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WORX 6 Ah Lithium Ion (li-ion) Battery

29 Reviews
  • The WORX 6.0 Ah 20V battery delivers up to triple the run time of our standard 2.0 Ah batteries
  • Delivers gas-like power and performance with none of the hassle or emissions of gas-powered tools
  • Compact, lightweight, and efficient, the 6.0Ah battery charges quicker and lasts longer


Your 20V WORX Power Share tools. Now with even more power. Our most powerful WORX battery yet, the 6.0 Ah MaxLithium battery offers up to triple the run time of our standard 2.0 Ah battery. Part of the WORX Power Share platform, our 6.0 Ah battery is compatible with all WORX 20V Power Share power tools and garden tools. Efficient MaxLithium technology offers gas-like power and performance with none of the hassle and emissions.
  • The WORX 6.0 Ah 20V battery delivers up to triple the run time of our standard 2.0 Ah batteries
  • Delivers gas-like power and performance with none of the hassle or emissions of gas-powered tools
  • Compact, lightweight, and efficient, the 6.0Ah battery charges quicker and lasts longer
  • Part of the WORX 20V Power Share platform, share batteries with any of our WORX 20V power tools or lawn and garden tools
  • Share batteries, save money
Weight 1.76 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.54 × 9.65 in

Latest reviews

  1. Pop491631

    Bought this a month ago. Lots of long look asting power. With the 6 ah quick charger, it re charges in l.j ess than an hour. My blower on high,sucks up the power. Used 2 batterys before. Not now. Finish and with power to spare.

  2. NY_Engineer

    I bought this extra battery for the snowblower and ended using this battery and the original 4.0 Ah battery to complete the job. This battery lasted longer than the original so I am happy.

    Just a word of advice. Never charge these batteries when it’s below freezing! Always warm them up so that the core is near room temperature before you drop them into the charger. I destroyed many rechargeable batteries without knowing why and blamed the manufacturer for a poor quality product. Once I took the charger inside house and warmed up a cold battery before I begin charging them, I got good life out of them.

  3. Captain Megawatt

    I purchased two units accidentally, and ended up with an extra battery. Because of the size and overall rate, thought this would be helpful due to my personal physical limitations. As an engineer, I have dealt with battery life issues in medical devices so I recognize when something has been overlooked in the design phase of a product. If you only need to use the blower for less than 30 minutes and need something light, then perhaps you will appreciate the unit more that I. If you have an hour or more of clearing ahead of you, either invest in a gas powered unit or stick with a steadily corded blower. Expect more downtime while waiting for the other batteries to fully charge.

  4. diy Joe USMC Ret

    The 6 Ah will definitely last longer than 1 AH but don’t expect 6 hours of continuous work. The useful life is projected at one year but it does not identify charges or recharges. The useful life is more likely governed by the number of times the battery is discharged and recharged and not the date on a calendar. The entry point for this battery is above average but it will work out satisfactorily if the useful life is more than 2 seasons. The chain saw that uses this battery runs well but has a limited runtime of approximately 3 hours once fully charged.

  5. Scott93

    Two of these came with a worx lawn mower I got brand new this year. I’ve mowed 3 times for about 30 minutes each, with a charge in between each to not fully drain the battery. Already, one of the battery packs is totally inoperable and will not charge – it is completely bricked. Either I was sold a faulty product or these batteries have extremely poor longevity and reliability. At this price point to replace, that’s incredibly disappointing.

  6. JimDinFl

    Purchased the 6.0 ah battery to use primarily with the tree trimmer I also recently bought. I put a full charge on the battery bed the first use. Not only did it provide great power to the unit, but lasted nearly 2 hours of tree trimming with enoudnergy left to use in the weed eater to clear half acre of yard with multiple trees and significant wood fencing. Could not have asked better of the battery!!

  7. TheBigFantastic

    I bought this battery to run with my MakerX tools. It is great, I don’t really have to worry about running out of power while I’m working on a project. I got the fast charger to go with it which helps with a speedy recharge. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s worth it not having to stop while a battery has to recharge.

  8. Robyn1976

    I bought this battery for added zoom and I’m so glad I did. I bought this with my quick charge. More power than using standard battery. Very impressive. We have a lot to weed eat and this did the job! I was even able to use my blower on the same battery with juice left over. I’m impressed and my yard looks terrific!!!!

  9. Alexia337

    I bought a pair of these batteries as replacements for my 40V hydro shot power washer a month ago and I am very happy with it. These batteries are heavy and sturdy and are very long last and powerful in terms of performance. It has more than 3x longer time than the original 20v 2.0Ah batteries.

  10. Cosmo1952

    I’ve got a JawSaw & the new Worx Power Washer & love the idea that I won’t be running out of battery too early in the job like the standard batteries!
    Yes, a bit spendy, but my time is worth $ & if I’m down in the woods, nice I don’t have to hike up back to the garage for another battery.

  11. 1st Clicker

    Used this the day after I received it with a Jawsaw & String Trimmer. I used the Jawsaw cleaning up large fallen branches & my wife was using the trimmer. She was waiting for the trimmer to cut off (as with the 1.5 Ah) & was surprised it kept going. We both are over 85!

  12. Sheripres

    I bought two of them for the snowblower, but no snow has fallen since I got them. So, I put it in my leaf blower. Trick is, you can’t immediately switch to high or it won’t work. If you put it on slow, then high, it is awesome! Can’t wait to use on my Hydroshot!

  13. MommaB

    I am so happy I bought this battery. It gives me the power to cut heavy grass and I don’t have to change batteries as often as I was with my small battery.

  14. Elliot27

    What a great addition to my Worx tool collection. The 6.0 AH battery last so much longer than the 2.0’s that I can continue working, switch tools without worrying battery life. I’ll be buying another 6.0 soon for my tools that require two batteries.

  15. Sammy2020

    I bought this battery a month ago for renovating my attic. I couldn’t believe how long it last. Every day I’m thinking it will run out. It’s been a week now without recharging. Cutting 2×4’s and plywood at least 40 cuts a day. What a pleasure.

  16. Drew32

    I bought this a week ago and I was excited to use it. Was not disappointed with results. I didn’t have to keep changing batteries. The one battery lasted me the whole day. Switching from tool to tool battery levels were still good.

  17. chefik

    Bought a cordless mower, after one year the battery died completely and could not be recharged. Fantastic mower, just no worth it having to buy a new battery every year that costs as much as a third of the initial purchase price

  18. Grannysyard

    I bought this recently and wish I had a few more. I have a big yard, lots of work to do. It has a longer run time so don’t need to carry extra batteries to switch out as often. I wish all my batteries were 6.0 now.

  19. KG123

    This battery lets me to the entire hard and use the blower for the entire driveway. Before I would have to use 2 different smaller batteries and wait while they charges. Highly recommended if you have a big yard.

  20. Twohandy12

    Of all the different cordless tools I have I perfer to use the ones with the longest run time and the Worx 6.0Ah is exactly what I use. If I were able to have all my batteries being 6.0 I’d trade them all in.

  21. Like your mower

    I bought an extra battery for a nitro mower so I could mow my yard without having to recharge the batteries that were included when I purchased the mower. I highly recommend buying the more powerful battery.

  22. RN2654cm

    Barely holds the battery charge. I could buy a whole new blower with battery for the same price as a new battery. I love my blower but am disappointed with the battery. I don’t even have a huge yard

  23. Anonymous

    Purchased two for my mower to use instead of 5.0 batteries. I try to mow half my yard at a time and didn’t have to stop to charge with these. The 5.0 batteries would die after about 1/3 of my yard done.

  24. Darian1718

    The battery life on these are terrible. Makes me feel like I wasted my money on these. It goes dead in less than 30 minutes. I just went to cut the grass and it went dead after 20 minutes literally.

  25. Ubwhereiis

    My husband is getting this for Christmas, shhhh, and I am so excited about the battery pack. It will last much longer than a normal battery which makes it great for when we go hunting and camping.

  26. Lakeside Bill

    My only concern was that you can not use a typical power share charger,and the ones listed From battery sheet were discontinued. Word did help me highlight a charger I already had that would work

  27. Irate Taurus

    I am 82 years old and my work limit used to be until I ran down two batteries. Now, with this 6 AH, I run down well before it does. Nice not to need to carry around a couple of spare batteries.

  28. Chris1972

    I bought this last month and it seemed to have lasted three times longer than the other 2amp batteries. It was great not having to change out my batteries as often. Definitely a great buy!

  29. Chairforce

    Have two of these for a Sandeck random orbit and can go two hours of constant use on a charge. Two of these batteries gets me through an entire project-most recently a 25X12 deck refinish

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