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Westinghouse 150-Rated/300-Peak Watt Camping/RV Power Station 194-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator

24 Reviews
  • 4 Charging methods: outlet, car, solar, and generator
  • Charge your phone 20 times; tablet 11 times; laptop 7 times
  • 194 Watt Hour, 150 running watts, and 300 peak watts; indoor/outdoor use


The Westinghouse iGen200s Portable Power Station is a no-hassle solution for your power needs. Built with a lithium-ion battery for clean power, the iGen200s is maintenance-free and produces no noise and no fumes for safe use indoors or outdoors. This power station is solar panel capable for environmentally friendly charging wherever you are. Providing 194 watt hours of power with 150 continuous watts and 300 peak watts, it’s designed to power all your necessary electronic devices during all your activities such as camping, tailgating, and festivals. The control panel features three USB ports, two household outlets, a 12V DC outlet, and an LED display. The LED display provides information on the wattage, charging status, and remaining battery life. The iGen200s is built with a lock feature to protect against accidental power drain. Sturdy and compact construction makes this power station easy to take wherever you go or easily store when not in use. Providing ease of use and a name you can trust, rely on the Westinghouse iGen200s for your portable power needs.
  • 4 Charging methods: outlet, car, solar, and generator
  • Charge your phone 20 times; tablet 11 times; laptop 7 times
  • 194 Watt Hour, 150 running watts, and 300 peak watts; indoor/outdoor use
  • 4 lb. of sturdy, compact construction allows for easy transport and storage
  • No fuel, no fumes, and no noise for indoor and campsite friendly use
  • LED display provides all controls and power station information in one place
  • Three USB ports including USB-C and Quick Charge 3.0 port, a 6mm DC output, and two 120V household outlets
  • 3 ways to charge with included car charger, wall charger, and optional solar panel charger for sustainable use
  • Lock or unlock your power station by holding the AC and DC buttons for 5 seconds to prevent accidental power drain
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 8.25 × 4.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Upon unboxing I am rather impressed with the quality of packaging, which most of the time reflects the quality of product inside. I’m also rather impressed with the layout/design of the unit and the rigidity of the material used on it. Not only is it simply laid out and easy to understand, it is also very well arranged and has all the connecting features that anyone would need to plug in the devices that this unit can handle. The user manual is also straight to the point and easy to read and understand. I am currently waiting to test it out as I have it charging for the first time out of box plugged into an AC home outlet and can’t wait to see how it performs.

  2. RocketScientist

    I unboxed and serviced the unit today. Good: Instructions were almost adequate and engine started on first pull.
    Bad: (1) Design makes it very hard to add/check the engine oil (must remove a large cover plate). There is no external access to the dip stick. This is bad design the could be easily fixed by a hole in the cover plate and possible an extension of the tube holding the dipstick, but they didn’t do that. (2) The instructions show two screws holding the cover plate over the oil dipstick. They don’t show that there are three internal posts firmly held in rubber reinforced holes. The holding posts must be forced out of their restraints. I had to use a small flat blade screw driver to pry the cover off after I removed the screws and I was working “blind” the first time I removed the cover. I was very worried that I would break the cover plate getting it off (breaking the cover plate could still happen in the future). Otherwise, so far so good.

  3. Phil

    We used this generator at an outside event. We had a full charge and was running a floor fan some lighting constantly for 5 1/2 hours before generator ran out of power. This generator has several ways to recharge and we were back up and running within 15 minutes. This generator is so quiet that you don’t even know it is running. We loved this generator so we are going to purchase another one but this time a bigger wattage. I would recommend having one of these for an emergency/hurricane kit.

  4. mnsnowbear

    Just finished a 2 week tour of America and the Generator was my primary power during the trip. It was constantly in use. The unit powered fine from both the car and from the solar panel I had installed on the roof of my car.
    Was loving the unit.
    Then day 3 or 4 happened. The car outlet seems to have fail around the 3 // 4 day of continuous use. I was using the outlet to power a portable fridge and it was working like a charm for the 3 to 4 days of continuous use. Then it stopped working. Now, I can not power anything from the car outlet.
    However, the AC Cable adapter that came with the unit worked fine for powering the portable fridge.

  5. mara zee

    I bought this in case power goes out from a storm. It arrived mostly charged. So far I have tried connecting a fan to it and that worked well. I’m happy about that because if the power goes out and there’s no AC here I will at least be able to run a good fan! The unit displays the wattage of what’s plugged into it which is a nice feature. I charged it up fully via an outlet in my house and it was easy to tell when it was done. I like the fact the unit is lightweight. And also that is has a locking feature. I know I am going to get a lot of use out of the unit. Also it was very well priced. And I’m happy there’s a warranty.

  6. Gallen61

    I bought the iGen300s about two weeks ago. I l already have the iGen200s.I brought the iGen300s because it has pure sine current flow, and extra wattage. So i can use it for my delicate electronic. I tested it out and it’s an excellent power station, especially for the price. Compared to the more expensive one’s this is equal to or better. I love the big LED display that shows you all the information about the iGen300s status. From wattage used to the battery level. IF you’re looking for a reliable and sturdy power station with decent wattage, then go with the iGen300s. I’m impressed, for the price you can’t go wrong.

  7. ellyjo

    I bought this generator several weeks ago. I have tested it by plugging my camper into it to run the refrigerator and it works great!
    I had no problems adding the oil during the setup and starting it. I only have experience with one other generator and this one is much quieter. I really love that! My 85-year-old father (who is no stranger to equipment like this) saw the generator running on the driveway and even commented on how quiet it was!) We plan to use this boondocking when the solar panels aren’t getting sun and at home when the power goes out during a storm. I am very pleased with this purchase!

  8. J A Z Z

    I put it through its paces for 3 days. Powers up a windmachine fan, portable radio and 32 inch TV and charges my cell and IPAD ! I bought the 300s as I do not require much in an emergency ( 296 Wh, 300 Running Watts, and 600 Peak Watts ) but WOW ! It will power my radio or tv for days and keep my cell phone charged ! Very happy with this power station, it will be nice to have in the next power outage.

  9. TFL990

    I bought this unit for hurricane outages. I have not used it for long periods of time yet, but I am impressed with how quickly it charges and all of the ports are exactly what I need. The reason I chose this unit over others were the reviews plus it came with a solar panel connector. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  10. JayDman

    Bought this yesterday. Charged it overnight and no charge has registered. Also, the flashlight button is recessed, is stuck and won’t in recess. I like the technology but seems it is a defective unit.

  11. TailgateHero

    Love it. Easy to maintain, and lightweight. Perfect for my TV while tailgating, emergency backup for storms. Easy for my mom to use as well. So happy with this purchase, get this!!

  12. Aleasia1227

    I used in power outage. Saved us!! Love it! I highly recommend this to anyone as an emergency backup source. It’s a good buy at a reasonable price.

  13. Ben G

    Perfect for all charging needs in power outages
    Would recommend to others.

  14. Frozt381

    So quiet. Small, light but mighty!! Love it!! Might have to get another.

  15. Jamie63

    Perfect for powering my cargo trailer. Would recommend to anyone.

  16. Anonymous

    I bought this two weeks ago runs good would recommend to anyone

  17. Cracked

    Great product good size compact not heavy cccccccccccxxxx

  18. Elaine 6753234

    I just purchased this as a hurricane was approaching. I wish I had it earlier.

  19. sseelhoff

    We bought this about 9 months ago. Sold our house and were living in an RV onsite as we built the new home. Since we are off grid and did not have power 24/7, we used this to power electronic devices when the generator (also WH-dual fuel 9500) was not running. Kept computers and phones charged and operating. Did what it said.

    Still use it around the barn when we need spot power to something, and also the build in lights in areas were outdoor lighting is not accessible (i.e. feed room in hay barn).

  20. Smith

    A solar power generator that did not come with the solar panel. What’s the point. I was seriously p… and now must try to find a solar panel that fits!


    I purchased this a week ago and so far it is just what I was looking for. It’s great for our hiking trips bike trips, to power our essentials of use of light at night charging cell phones and of course speaker for our music entertainment on our journeys. I plan on purchasing the solor panel hook ups to charge the station for when we are in remote areas. It is light weight and durable for my outdoor adventure needs.i would definitely recommend this product for those with the same interest.

  22. southerncharm

    I have researched quite a bit about the battery power stations. This won out in the end because I believe you get more bang for your buck with this particular power station (price v wattage v features). Our power goes out frequently because of flooding and hurricanes; I just want to be able to charge my electronic devices. This will do the trick. Plus, Westinghouse is a solid name brand. Pretty much ready to go out of the box (just charge it) and most everything is self-explanatory.

  23. Swampy Scout

    Father’s Day gift, for camping. Charged quickly at home, before we left for a week of Scout camp. Charged my, and 2 other Scout phones, the first 3 nights. Battery life was down to 1/4 on the power station. Tried to charge the power station on a car battery with the DC adapter. It struggled to reach 3/4 charge in 8 hrs. Used the power station again, on night 4, with limited success. Seemed to drain faster than normal this round. Tried changing the power station again, using the DC cable. Power station only reached 1/2 charge in 8 hours. Used the power station on night 5, which drained the battery to 1/4 power. After this, I no longer used the power station, until I returned home.
    Currently, the power station is being charged on the AC cord, with little to no success. Will not charge past 1/4 battery life.

  24. Seadinks

    Post-pandemic life hasn’t been easy w/ packed restaurants, booked hotel and camping spots. But this gadget w/ 1500 watts has enough juice for us to be literally anywhere w/ a microwave, coffee machine, mini fridge and avoid the congestion. Now, at a whim we can just drive off at a moment’s notice knowing there’s nothing holding us back. Just a table and chairs in the middle of nowhere and we are good. The igen1000s gives us the room to be creative with our lives.

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