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WORX POWER SHARE 20-volt 12-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer Edger Capable (1-Battery Included)

20 Reviews
  • [3-TOOLS-IN-1] Easily transforms from a precision string trimmer, into a powerful in-line wheeled edger, into a nimble mini-mower
  • [AUTOMATIC FRESH LINE] Proprietary Command Feed™ tech lets you add more line as needed, just by pushing a button, so you don’t have to stop and can get the job done quicker
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family


Changing the game of lawn care, 1 yard at a time, the GT Revolution is 3 lawn manicuring tools in 1. Converts almost instantly from a trimmer, to an in-line wheeled edger, to a mini-mower, so you get a professional-looking lawn that’s easier to maintain and costs less time and money. This is so much more than a weed-eater. It’s a Revolution. At less than 6 lbs., and with a telescoping shaft, and 7 handle and 6 rotating head positions, almost anyone, of any height, can comfortably use the Revolution. The shaft is a full foot longer than the original GT, and the grips are ergonomically designed to give the user a firm handle on each of the 3 functions. And when you want to switch from trimmer to edger to mini-mower, it’s just a push of a button and a turn of the head. No tools needed. It’s powerful, too. Spinning at 7600 revs/min, and running on the same 20-Volt 4.0 Ah Powershare battery that powers our chainsaws, the GT makes nice, clean cuts. And the patented Command Feed system gives you fresh line whenever you feel you need it-no bumping or auto-feed. And with an extra spool holder right on the handle, if you do run out of line in the field, you can just pop in your extra spool without a trip back to the shed.
  • [3-TOOLS-IN-1] Easily transforms from a precision string trimmer, into a powerful in-line wheeled edger, into a nimble mini-mower
  • [AUTOMATIC FRESH LINE] Proprietary Command Feed™ tech lets you add more line as needed, just by pushing a button, so you don’t have to stop and can get the job done quicker
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family
  • [FIND YOUR POSITION] 7 handle adjustments and 6 rotating head settings make this a comfortable and flexible tool you can use all afternoon and in many hard to reach places
  • [LONGER AND STRONGER] An entire foot longer than the last version of the WORX GT, with a motor running at 7600 revolutions/min, so you can find the right length, then power through your chores
  • [BIGGER BATTERY] The 4.0 Ah Powershare battery has twice the runtime of the battery that used to come with this model, so you can trim, edge and mini-mow more
  • [INCLUDES] 20V Trimmer AND Edger, 20V 4.0ah Battery, 2A Charger, 10’ Spool, Spool Holder, Edger Wheels
Weight 10.36 lbs
Dimensions 37.2 × 7.91 × 5.67 in

Latest reviews

  1. Ms Jonz

    Enjoy both my newer model Trimmer/Edger/MiniMower. Appreciate the all in one and no need to haul multiple tools back and forth!!! The MiniMower doesn’t mow as well tho!!! Can I send the very old models back (I have 2) for discounts?

  2. Elle E Mae

    I decided to purchase the works Revolution string trimmer, mini mower about three weeks ago. I am very glad I did because my old trimmer was so heavy and I had to lug around a cord that messed up the accuracy of my trimming. This trimmer is so functional with its many features and I can use it with ease. I never have to worry about a cord or my arm is getting tired. Once I had a problem with the string sticking to itself and I had to keep fixing that aspect however I think it was due to badly rolled or bad string. I would definitely recommend this product to a family member or a friend. I like the versatility of being able to attach the wheel when I want it and leave it off when I don’t. I feel very satisfied with my purchase.

  3. Bosgood

    I purchased a the product over a year ago, with my first product the unit cracked at the handle, rendering the unit useless. Contacted support last summer and they replaced the unit. The replacement unit was used last fall and this spring and has also cracked at the handle and been rendered useless. This product does not have durability and will break. I do not recommend wasting money on something that is obvious why they only have a year warranty as it only lasts a year.

  4. Constbud1

    Just poor quality…the twin is garbage and splits shreds…it’s a coil type not straight line..WORST of all the blade to cut the line failed…the screw to hold it in is there but the spring steel cutter itself is MIA. Shatterd into pieces..poor quality stuff…yes lightweight and like the twist feature to use wheels…

  5. Gtech

    This is my 2nd Worx string trimmer. I love the light weight and the long lasting battery. The one feature that brought me back for a 2nd trimmer was the wheels that make trimming down my driveway and sidewalk so easy and precise. My neighbors (except the one beside me that also has a Worx trimmer) turn their trimmers sideways to try and trim their driveways and sidewalks. The result is a chopped, uneven appearance that makes an otherwise pretty lawn look less polished. Also, customer support is excellent. Worx reps have consistently gotten back with me, have been friendly and helpful, and seem committed to make sure I’m satisfied.

  6. Capes

    I haven’t even used this yet, because my old GT-151 just keeps working.
    What I never liked about it though, and all the electric trimmers, is not having
    a manual line advance. I had a Black&Decker from the 80’s that had it, and it was great.
    But, when it broke, B&D had stopped making it, and I bought my first Worx.
    I like that Worx went back to the twist-lock system on the shaft, but I think the handle
    position lock button is not as handy as the squeeze bar on the older models.
    I just hope that when I put it in to service, the line advance system works as good
    as my old B&D. One thing I can say for sure is; ” I HATE overpowered gas trimmers!”

  7. Elaine F

    Had purchased 2 older model units and after over 10 years of use, the cost of new batteries and a failed charger, I was forced to make a decision to purchase new parts or a new line trimmer. A new line trimmer won out and am I happy with the 40V unit! It whipped through the field grass like nothing and it was easy to assemble and use. Had much more power than the older trimmer and lasted much longer so I was able to do edging and trimmed the entire perimeter of my 1 acre lot on one charge. Love the newer version and happy to have made the decision to purchase a new unit for a slight bit more than what the parts for the older one would have cost.

  8. BarbOB

    I had a gas weed eater and I hated using it! It was SO HEAVY and hard to start and advancing the line……….so difficult!

    I bought the 20V Power Share GT Revolution 12″ 4.0Ah String Trimmer about a month ago and I LOVE IT!!!!! It is battery powered, it starts right up, it is SO LIGHT, and the line is SO EASY to advance!

    I loved it so much that I bought a 20V POWER SHARE TURBINE CORDLESS TWO SPEED LEAF BLOWER two weeks later!

    The leaf blower is PERFECT for me! I have an electric blower, but I’m attached by a cord. This blower is so light and easy to use! Best of all, now I have TWO batteries!


  9. The Bird Guy

    The fact that this trimmer is very light weight, and exceptionally easy to adjust to different uses and heights of people, makes it a tool you should own. The wheels really make trimming grass along my 200 ft of sidewalk and all around my lawns that I trim every week allows this 79 year old landscaper to walk along with the trimmer without having to worry about needing to hold the trimmer head to the right height that always used to kills my back with the old trimmers I’ve been using for the last 50 years. No more bald spots or bad nicks in the edge anymore. I get a real nice clean edge with very little effort. Where has this tool been all of my life.

  10. SargeM2

    After retiring, I decided I wanted yard tools that were effective, light weight, and could reduce the need for gas, oil, and cumbersome string changes. Well, this tool, somehow checks all the boxes. The edger is (as mentioned in the subject line) AMAZING. Kudos to the Worx engineers and designers. Im not sure of the run time, as I have never come close to running out of energy. I do my yard, and my sister in laws yard, and when I return to the charger I still have 2/3 power.
    All of the tools in this series are lightweight, and more than efficient for the homeowner seeking to maintain landscaping.

    Highly recommended.

  11. Shaky Jake

    I have Parkinson’s, so I have lost some of the dexterity in my hands. This made operating a corded string trimmer while hauling around an extension cord challenging. I researched battery-powered grass trimmers and chose the Worx GT Revolution. Cutting the cord has been liberating! It is lightweight, so it is easy to use, and it has sufficient power to trim our 1/3 acre yard. And while replacing the spool on our old trimmer was a clumsy challenge, I can change the spool on my Worx trimmer even with my shaky hands. The spool cap pops right off, and it is easy to thread the string. Thanks for making such a well-designed product!

  12. Kai Yu

    I bought this trimmer as a replacement for the original model I purchased about 10-11 years ago. Unlike the prior model, this updated version has more power, a battery level indicator, auto line feeder feature, and even more versatility. I was able to trim and edge my entire yard and still had two green lights left on the battery. Unlike the prior version, the string did not break every few minutes of use, so I assume it is of better quality. Today was my first use of the new model and look forward to using it again. I have purchase several Worx products over the years, and find them to be of good quality and very reliable.

  13. Jews

    I bought this trimmer two years ago.I liked it so much I bought a second one a few months ago to be sure I would always have one. It trims it mows it can cut under things like a small mower.You can adjust the height of it you can adjust the head when your trimming you can put wheels on it to trim around side walk or drive way. Battery life is very good on either size battery of course the bigger the battery the better,the longer it runs can’t go wrong with eithersize I personally like the bigger one for more running time. You get life time trimmer string. Wish I knew you wanted pictures just got done cleaning it and it’s in it home in the shed.I love Worx produtcs!!

  14. Jon 357

    I bought this to replace my old WORX String Trimmer. Who ever designed the push button to advance the string should re-think this, because my has not worked since the day I starting using it. This button does absolutely nothing!!! So to advance the string if it does not itself I have to take the cap off and pull the string out to advance it and then put the cap back on. Also, the shaft to turn to trim and then edge is so stiff that you can hardly turn it. Did anyone lubricate this before they assembled it???? This is definitely not a revolution but a sub-standard product and not as good as the Old WORX trimmer I had.

  15. Nic12

    I’ve had the trimmer a little over a month and used it about 4 times now. The battery life far exceeded my expectations. Operating the trimmer is relatively easy. The only complaint I have are the string spools and how difficult they can be to continue to use if the string breaks off completely. If that happens your better off just getting a new spool because the string will continue to break no matter how many times you “fix it” and reposition the string in the trimmer head. I would also like to see different spool options with stronger or thicker strings. Maybe even detachable head devices, just a suggestion .

  16. Joyce70

    I got this about a month ago and at first wasn’t able to try it because of a surgery I had. After I recovered I was able to use the light and completely adjustable trimmer for the first time. I have to say I was very impressed by it! It does the job that I need it to do and then some when it tackles the tough weeds around the house we have in the country here. Taking one even the ones that have stalk like stems! It was really amazing the work it did for me. This was the best purchase in a rechargeable trimmer I have ever made and would definitely recommend to anyone. Plan to buy other tools to go with it.

  17. MaroonLagoon

    I bought this about a month ago in May 2020. It did a good job on the high grass. Telescopic feature difficult, but does extend 15 inches. I think the problem is it catches on the 3 holes in the metal telescopic rod. We didn’t see these holes on the You Tube videos showing how to extend the trimmer. I recommend ear protection and eye, face protection. I haven’t used the edging feature yet. The mower mode didn’t work well for the high grass, but swinging the trimmer back and forth off the ground to cut the high grass did. I had to wait until the area was dry before I could whack the high grass.

  18. GreenMtnVT

    Bought this a few weeks ago and use it primarily for grass trimming as a mini mower and occasionally without wheels. Trims grass good, reasonably lightweight, appears rugged enough so far. Instructions could have been written much better. Unable to pull twist & turn the head component to switch between trim and edge functions. Battery is difficult to install or take off. Trimmer mini mower is very awkward for a right handed person and seems set up for a left handed person. Should be able to pivot the handle from side to side as well as up and down. Definitely room for many design improvements.

  19. Classic53

    I bought this to replace one that finally wore out. It is a nice product. Better than the one I had before and expect it to last a long time past warranty. There is one thing I will mention and it’s not necessarily the product but the string. It doesn’t seem to be strong enough. I have to press the button quite often. My primary use is edging and trimming around trees, shrubs and play equipment. I think the string should be stronger. It’s good that two spools came with the product. It’s better, at this point, that life time string/spools are available. Other than this I really like the product.

  20. galongi

    I usually don’t write reviews until at least one year has gone by in order to give a full review. This tool is amazing: the battery life is long, it is light and easy to manage, and not once has the string bound up – and I use it a lot!! The only problem I had is when setting it up in the vertical position to edge the lawn, the wheel comes off a little too easily. However, this tool is like the Energizer Bunny – it just keeps going and going and going and doing an excellent job. If this tool is an example of the quality of other Worx tools, then all my future purchases will be a Worx product.

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