s quiet enough to where you can be on the phone or in a call and the fan not be in your background. Also the max speed is very powerful but also the loudest so it will be in your background then. Overall great fan but I have to lookup some things to clean it cause cotton swabs does the trick but it’s partially time consuming to do it that way.

  4. PaKayakers

    We have been using our 633DC and 533DC Energy Smart air circulators from June thru September and absolutely LOVE them! Attractive, lightweight (used 1 while camping w/2 Australian shepherd dogs), EXTREMELY quiet at lower speeds and SUPER powerful at higher speeds! Being able to turn a dial gives us an infinite # of speeds to choose from! These fans far surpass Vornado’s previous 3-setting fans, plus they are Energy Smart! We got our electric bills which reflected their low use of energy! Cannot say ENOUGH great things about these 2 products! Campers and dog owners, use these on hot nights and for dog shows!

  5. Rgmariposa

    For me, it’s great! Good size and circulates the air great and I feel it on me, easy at only about 11ft away and on top of my entertainment center. At the highest speed, can be loud, but a loud white noise. I’d say the space I’m in is about a 12×12 room. Even though no remote, hooked it up to a smart plug and can turn it off and on from Alexa, or set a schedule.

  6. Shekar Reddy

    DC power with variable speed control for precise airflow up to 75 feet.

    Alternator built into the base – no brick adapter on the cord.

    Made in USA, 10 year warranty – if anything goes wrong, they will send a brand new one (no refurbished ones).

    239-2732 RPM – haven’t seen any fan doing this range (even bigger ones) – you can compare with other items on their site. High speed is reeeeaaally high – like it is on steroids!

    29-358 CFM

    32-60 dB – absolutely no noise at low speeds up to 40% dialing (this was my requirement).

    And lastly, it is VERY BEAUTIFUL and high-quality!

  7. victorl

    I replaced two small dehumidifiers in my basement with one, larger commercial unit and wanted a fan that I could run 24/7 to circulate the dryer air in the 2000 sq. ft. space. Was disappointed when I opened the box. It looked so small compared to the spec dimensions. But plugged it in and set the speed at 1/2. Amazing, I could feel the moving air 25 feet infront of the unit. It does a FANtastic job. At half speed it’s totally quiet. Kind of sad that it’s in the basement because it’s a really attractive unit. But I didn’t buy it for it’s beauty. Very statisfied with the purchase (as I have been with two other Vornade products I’ve purchased years and ago and which still run like new).

  8. VornadoSuperFan

    I have been considering the Energy Smart model for years, but was already satisfied with my many other Vornado models and considered it a splurge. Once I finally needed a fan, I bought this one, and it is absolutely worth the money! It is quieter at full speed than other fans with its cooling power. It’s also more adjustable than any other Vornado I owned, which makes it perfect for a bedroom fan. It has the same impressive whole room cooling you expect from any Vornado fan. The only thing I can’t quite comment on yet is how much it has decreased my energy use — I’m hopeful though!

  9. Dlee17

    This air circulator definitely moves the air around in our room (10ft x 15ft) and you can slightly feel the breeze when you’re not near it, but to really cool down our room, which is on the third story of an apartment in NYC, we have to run our window AC with it. When those two are on together, the room actually feels like an ice box, at least 10 degrees cooler than the rest of our apartments, it’s so nice. Especially as the last few years having only the window AC wasn’t cutting it at all. We used to have to sit next to the AC to feel cool. This combination is great.

  10. Fan collector

    Have been purchasing Vornado fans for at least 35 years, and am replacing older models with this 633DC which is quiet and effective for my un-air-conditioned house. I need at least 10 fans for various rooms in the house and these do the job well and I can use 1 overnight in the bedroom because it is so quiet. Do wish they came in a couple of the older colors that were a grey color and also an almond/tan color, but still very happy with this fan and it’s at least 5 stars, could be more compared to other fans that I tried, and thrilled that they are energy efficient.

  11. Scottoc

    I bought a few months ago. Been very pleased with all Vornado products. Here is a picture of my favorite Vornado.

  12. jenken2011

    This fan is amazing. i put it in my screened porch. Now if any of you live in Florida you know how hot and humid it is in the summer time. This fan just on medium moved the air so well. On high I was amazed the amount of air it pushed. It’s so light weight but extremely durable. I was surprised that a fan that size pushed so much air around. It’s definitely made quite well. This is my second Vornado product. I purchased the first one 3 years ago for a desk fan. It works fantastic. I highly recommend you purchase this fan! It’s a great price for a great product!

  13. LAL66

    Before taking part in the Power Reviews Program, I had not heard of the Vornado brand or its 633DC Energy Smart Air Circulator. My first impression is that this whole room circulator is compact and powerful; it really does seem to circulate all the air in the room just like the box says. I also like the simple yet sleek design. The Vornado would be great in bedrooms without ceiling fans. I prefer it to the box and stand fans that I’ve used in the past. I will be using my Vornado when I travel to visit family where the rooms are always too hot to sleep at night.

  14. Jacquie

    I absolutely love the Vornado 633DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator, it is extremely powerful, lightweight, durable & quiet. I can’t think of one bad thing about this amazing fan. It is a thousand times better than any other fan I have ever bought. It has been 90 degrees & this fan will still blow really cool air all around the room.. I would absolutely buy this product again and again, and I will be recommending it to everybody I know. This fan is a must have for every home. I was not aware of this product before receiving it through this program.

  15. Anothereview

    So amazing at very low speeds how much air it circulates. Amazingly quiet at normal speed and obviously louder at higher settings. It is a fan so it will make a “fan” noise. I am happy with normal to low speed, making it great for a bedroom . If you are going to blast this little thing at full speed you are not going to be happy with the noise but the air circulation with low speed is truly remarkable making higher setting so unnecessary. Absolutely love this fan.

  16. stephanie c

    This has got to be the best fan ever that i have owned. It ranges from low to high which at all times its powerful and even quiet . It has made my living room so comfortable i haven even had to use my air condition in there. It would be the only fan i will buy in the future because it cools me off quickly in comparison to the fans i have used in the past. It is the best bang for your buck. I recommend everyone to use .

  17. Ava

    We love the look of this fan! Its white and modern, doesn’t take up too much space, and it can be angled in multiple positions! The turn knob is so easy to dial up. You can turn it on extra low, all the way up to the max strength. I love that it’s not just “low, medium, high” and can be customized to your liking. Not noisy compared to other fans out there either

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