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WORX 20-volt Jobsite Blower (Tool Only)

17 Reviews
  • [COMPACT BUT POWERFUL] Designed specifically to clear out the shop, garage, worktables or worksite of dust and debris
  • [160 MPH] The airspeed and capability of a full-size leaf blower so you can clear larger areas when you need to
  • [SHARE BATTERIES, SAVE MONEY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products. (Battery and charger not included)


The Worx 20V Jobsite Blower is the right-sized tool for the job. With power comparable to full-size leaf blowers, but with 3 speeds and a compact form factor, it’s made to be used in smaller spaces than the backyard. Quickly clear off the floor of the shop or the worksite with up to 160 MPH of airspeed and 100 CFM of airflow, or dial it down a notch and clear off workbenches and tools. Turn it down even more for tight corners or underneath tables. This handheld blower weighs just about 2 pounds, so it’s easy to use, and it’s small (only 9 inches long), so it stores practically anywhere. Most of us get more done in a clean workshop or job site. And if you share either of those spaces, you can feel good about leaving it clear for the next person. Tools last longer when they’re cleaned of debris and sawdust, too. So this affordable cordless blower is a great investment in your entire tool collection. Put away the broom and heavy shop vac to make sweeping up the mess quicker and easier. A battery and charger aren’t included with this model. But it’s part of the Power Share platform, so you can use a 20V Power Share battery that you already own to operate this tool. We’re able to offer this air blower at a lower price since it doesn’t come with a battery, making it a cost-effective way to add to your tool collection.
  • [COMPACT BUT POWERFUL] Designed specifically to clear out the shop, garage, worktables or worksite of dust and debris
  • [160 MPH] The airspeed and capability of a full-size leaf blower so you can clear larger areas when you need to
  • [SHARE BATTERIES, SAVE MONEY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products. (Battery and charger not included)
  • [3 SPEEDS] Go between 11,000 and 18,000 rpms. Smaller, tighter areas require a lower speed so you don’t make a mess
  • [SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN] Easy to store, easy to grab and quickly clean up, easy to lift and easy to get into tighter, hard to reach spaces
  • [60-100 CFM] With 3 Cubic Feet per Minute settings, you have the airflow flexibility to clear off the whole floor of the shop or just the tops of the workbenches
Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 13.78 × 7.48 × 6.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. Carm66

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this blower a month ago, and it is much smaller than I envisioned. It is also not a very powerful blower for the money. That being said, it does the job I need it to do, and it is very light weight. I keep it in a bin on my deck, and I use it to blow off leaves and excess water from rain. I’ve also used it after mowing to blow debris from my driveway and patio. The blower is easily held in one hand, and it has enough power to clear grass and leaves and dirt around my property. The battery has only needed charging once since I bought it, and the blower still does the work expected. So I’m pleased with my purchase and would recommend this blower.

  2. gtravieso

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is the blower for everyday use. I use it to daily blow my patio terrace, I also use in the garage after finish any woodwork and to clean my tools.
    It’s is small but very powerful. I am not giving it 5 start because 2 issues I found.
    1) The blower takes air from the left side. That means that if you are a right handed, I can get close to you clothes and get stuck in the blower.
    2) When you pull the trigger to start the blower, it has a small delay between pulling the trigger and the start blowing process. It’s minimal, but gives you the sensation that the battery is dying or the blower doesn’t have enough power.

  3. Rods

    Not at all what I expected…this thing is tiny.!!..and the reason for the “up to 160 mph” rating is the 1″ tube the air comes out of..I should have paid more attension to the volume of air…oh well I’ll find a use for it…for small jobs. It’s kind of cool.

  4. ChiefHart

    I have leaf blowers, both backpack and hand held, and they do the job they are supposed to do. But to use them in a shop is overkill. So I introduce the WORX Shop Blower. This Share battery powered blower is a little devil. It is so handy size wise and it has great air output for cleaning up after sawing or sanding or what ever. I use mine to blow the dust and chips off my saws, and drills, and I use it to blow the grass off my mower before putting it back in my shed. I must repeat that this blower is compact and easy to use inside or outside to blow light stuff away. The tube is detachable if you want to make it smaller for storage. I use miune so often that I just leave the tube on the unit.

  5. Harry46

    This works great for clearing debris off my van and porch. It makes for fast cleaning. I used the highest speed setting (#3) for all the work. I was surprised the 20V 2Ahr battery last long enough to get the job done. The blower worked also worked great for cleaning the Worx small vacuum waste container and its hepa&metal filter. This sure beats using a broom on the porch or water hose on the van. All around, quicker and easier for work and cleanup. The slower speeds are great for blowing out dust and debris in areas too tight for a vacuum or where more blowing control is needed. The blower’s small size makes it easy to maneuver in tight areas. It is a well constructed solid tool. I’m glad I bought it!

  6. Rico Savvy

    I bought this leaf blower a month ago with 2 other purchases. I like all of them cause they’re easy to handle, sturdy and lightweight and simply WORX for all the specific tasks to be done.

  7. JulesC

    I bought this a couple of months ago, but wanted to use it for a bit before reviewing it. I must admit that I wasn’t expecting it to be as small as it is, but its power makes up for its size. It’s small and lightweight, but is perfect for blowing leaves, dirt, cobwebs, etc out of my garage, as well as for cleaning off my front porch and patio. I’ve even used it to blow
    leaves out of my flower beds.

  8. HandyManny

    HI, this little blower has some power to it. Lightweight for sure, ideally useful for light blowing debris. Bought as an add on to my 2 Work 20V trimmers. I already have 4 20v batteries so the bare tool option was fantastic. Currently use a gas leaf blower, Corded leaf Vacuum and a Heavy Duty Dewalt 60v blower as my main blowers. My grass trimmers are WORX and work GREAT

  9. SBwell

    This compact blower was designed for the RVer and Camper in mind. It folds down to a very small footprint making it very easy and compact to take with you. Use it to blow leaves from your campsite, clean off sand and even the tops of your RV and awnings! The shareable battery makes it a perfect compliment to the compact vacuum.. check that out too

  10. Carl W

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Got this a couple weeks ago and VERY pleased. Good battery life and powerful for a little guy. Considering taking to the golf course to use on the greens to clear way for putting! Would definitely recommend. Only thing I’d change would be to have the air intake on the other side of unit so it doesn’t suck my pant leg into the vent. Just nitpicking.

  11. Rickbo

    This little blower is fantastic I know work says it’s a shop Blower but I use it for yardwork also it blows leaves with ease and even small gravel and the adjustable speed is nice for blowing leaves out of my mulch beds while I blow in the mulch I would highly recommend this little blower it’s very powerful for his little size

  12. Tailwind

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We have had this for about a month and like the smaller size, just as powerful as the next size up. Works great blowing the pollen off my wraparound porch. the battery is quite powerful. The 3 speeds make it nice to adjust around more delicate items. We have had many WORX tolls over the years and they have held up nicely!

  13. Mister Karl

    Oh I like this. I have the larger leaf and blower but for small jobs like my patio and front door, they get debris most every day from wind. This little bad boy fixes that quick. And for my bug zapper; it needs blowing every day. a few seconds that too is done. This paid for itself within 10 minutes of use to me.

  14. DaveSp

    Finally found the perfect blower that my wife can, and does, handle for the collection of leaves and dirt that gather on our backyard concrete patio area. Easy to operate, 3 speed motor, and light weight so she can handle with ease. Thank you WORX. My fifth product purchased within the last 7 years.

  15. Rickbo

    I have had this small blower for three weeks now and I love it very small very lightweight but unbelievably powerful with the 4.0 battery I can do my front porch my entire driveway and have power to spare it blows grass leaves and small gravel yes I would recommend this and yes I would buy it again

  16. Scout70

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is my second purchase of the 20V Worx cordless shop blower. I liked my previous purchase of the blower so much that I bought two more for house warming gifts. The tool is light weight but has a lot of power for its size. Good for blowing leaves and debris off of porch and patio.

  17. Roadking9800

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Well, while it is convenient to use and the blowing speed is adjustable which is it’s best feature, the blowing power is not as strong as the larger models Worx offers. So if you’re looking for a small, hand held blower that is used for cleaning smaller areas, it is excellent.

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