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WORX 15 Amps 18-in Corded Electric Chainsaw

25 Reviews
  • [A BIGGER SAW] With an 18” bar you can fell larger trees, and with a powerful motor you can get more done, faster
  • [A TIGHTER CHAIN] The clever auto-tension system won’t let you over-tighten, which increases the life of the bar and the chain
  • [A SMOOTHER CHAIN] The auto-lubrication system keeps the chain well-oiled and running efficiently around the bar, for better cuts with less wasted energy


Get gas-like power without the drawbacks of gasoline. The 18” 15-Amp electric Chainsaw is cost-effective, because you’re not buying gas all the time. It’s cleaner, both for the environment and your hands. And it starts much, much easier. Plus, it’s outfitted with a whole host of high tech features to take the intimidation out of using a chainsaw. First off, it’s only 11.2 lbs, so almost anyone can use and carry it around the yard. Auto-tightening and auto-lubrication systems take those normally laborious tasks and make them easy. Your chain will always be the right tension, without being too tight, and will always stay well-oiled so it spins around the bar at an efficient 12 m/s. The chain pitch is 3/8”, with 63 chain links, and a gauge of 0.05”. And the 200 ml oil tank has a handy oil-level indicator window, so you’ll always know when you need to refill it. The metal bump spikes grab the wood, letting you get a solid hold on the log for a smooth continuous cut. That spike bumper also reduces kickbacks. The powerful 15-amp motor provides consistent performance for years and easily tears through all common backyard chainsaw projects. The 18” bar is designed to take down standing trees with a diameter of up to 18” and can chop up a log on the ground twice that size.
  • [A BIGGER SAW] With an 18” bar you can fell larger trees, and with a powerful motor you can get more done, faster
  • [A TIGHTER CHAIN] The clever auto-tension system won’t let you over-tighten, which increases the life of the bar and the chain
  • [A SMOOTHER CHAIN] The auto-lubrication system keeps the chain well-oiled and running efficiently around the bar, for better cuts with less wasted energy
  • [STOPS QUICKLY] The chain brake shuts down the chain almost instantly to prevent accidental cutting. That’s peace of mind when you’re operating a chainsaw
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last
  • [FULL-WRAP HANDLE] Grab it from any angle to gain leverage for both vertical and horizontal cutting
  • [GOOD GRIP] The rubberized, over-mold handle gives you the perfect balance of comfort and control. And its ergonomic design makes working as comfortable as it can be
  • [REDUCES KICKBACKS] The metal spike bumper sticks into the wood, giving you even more leverage, and preventing kickbacks at the same time
  • [INCLUDES] 15 Amp Chainsaw, Lubrication Oil, Blade Protection Cover, Chain Bar
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 14.6 × 37.2 × 7.95 in

Latest reviews

  1. Black Forest Artisan

    I purchased the Worxx 18″ chainsaw because it was a 15 amp tool, to enable my cutting of guided boards and slices from mid-sized logs. Its performace and features are not much short of amazing. One minor criticism is that the narrow (anti-kickback) bar’s one drawback is that it is deflected by wood grain more easily than firmer, larger bars, and its tip tends to bend and wander on full-bar cuts, even when guided. The chain is very satisfactory; the chain tightening system is superb, and the little saw is quite powerful in performing what is demanded of it! Worth the money? Absolutely!

  2. Dave

    Photo pretty much says it all. That was a roughly 35-40 foot tall 75 year old willow oak 24-30 inches across at the base. Thought I might be asking a bit much from this saw to tackle this tree but it handled it without any problem at all. Had the blade buried completely almost constantly and it didn’t slow down a bit. Still can’t believe I brought down this tree with an electric chainsaw running through 170 feet of extension cord. Only negative is I think the throttle safety button on the side of the handle is in an awkward place.

  3. Angel

    I am so glad I bought the Worx 18 inch chainsaw. I ordered the chainsaw through the website and it was delivered right away. I used the chainsaw to cut a 30 inch hackberry tree. The machine was very impressive. It cut through the hackberry like a hot knife going through butter. After the hackberry I let my neighbor borrow my chainsaw since he had to cut some branches on a live oak. The live oak branch was 12 inches in diameter and at least 15 feet in length. The Worx chainsaw was still Super sharp and it took him a few minutes to cut the large limb into pieces. I highly recommend this chainsaw to anyone.

  4. FloridaYankee

    Adding Ethanol in to our fuel has slowly killed all of my small engine gas powered yard tools. As each one goes, I have been replacing with electric. I was a bit skeptical about the power of an electric chainsaw, but after reading these reviews and seeing the reasonable price, I decided to go for it.

    So far, I am quite impressed. This thing easily chewed through anything I threw at it, both large and small branches and even bamboo. For the weekend yard warrior such as myself, this saw is more than sufficient. Now, if this thing could pick up all the wood it cut…..

  5. jpharriett

    Bought 18 inch Worx saw and immediately put it to work taking down 6-60 to 70 foot pines and 6 cedar trees (missing from photos). The saw was a pleasure to operate with great power and lighter than a gas chain saw.

  6. Chip

    I love my new chainsaw. Like many of the reviews stated, it cuts through trees like butter. This is the first electric chainsaw for me and I couldn’t be happier. The difference maker for me in deciding on the Worx is the tension adjustment. So easy. Now that I can easily cut the logs up, the next step was to purchase a 5 ton log splitter. Started using both of them yesterday and can’t wait till to Saturday to finish up. It is actually fun!

  7. Limie2

    Bought this chainsaw 4 years ago because I was fed up of using a gas saw and putting it down only to have it stall out and need restarting
    At the moment I am using it to Mill slabs out of a 26 inch dis black cherry and I haven’t even had the motor get hot . Awesome little saw . Not a large gas saw but not 500

  8. mptoad

    I bought this saw at my local store a few days ago. I have been replacing all my gas powered yard equipment (string trimmer, Leaf blower, etc…) with electric after I got extremely frustrated with trying to get my gas powered ones to start. Nothing frustrates me more then getting slowed down by a broken or faulty tool. I did a lot of research before settling on this Worx Saw. Of all the ones I looked at it had the most amps in the 18″ class and seemed to have the best reviews. Let me tell ya, I have found out that all those goods reviews were WELL DESERVED. I am clearing a bunch of trees and brush from the back of my property in preparation for a fence to be installed. I have been running this saw almost constantly 8 hours a day for two days now. Every tree I have taken down has then been cut up for firewood and this saw has powered through all of it. The largest tree so far came down today. It was almost 24″ across and this saw took it down with no issues. Best money I have spent on a tool in years and years. I would recommend it to any homeowner looking for a powerful saw to use around the property.

  9. acewill

    This saw has changed my mind over using an electric chain saw over a gas one, Cost, quality; no problem, Except for one thing. I like to have a backup bar&chain for my chainsaws, and as of yet, I can find no one that carries any parts for the worx chain saw. I’m still waiting for a response from Oregon chain saw parts, as of yet no response.

  10. Boggie

    For the low price; it has a lot of power for an electric chainsaw.

  11. Euwaite

    The chain tensioner mechanism is outstanding, a simple turn of a knob. I have dulled my new chain after about 50 cuts. I’ll get new chain.

  12. dan2012

    nice light weight saw fun to use cuts through limbs and trees just make sure you keep an eye on oil level for chain oiler every 25 to 30 minutes so you don’t run out so far really like it just make sure to have extra chains on hand can get tem on line here so got few extra coming other wise worth the money not as noisey as gas chain saw not as heavy to lift

  13. Bobcayt

    Has lots of power for cutting big trees. I don’t use a chain saw everyday but it seems like every time I use my gas chainsaw I have to work on it. This one you just plug it in and start cutting. I have had several electric chainsaws before and I like them but this one is way more powerful and more comfortable in my hands while cutting. Less noise and les fumes than a gas saw but just as powerful. I love it. I also bought one for my son. He had a 36″ diameter live oak. He cut it up in one day.

  14. Glenn12

    This saw is powerful and reliable. The tree fell in my yard last Saturday and I’ve been steadily reducing it.

  15. Fran

    The product works well for the purpose I purchased it. One issue is the availability of chain replacement. Cross referencing the chain allowed me to locate an Oregan. Recommend purchase a few to have on hand and replace spare as necessary. As the saying goes – Don’t get caught short or in the middle of the job. Bad Day

  16. DS

    Works great! But the instructions don’t say how to take off the cover for cleaning, which you should do after every use and before storage. Just unscrew the tension knob all the way, and the cover comes off. Clean out the oil port and the sprockets with a brush and a screwdriver — very easy to do. Then put the chain back on the bar and around the sprocket (not as easy, but not bad). Hold it all in place and replace the cover and screw on the tension knob.

  17. Jeank

    Unless you are a logger in the NW, this little chainsaw is all you will ever need. The Craftsman we bought lasted almost a year. We should have went electric the first time.

  18. Yardlady1

    We have used it a couple of times and it works great. We used it on huge trunks that we made into tables. No problems at all.

  19. Ironmike

    I worked in the high-rise construction (metal decking) for 30 years. How you cut metal decking? With a large gas powered chop saw equipped with a 14″ carbon blade that’d produce noise in the 130-decibel range. I’ve literally ripped and cross cut miles with that thing. Needless to say, I’ve had my fill of gas powered saws. Although in a pinch I’ll have to use my Husky if there is no other viable option.
    Ok, enough of me onto the review:
    This little puppy does a great job without the fumes and noise. Plus in my opinion, it’s far safer than my gas saws. I’ve fallen and bucked up a dozen pines over the past month with only a few blade sharpenings. It shows no signs of slowing down. In short, When this saw dies, I’ll buy another toot-sweet.

  20. pappagene

    I had a lot of trees down from a recent ice storm in our area. I have a gas powered chainsaw, but it failed to operate during the cold weather and due to the ethanol that they add to gasoline eating up the insides. This unit worked perfectly from the get-go. It goes through good size tree trunks better than my gas unit did. The only cons I have is the fact that they provide a slot and hook for your power cord in the handle, but if you use the proper size extension cord (I am using a 12 gauge) it barely will fold enough to go in the slot and it will not go under the hook. I therefore use the loop and pass the end of the cord through it to secure it to the saw. The trailing cord is the other con I have, but I knew this when I made the purchase. You just have to plan ahead and pick your path. The chain brake is highly sensitive to touch. this can be good and it can be annoying when it happens in the middle of a cut. Still it cuts like a dream and I can live with the minor cons

  21. BarefootBoy

    Worx, A Strange Company DON’T BUY THE WORX ELECTRIC CHAINSAW!!!!
    Last week, I was using my Worx Electric Chain Saw until it quit.  I haven’t used it much but I suspected it was the motor brushes, the carbon graphite things that supply electricity to the armature to make it go around.  Today in a Live Chat with Worx, I was told “I would love to send you brushes . .  but unfortunately for liability reasons fulfillment would never send out brushes.”  They had suggested I take their offer to buy a new one at a discount.  I replied that I would not buy a new one when two brushes would fix this one!  Without those brushes, this one was a piece of trash!!!  I asked them what was their “Liability Problem,” but they never answered, just suggested I accept their discount!!!  I suggested that their “Fulfillment” Dept should be renamed “Deprivement” Dept!!!  and told them that because I could not get new brushes, I could never recommend their saw!!!
    It’s really a good saw.  I like its safety features. blade stops instantly, and can’t start without kick-back feature activated.  Automatic blade oiler and easy blade tension adjuster.  But without motor brushes, it won’t run!!!  You’d think Worx would be happy and anxious to sell me the brushes.  I was not asking for free ones!  But, No, you can’t have new brushes to fix your saw!!!  Very Strange Attitude!!! SO, DON’T BUY THE WORX ELECTRIC CHAINSAW!!!!

  22. BrianW42

    Read all the reviews of this chainsaw and decided to give it a shot. Not taking down any huge trees in the yard so figured it would be great for chopping up firewood and debris. Let me tell you, this is a powerful chainsaw! Love that it just starts right up. Burns through bar oil pretty quickly though. Easy to clean after use. Took down a crab apple tree with it that had a trunk about 8-10 inches. Chopped all up and continued to go to work on some older oak logs. Made for quick work of everything. Definitely a great buy. Avoid the gas and fumes if you aren’t looking to fell a massive tree. This one gets the jobs done!

  23. Cristine

    I bought one of these saws a year ago, and is the best chainsaw I have ever had. I have five gasoline powered chainsaws, one of which is brand-new, but because of EPA regulations. I cannot set it to run at the elevation that we saw would at. I love my will worx chainsaw, I have six blades that I rotate out as were cutting in the woods. You cannot beat this all for production and another good thing about it. If I want to use it in the shop I can, there is no fumes from an gasoline chainsaw. Have generator mounted on truck and tractor that are used for pulling logs out of the woods. Most of the trees that I saw all our 20 to 24 inches in diameter, with some up to 36 inches

  24. Artery

    I have been cutting down some large pines and cutting up the logs. The last tree we did destroyed 2 – 14 ” electric chain saws. I really like electric because they always start so easily. The new Worx absolutely destroyed the tree in no time at all. Great saw!

  25. HHHT

    This is my 3rd WORX 18 inch chainsaw. I have woods around my house and this has permitted me to clear out invasive Buckthorn. I love the ease of tightening the chain and because of this never have a problem with the chain coming off. I replaced the chain this year with an inferior chain that did not work. I thought the chainsaw was no good so bought a new Worx chain saw. Later I replaced the inferior chain with a Worx chain and now both chain saws are fine.
    I have a vacation home and purchased my 3rd chain saw to use there. It is a pleasure to use compared to the chainsaw I had bought at a Big Box Store.

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