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WORX 2.5-cu ft Steel Yard Cart

27 Reviews
  • Converts your aerocart into a wheeled snow plow in just seconds
  • Features 3 different adjustable height positions to maximize user’s comfort and control
  • Equipped with a steel wear strip for extended use and durability, which is galvanized to prevent rust


The 8-in-1 all-purpose Worx Aerocart (WG050) features unrivaled versatility, effectively eliminating the need for a traditional wheelbarrow. The all-new Snow Plow (WA0230) attachment takes those capabilities to the next level, by transforming your Aerocart into a wheeled snow plow for your sidewalk and driveway. With 3 different height adjustments and a galvanized steel wear strip, let the Worx Aerocart (WG050) do the tough shoveling for you. Please Note: The Worx Aerocart WG050 is sold separately and not included with the Snow Plow Attachment.
  • Converts your aerocart into a wheeled snow plow in just seconds
  • Features 3 different adjustable height positions to maximize user’s comfort and control
  • Equipped with a steel wear strip for extended use and durability, which is galvanized to prevent rust
  • Lightweight and stores conveniently when not in use
  • Includes a 3-year limited warranty
  • Please note: the Worx aerocart WG050 is sold separately and not included with the wagon kit attachment
Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 27.2 × 11.4 × 3.9 in

Latest reviews

  1. Corkilini

    My Wife and I are in our late sixties, her with foot surgery coming up and me with (8) screws in my back, plus neck surgery coming up this February were able to move the snow from our 20ft. X 120ft. driveway this winter. Works better than a snow blower because you don”t get the blowing snow back into your face and don’t get beat up by the power of the snow blower. Easy to worx with tool.
    Also: I bought the Aerocart for my wife because of all the features it has and especially the rock moving attachment after she smashed her finger last summer moving rocks. Can’t let that happen anymore.
    Thanks again for a “Great Product”

  2. GinaBug

    LOVE my Aerocart, and the new Wheelbarrow Snow Plow attachment is fabulous! So much easier than snow shoveling … you just push – no lifting/throwing. Took about 15 minutes to assemble (found a screwdriver and pliers were easier to use than the tool provided). Finally got a chance to try it out this morning. I just “pushed” about 3″ of heavy, wet snow off of the paved section of my driveway and brick sidewalk in about 45 minutes! Unbelievable … LOVE IT!!!

  3. Hypertechmike

    First time in use it caught a piece of ice and bent the cheap frame tube right behind the blade! Tube should be reinforced with a gusset right at the bend in the tube. Also the screws are starting to pull threw the plastic blade. That’s with only 5 passes on my driveway. Each pass was only 12 feet..

  4. fabricfreak

    I bought the cart summer of 2017. Also bought the snow plow blade. It does well in light powder. In heavier snow, it works best if you take the snow off in layers. I can remove 6-8″ of powder. I am not in a hurry so it goes easy. A good workout for this 67 year old retired RN.

  5. Csaszar

    I recently purchased the wheelbarrow snow plow and it’s everything and MORE than advertised. I’m 59 years old and had a heart attack a few years ago. Living in the Northeast, we do get at least 2-3 significant snowfalls per year. A huge gas powered snow blower is overkill, but shoveling the driveway and sidewalks is very laborious and exhausting. Two days after the WORX snow plow arrived we had a 6″ snow. Clearing the driveway now takes no more effort than vacuuming the living room! Very easy to assemble, adjustable and “fun” to use. I am no longer concerned about my health when I hear the winter weather forecast. Every home should have one.

  6. Zanizu

    Bought about a month ago and just got a chance to use on fresh 7″ of snow. Cut shoveling time in half on 8 car driveway.

  7. Baddgerr

    We live in the mountains of Western North Carolina and have made great use out of the Aerocart Wheelbarrow all summer. A couple of weeks ago I received an email regarding the Snow Plow attachment and decided to give it a try. What a great move that was as we just had a weekend with over 12″ of snow in two days. Used it to clear the deck/ramp and even part of my gravel driveway. Worked my way to the wood shed to pick up a load of firewood, then back to the house. With the adjustments available you can get it set to the right place to maximize leverage. Saved a lot of time from shoveling. Keep up the good Worx!

  8. Debf

    I recently purchased this because my back was so sore from shoveling. I attached it to my Worx wheelbarrow and after trying it out I wasn’t sure if I liked it. I played around with it for a while and then realized what I was doing wrong. I was tipping it up to dump the snow out. You do not need to do this. Simply push and jerk the handles and the snow comes right off. What a back saver. I am absolutely thrilled to have this. I was able to shovel my driveway in half the time. I tried it on 2 in of snow and 4in and it worked great. I think it may be more difficult if the snow is deeper only because I am a small woman. A strong man would have no problem. Love it. Love the wheelbarrow too!

  9. 2163s

    – With the snow plow attachment – I, a 60 year old female was able to stay ahead of the 49″ of snow we received in New England. With a bit of pushing-power, rather than shoveling and lifting, I actually enjoyed clearing the driveway! The cart was originally purchased to haul wood, since other carts had proven inferior. The steel cart body easily managed the wood without any cart dent or damage, as compared to other carts. Also, that 300 pound load, was sooo easy to maneuver. Thank you to the Aerocart engineers! You have allowed me to joyfully work independently outdoors again despite my age.

  10. NKP 755

    Got to use the newly acquired plow option on my Aerocart 2 weeks ago. We had gotten 2 inches of snow with a layer of icy slush underneath. Rather than bring out the big snow thrower I used the Aerocart. It worked like a charm even getting under the layer of ice. The only thing I did not like was the inability to angle the blade from one side or the other. That would have allowed the accumulated snow to move off to the side allowing me to make longer passes. With the plow fixed in the straight position I could only plow until the weight of the accumulated snow exceeded my strength. So, if WORX can redesign it to swivel side to side, or even just to one side only that would be a great help.

  11. LadyG

    I bought the wheelbarrow after (unfortunately) I did major back yard work project. At that time I got the snow plow. This morning Jan 4 2018 we got hit with a snow storm and dumped 4 inches. What normally would take me over 4 hours to clear by a snow shovel took 20 mins! And my back feels fine! I am a WORX user for the rest of life!

  12. anasjean

    I went to help an elderly friend shovel some snow off her driveway.

    Helping meant – I would be doing the work…. but good friend so happy to help. I brought my shovel, but she had this wheelbarrow thing with a blade on the front that she insisted I try.
    It was amazing ….. I was done with her driveway in 30 minutes. With my shovel it would have taken closer to 2 hours….. I’ve “helped” her before so I know how long it takes for me a 70 year old woman to clear her driveway.

    I came right home and bought my own. I can’t wait for it to arrive…. my driveway is three times the size of hers…. and it usually takes me a couple of days after a good Montana snow storm to clear it off.

  13. srmac2007

    The plow easily moves the snow and clears my driveway. There is no heavy lifting and saves one’s back. It is moves around with ease.

  14. Retired and LOVING IT

    I just used the snow plow for the first time and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. The biggest thing they don’t mention, is how the snow “rolls” over in the front as you push the plow. With the snow rolling over, it makes it a lot easier to keep moving without the snow piling up in front of the blade. What a TREMENDOUS way to use your Aerocart. As mentioned by others, it is very balanced with the two wheels, so there is no wasted energy pushing straight ahead. I have also ordered the cart attachment and water hauler, so I am a huge fan of the Aerocart!!

  15. Ms Kitty

    I hestitated to buy this plow because it looked like a glorified snow shovel. But I did buy it and was glad I did! I used it to move about 3″ of snow on my 150′ driveway. It was effortless because the Aerocart is evenly balanced and I didn’t have to lift and throw the snow. It took less time to clear my drive than it does with my snow blower. It was easier to clear the snow away from the mail box because it will go under the box where my snow blower would wack the box. We have a Nor’Easter hitting us right now so we’ll see how well it performs in a 12″+ snow.

  16. quats4

    I bought this since we use a push shove quite often when cleaning our large driveway from snow. This worked well on light snow and short distances for the push. On heavy snow yo would get a couple of feet and then it would be impossible to push further.

    On light fluffy snow it pretty much works the same as a push shovel but is a little easier to push since it has wheels.

    I need more snow (which I do not want) to really figure out if it is easier than a shovel.

    We like to clean up the driveway after we snow blow and this is a helpful tool for that.

  17. dedgar107

    Love it! Moved four plus inches of snow with ease.

  18. Don Siegel

    While I have not purchased one of these, I have a suggestion for an upgrade you can make to this product to make it easier to use. As I use to be in charge of maintenance of a very large apartment complex and have found myself shoveling my share of snow. My suggestion to you is that instead of trying to always push the snow straight forward, figure out a way that you could tilt the blade to one side or the other. That way your pushing the snow off to the side. I believe that this would make it easier to use. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

  19. zucco

    I took a chance on this attachment for my new aerocart because of reviews that i read and a great price.I tried it out on the first snow and was very impressed with out.The only reason i didnt give it five stars was because it was tough going around all the cars in my driveway but not a big deal.I would recommend this plow to everyone just read the directions when putting together so you can set it at the right height depending on how tall you are because i had to do it twice.The middle setting worked pretty well for me and i am 6 feet tall.

  20. Cuzz

    I was anxious to use the Aerocart that my wife gave me for Christmas but spring seemed a long way off. Then I saw the Snow Plow attachment and ordered on line. It was easy to assemble and install on the Aerocart. We had about 3 inches of wet snow which I removed from our patio and driveway easily. I had hoped that the blade would angle to push snow to the side. It does not but is designed so that it rolls up the snow ( wet snow anyway). I have a long driveway on a hill. It would be a great tool for most urban walks and drive ways.

  21. MDX78

    So, when I initially used this plow tool, I was dissappointed and figured money down the drain; the issue was that the snow was wet and extremely heavy. After a few colleagues mentioned that even a snowblower has trouble with heavy wet snow, I felt better. Sure enough, on a recent snowfall, this thing left me with my jaw on the floor! I literally cleared not just mine, but both neighbors snow (front only) in 1/4 of the time it’d take me with a shovel. This thing is great, so glad I didnt buy just another snow shovel!

  22. Jimus

    I have six WORX tools with accessories for a couple of them. I’ m impressed with the versatility of them all. I purchased the Snow Plow for my Aerocart Wheelbarrow Yard Cart last month and the following weekend we had an eleven-inch snowfall. The next day I used it to successfully open paths in my yard and driveway. It was much easier than using a shovel.

    I recommend WORX tools because they work and are easily reconfigured to different configurations. They remind me of the Transformer toys but are much more useful.

  23. Tomt2161

    Bought this a few weeks back and while shipping was kind of slow it got here just in time to get tested out in a recent snow/ice storm. I was pleasantly surprised the I was able to get up some of the snow and ice from my driveway that not even my snowblower would get. Was able to use it to get my driveway almost completely snow/ ice free. Only major issue for me so that the coating on the blade seems to have been scratched or rubbed off from rubbing against the pavement, otherwise easy to use and definitely useful

  24. JPeezy

    I bought my Aerocart last summer and quickly began to maximize its potential. Its versatility is amazing. I have a long 100 ft drive way Inusually snow blow when we get a couple inches. The snow came down so wet and slushy last month I couldnt blow it. I had purchased the plow as a free bonus for the aerocart. So I hooked it up in just a few minutes I had it put together and installed and went to work. I split the driveway into thirds and cleared it in about an hour. Including side walk. No heavy lifting or straining. My wife tried it and said pushing snow is killer, but the plowing action saved our backs and made it fun!…highly recommend for older or overweight users. I am 44 and over 400lbs and the snow didnt slow me down. I look forward to the exercerise.

  25. dhagendas

    I used this just the other day. We had about a 4 inch snow, a fairly wet snow. It did move the snow but the plow built up the heavy snow rapidly and had to push snow to one side. I have a very long driveway and this was kind of tedious. I think it will work awesome on 1 to 2 inches of snow, otherwise I think my snowblower works better. I do believe for a quick snow removal for small areas like sidewalks and walkways it is quite adequate. I am still glad that I purchased this item especially for less snow.

  26. Mark V

    I was excited to get the shovel attachment to my newly purchased aero cart. I am mechanical and know to not over-tighten things, but when I attached the plastic shovel to the attachment bars one of the screws pulled through the plastic hole. If the product failed during assembly, I cannot imagine that it would have held up to any kind of resistance to even a moderate amount of snow or ice. Leverage/design-wise, it looked like it would work, however, the points of screw attachment were poorly designed.

  27. Michael_Ohio

    I received this about 2 weeks ago. It was very easy to assemble and the construction quality is excellent. It appears to be strong, but the proof of that will be in using it. Unfortunately, I have not yet had an opportunity to put it to the test and that is the only reason that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I will revisit this review after I have actually used the attachment and it has proven it’s worth. Based on the construction quality, I am confident that it will be all that I expect and more.

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