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Vornado 9-in 3-Speed Indoor Black Desk Fan

16 Reviews
  • Vornado Air Circulator fan delivers a full-size performance to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home
  • 3 speeds allow you to tailor the airflow to your needs
  • 9-in compact design is perfect for floors or tabletops, and provides easy portability to your bedroom, kitchen or office


  • Vornado Air Circulator fan delivers a full-size performance to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home
  • 3 speeds allow you to tailor the airflow to your needs
  • 9-in compact design is perfect for floors or tabletops, and provides easy portability to your bedroom, kitchen or office
  • For indoor use only
  • Multi-directional airflow provides air movement at any angle for even temperatures throughout the room
  • Motor produces airflow up to 389-CFM, and moves air up to 75-ft for maximum cooling in small to mid-size rooms
  • 5-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind
Weight 6.82 lbs
Dimensions 9.06 × 12.2 × 13.98 in

Latest reviews

  1. FanMaster

    I bought this fan three years ago and have ran it basically ever night since I got it while sleeping. The medium setting is just perfect for personal use while sleeping or sitting somewhere in the house to cool off. The high setting has really good flow if you’re trying to move some air around no more than a 15 x 15ft space. All in all it’s performed very well.
    That said, it is very very difficult to take the front grill off to clean the thing. The three screws that need removed are very recessed and i was lucky that i have a small electronics screwdriver set, there’s no way they can be taken out with a normal screwdriver. And then last week when starting the fan even on high it would catch and buzz and I couldn’t get the thing to spin any more. I would let it sit and it would kind of run some nights but not others. I finally decided to disassemble it a bit to see if i could figure out what was going on. It turns out the motor is brush-less which is nice, but the two bearings inside either heated up too much or seized up and then continued to overheat as the shaft spun on the inner race because the greased leaked out of both of them and ran down the inside of the case. So this thing is a dud now, I might try to return it but it seems like quite a hassle.

  2. MochaCaliGirl

    I purchased this fan three years ago when I moved into a converted loft space and I couldn’t be happier. The construction is solid. The appearance is not as cutting edge as Dyson but I wanted something that could move a tremendous of air (over looks) and this product does the job very well. To clean it I take it outside and blow the accumulated dust out with compressed air which takes about 5 minutes to reach my desired level of cleanliness. Enjoy it so much that I purchased a smaller wall mountable one that is directed towards my bed. Solid product that allows me to wit till the last possible moment to turn on the central air which cuts my utility bill.

  3. Veganatrix

    We REALLY loved this fan when we first got it. It was powerful and semi-quiet for the air it was moving. However, we starting noticing over time that it was getting weaker, and sometimes it wouldn’t turn on. You would have to play with it to get it to go, but go it did. Eventually, it became pretty useless and then it stopped all together. That’s it. Nothing turns on, and I’m really not comfortable pulling it apart. Besides, we’re not talking about years, here… it was about ONE year. One. So, I’d say for the value, it wasn’t worth it. We were really upset because we kept seeing posts about people who had Vornado fans forever, and loved them. Maybe we got a dud? Just overall disappointed. Would have been better off with a cheaper fan, honestly. Wouldn’t feel so robbed.

  4. Terry

    This Model 633B is a excellent fan. It is quiet and effective at all speeds. The base to this Model is very sturdy and well balanced, and to place this Fan at any angle is very easy to do. I purchased this fan to move Air down a long hallway, to cool, a bedroom, and it is working well, I am very pleased with this Model 633B. This is my fourth Vornado fan purchase, and all three earlier fans are still working fine. Vornado makes superior products. Thank you.

  5. John77

    Our model 210 died of old age (in fan years). We live in a 35′ trailer and wanted
    another Vornado that would keep the air moving with a little less noise. The
    633 keeps the air moving in our whole trailer with a smaller footprint. Here in
    deep south Texas it is hot for almost four months straight and our Vornado is
    on 24/7. Yep, we love our Vornado. Oh, in the winter months we keep our
    trailer warm with our Vornado heater. Don’t even use the furnace.

  6. Mike

    I bought this junk about 20 days ago and this morning while I was at my computer it just stopped working! One minute fine and the next it just stopped like someone shut it off. No funny noises, nothing! For the price of this junk you would think it may last for at least a year or 2!!! I wouldn’t recommend this to my worst enemy! COMPLETE GARBAGE!!!!!!!

  7. VikingGoddess

    Bought recently to supplement the two Vornado fans we have in our living room purchased six years ago and still working fine. This one just now purchased for the bedroom. I am a light sleeper and this is very quiet on low speed and doesn’t wake me up. So far haven’t had to break out our portable AC units (daytime temperatures high 70’s to 80’s; nighttime temperatures high 50’s to 60’s) thanks to these efficient little guys.

  8. SoCalSun

    I purchased this model with the intention to use the Vornado to push the cold air being expelled from the window air conditioner when in use, to cool the room faster for the hot Southern California days; when combined with an air conditioner the room is cooled much faster and an extra cold breeze is felt. The air conditioner does not have to be on all the time, the fan cools the room to a comfortable temperature.

  9. JakeELee

    This fan is amazing, but the only thing that would make it perfect – please add a clasp (or hook), something that you can wrap up the cable with when you travel with it. You have this amazing fan, but then you have no where to put the cord and it ends up dangling on the ground which can cause damage. The musician community would greatly appreciating adding this feature that would make it a solid 5 STARS!!!!

  10. Keeping Cool

    The best air circulator ever… BAR NONE! I think I just need to step up to the 733 from the 633…which I WILL KEEP for the bedroom…HUGE DIFFERENCE and I won’t be using my A/C as much, THAT’S FOR SURE! You can NEVER go wrong with quality, I’m all about spending the extra “buck” to be satisfied instead of suffering from being “frugal” Keep on “blowing” Vornado…you peeps are THE BEST!

  11. Lady Bug

    My stepdad told me twenty years ago that Vernado was the only fan to buy, and he was right: That’s the only brand of fan I buy. I have a couple of small fans, a couple of large fans, and a fan on a stand. They’re very reliable, and very quiet, and they do the job very effectively. Plus, who knows, maybe I’ll win the sweepstakes, but this is a true statement of my experience in any case.

  12. ChadM

    This fan died after 8 months of continuous use… I have three other Vornado fans and have no issues with continuous use of the Larger models. I’ve had one failure with small unit… But I purchase these fans because I’ve come to expect that they will last. This is disappointing at the price they sell for. I disassembled the unit to see if I could pop in a new motor. 🙁

  13. kat

    I purchased this item only several years ago and never registered it since I’ve never had a problem with Vornado products having such a short life span. I was happy with the quality of the fan while it worked, however, I’m pretty sure the motor burned out after just a couple of years. Several months ago the fan was having trouble starting – I had to shake it around a little for it to get going. (I just read other user reviews with the same issue.) Then, last night it smelled like something was on fire in my apartment and I realized the fan stopped working and must have burned out the motor because it was very hot and smelly. I’m really disappointed since I usually invest on quality with the expectation that it will last a long time. I may reconsider buying another vornado for fear this will happen again and then it’s money wasted. I will be buying a less expensive fan with the expectation of replacing it more often.

  14. Don’t be bloody ridiculous. Mandatory?

    Great initially. But once it gets dirty, you may as well throw it out. In order to remove the grill to clean the blades one must remove three tiny screws which are VERY recessed. And this is all but impossible. Read the other comments, I am not the only one to complain about this. Too bad. I would never buy one of these again.

  15. KiKi

    I just bought a replacement for my 633, which finally quit working after 4 years of constant running. I never shut it off for 4 YEARS!! I know that’s not suggested but I just left it on to keep the air moving whether I was home or not. I tried a cheaper brand & it lasted 3 months. I will never use anything but Vornado!

  16. LSMURF

    Wow, I really got a good education this week, I had researched this Vornado and because of cost I scrimped and bought a cheap knockoff fan, it was very loud and did not move the air very well, you had to aim the fan at you to feel the air moving. So that fan went back and we brought home a Vornado 633. When we got home our room was very warm so I turned on our new Vornado to the medium speed which was less noisy than the knockoff fan was on low speed, and dropped the Tstat down 1 degree. About 30 minutes later my wife told me she was cold. I moved the Tstat back up 1 degree, about an hour later she said I am still cold so I move the speed to low and the room is nice and cool. The Vornado is aimed up toward the corner of our room and we feel air flow on our feet, legs, arms, head all over. The Vornado really does move air all over the room as advertised. Very well pleased with our new Vornado, have learned you do get what you pay for. Great job Vornado keep up the Great work.

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