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WORX POWER SHARE 20-volt 12-in Telescopic Cordless String Trimmer and Edger Capable (Battery Included)

29 Reviews
  • [TRIMMER AND EDGER IN ONE] Save time and money with this cordless string trimmer and edger 2-in-1. There’s no need to buy a separate edger
  • [CONVERTS IN SECONDS] Just pull the head and the shaft away from each other and twist to turn your trimmer into an edger and back again
  • [AUTO LINE FEED] Fresh line is just a button push away, so you’ll always make clean cuts and have deep, straight edges


The 12” – 20V Grass Trimmer and Edger from Worx is the way to step up your lawn. This convenient 2-in-1 saves you the cost of buying a separate edger, and the included 20V Li-ion battery can be used to power other cordless Worx PowerShare tools. But the savings and flexibility isn’t worth it if the tool doesn’t perform. Never fear, this trimmer/edger combo has the power and modern tech to leave your lawn looking crisp and clean. The energy-efficient motor spins at 8500 revs/minute, tearing through grass and dirt for long, straight lines. And the spool that comes with this tool is wound with the patented DNA2 DoubleHelix line, featuring its oval-shaped design that reduces drag and withstands snapping. This trimmer is cordless, so you can travel around the yard without getting snagged or having to stay close to an outlet. And it’s much cleaner, quieter, and less expensive to operate than a gas-powered tool. The 12” cutting diameter is wide enough to quickly trim over large patches of grass, yet it’s nimble enough to trim between trees, bushes and other landscaping elements. And at only 5.5 lbs with the battery installed, it’s light enough for anyone to take it out for a spin.
  • [TRIMMER AND EDGER IN ONE] Save time and money with this cordless string trimmer and edger 2-in-1. There’s no need to buy a separate edger
  • [CONVERTS IN SECONDS] Just pull the head and the shaft away from each other and twist to turn your trimmer into an edger and back again
  • [AUTO LINE FEED] Fresh line is just a button push away, so you’ll always make clean cuts and have deep, straight edges
  • [PIVOTING HEAD] Tilts up to 90° so you can get under bushes and trim on sloped land much easier than with other trimmers
  • [TELESCOPIC SHAFT] Extends to accommodate taller users, then collapses back down. Also makes it easy to store in the off-season
  • [ADJUSTABLE HANDLE] Find a comfortable working position for your hands, and gain leverage when trimming in hard-to-reach areas
  • [FLOWER GUARD] Protect plants and lawn decorations with this adjustable spacer guard. Get right to the edge for a close trim without having to worry about nicking anything accidentally
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [INCLUDES] 20V String Trimmer, 20V MaxLithium Battery, Trimmer Spool, 20V Battery Charger, Support Wheels, Safety Guard, Flower Gaurd
Weight 8.93 lbs
Dimensions 37.2 × 5.98 × 7.8 in

Latest reviews

  1. GC12

    Recently upgraded my original cordless string trimmer/edger. Many upgraded features such as longer lasting battery, additional string holder, etc. It also appears to be sturdier. One thing that is supposed to be an upgrade, but does not work as well is the grip handle. On the old one, the release to adjust the grip is right on the handle itself where you can squeeze and adjust it with no effort. The new style has a separate button on the side of the handle, which makes it tricky to do with one hand. Also, the grip handle position constantly clicks/readjusts while using the trimmer. It appears the locking mechanism for it is not very secured.

  2. Bawamba

    I have 2+ full seasons on this trimmer and have been very pleasantly surprised. The trimmer is light weight and uses thin line, so I had low expectations. I trim about 200′ of chain link fence, at least 300′ along gardens and patios and edge both sides of a 60′ driveway and 30′ sidewalk. Of the numerous trimmers I have owned over the years, this is easily my favorite. The line advances better than any trimmer, or add on trim head, I have ever seen. Very important with chain link fence! The spools are small. I have purchased extras. I rewind my own and carry one in my pocket. They change out quickly with no tools. The edger function alone is worth the price.

  3. Neeraj

    I have used various electric and gas trimmers in the last 25 years. Gas trimmers require major maintenance at the start of every season. The trimmer string rolls are not reliable either. They tend to fall off. Electric trimmers are cheap but they are complete disaster. The cord gets in the way of trimming all the time. Both these kinds are not good with edging. I have a decent collection of these trimmers.

    I decided to go with WORX cordless trimmer. It completely surprised me. It is a breeze to trim or edge with this tool. The charge lasts for my entire backyard without charging. It is a perfect tool for anyone.

  4. Greggeez

    The line guide in my old trimmer was kind of curved so where I aim was exactly where I’m trimming or edging. This new one is off by a few inches so I’m playing a guessing game. And I don’t like the twist to lock extension. Total disappointment compared to the trimmer/edger I’ve had for years.If it’s not broke dint fix it. And the blade came of already (little razor to cut off excess string) do now its just shredding and not trimming properly

  5. Mary Jean

    I purchased the Worx 20V WG162 trimmer and it worked perfectly. I also ordered a package of trimmer line at the same time. When the spool included with the trimmer ran out, I put on one of the spares. It has not worked ever siince. It will not feed the line automatically and will not feed manually. I have to take it apart each time to feed the line. This is unacceptable and I would like to return the product. Unfortunately, I no longer have the box it came in. This problem needs to be addressed. I would like my money BACK. A shame, as I originally LOVED the product.

  6. tflinn45

    Best weed trimmer/edger a person can buy. My dad has one of these and I figured it was time for me to stop borrowing his and just buy one.

  7. Me myself and Whoever

    The auto cord feed is an upgrade that made me want to purchase . Lightweight too. I’m elderly and it’s easy to use .(71 yrs)

  8. ssexxy

    Just have a question is there a way to fix the orange piece thats come apart the the worx it like grass is under there

  9. Sandi21

    I’ve purchased 3 trimmers. The first one is still working great. Sent with one of my kids of at college. Second one had multiple defects. Worx sent a replacement only because it was under a year old. Worx was great. I purchased a chainsaw may 2021. Not sure when I actually received in the mail. I used it once with some issues. I figured it was a learning curve, but got the small jobs done. Yesterday, I used it again. Total flop. Calling today about the chain flying off. Unable to cut a 1.5” diameter tree branch. Probably won’t be purchasing anymore Worx products.

  10. Mcluving

    I bought this product a couple of days ago.

    I was happy that I finally found a cordless trimmer with a smaller footprint. The push button line feed was a bonus too.

    When I opened the box, ( bought during lockdown, so I couldn’t see the product first) I was disappointed to see that the ACTUAL product was 2 inches lager than advertised.

    Additionally, there is no push button feed. Despite the fact that the description clearly showed and said there was.

    These aren’t necessarily deal breakers, however more accurate descriptions would be appreciated.

  11. Gordog

    purchased long ago a great tool, I will purchase another if the one I have ever stops working! I have used it around the house 3/4 acre lot, at some hunting property 120 acres by cabin, gates, & trees. recharging the batteries as needed have never had a battery wear out. also use at 50+ acre farm around 40×80 pole barn, driveway, trees, entry gate & culvert by road on larger weeds. I have 3 batteries. I have owned 3 other battery trimmers different brands, 2 gas trimmers & 2 cord trimmers.This is by far the best trimmer I have owned with the use I give it.

  12. biff

    I’ve had this trimmer for a little more than a year. The trimmer works great for edging and is okay for light duty weed wacking but would probably not do the job a gas trimmer would do on heavy or dense weeds or grass.The biggest problem is the very small string line. It is subject to breaking off around the roll. It almost looks like it melts, but that is not the case as I’ve tried leaving them in the fridge. You have to remove the roll get a knife and try to unstick the line and pull it out. I have had to do this with almost every roll of string. If anyone has an idea on how to correct this problem please let me know as it is very aggravating. Maybe that’s why the string is free for life (not shipping) or til its discontinued.)

  13. Meatgraderman

    I bought this a couple weeks ago and have used it a few times to edge and it does a great job. I did put a different manufacturers string on my spool and it works great. The string feeds well and my edger/trimmer makes very nice edges along the driveway. Hard to get a perfect edge along my curb because it’s rounded but that’s no fault of the edger/trimmer. Battery life has been right around 20 minutes of continuous use which will do my edge work three different times. Works ok for a weed eater but i’ve not used it but just a minute to try it out. My intended use is for the edge feature which i’m definitely pleased. I used to edge with my weed eater turned sideways but i couldn’t get nothing near the results as i have with this Worx product.

  14. Mary yard

    I bought this item last year and it lasted all year and it is going to be my go to again this year! With being in my early 60’s and my husband unable to do not much of all due to
    his health.. this weed eater REALLY helps me out!! I want our yard to be nice without
    counting on other people and it keeps me in shape and I all ways have a smile when I look out and see the complete work done. Thank you for making a tool that is not to heavy and does a lot. I only wish it was a little stronger for the heavier weeds. But it is a great product.

  15. mauimike

    Upon the very first use of this string trimmer, I noticed the spool releasing too much line as soon as it made contact with the grass, automatically. In other words, it’s as if the “command feed” button is always being pressed/activated. Obviously, this resulted in a TERRIBLE CUT!!! Constant shortening/cutting of the string was necessary to keep an appropriate lenght for a half decent cut….rediculous!!! Thus, this trimmer is basically useless! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED! Two good things: it’s lightness and power… I give that 5 stars!

  16. Cnesbit03

    This trimmer/edger is an awesome new addition to my yard tools. The fact that this trimmer is cordless is a huge advantage when trying to cover the large area of my yard including being able to go under the deck without the limitation of a cord. The battery is long-lasting and not an issue to complete a full yard of work. The ability to turn the head makes it convenient when working up against our fence and the base of the house. This trimmer is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver while also being really powerful and efficient.

  17. Penny3

    I bought a WG160 5 years ago. It’s been a great tool for me. Still works – but the plastic cover over the line roll broke. I am not disappointed that it happened though. 5 years for a lightweight trimmer is good life. I take care of our yard plus a rental that I have, so it has not been gently used. Very impressed. Ordering a replacement WG162. Greatly appreciate the string for life. I mean it doesn’t get any better than that. I needed a blowers and ordered one of those earlier in the spring. It’s a great product also.
    Thanks Worx.

  18. BHill5960

    I had just bought this trimmer/edger used it one day with no problems. Then when I had to use it again the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. It would only work or run for a minute or so at a time. when I put it battery on the charger is would say it is fully charge, but the battery it self said that it needed a charge. So I call the Worx support line to see what I should do? I had gotten ahold of a support person and she was very helpful and I will be getting a new battery for my new WORX weed trimmer. Glad they back their products.

  19. Ranger2Bob

    This is what got me hooked on worx! Can’t believe all the great features, the add on wheel hold your height distance when using it as a mower in small areas. The wheel can be side mounted so you can rotate the head to edge. A push of a bottom advances the line. It carries spare spools. Every thing is adjustable, the head will fold back the handle folds back and the length will close up to the smallest, lightest and most powerful weed wacker. With the 4ah battery it will out last me. I went on to buy all of the worx yard tools.

  20. Seeetthing

    I dearly love this Trimmer/edger w/battery best money i ever spent. I am a elderly lady and i can now trim & edger with this tool and have no problem. Those wheels on the trimmer or so good i have a perfect edge along my driveway every time and all I do is roll it don’t have to carry it. Also having spools of line just pop one in when empty pop out no dealing with string to wind. This is a perfect tool. I bought a second one just incase my present one goes out or they quit making them i never want to be without it.

  21. emac

    I bought this about a month ago and haven looked back. l I bought my first Worx trimmer in 2012 and it is still going. The main thing I noticed about the trimmer and edger is that it is like I helped design it. EVERYTHING that was wrong with the first one is not only fixed but highly improved So much easier to use . Fantastic tool and really enjoy using it. Now I am waiting for the hedge trimmer to come back into
    stock so that I can purchase it. You will not be sorry if you purchase this tool.

  22. Chrisdependsonworx

    I’ve owned alot of trimmers and edgers (mostly gas powered), i made the jump across to battery and am extremely happy. the battery life on the 20V is long and can do my entire 1 acre property and the accuracy of the edger has been great. My cul de sac hasn’t looked better. I’ve also noticed that i don’t go through the line nearly as quickly as i did with other brands. Very good and versatile product. Highly recommended this and any of WORX tools. I’m now looking at the pressure washer. 🙂

  23. Jim012147

    Have had one of these in the past, had extra batteries. Price was better than anyplace around. This trimmer is used for grass only.

  24. MelP

    I have had my trimmer for a few years and it worked wonders! I love it! Then all of a sudden it just stopped working…The batteries are fully charged and when I connect it, the trimmer just will not power on anymore… I double checked the battery quality and even placed them in the tree trimmer and that works fine. My question is… Is there a warranty on this or a process I can go through to get this fixed or do I need to purchase another trimmer now ?

  25. Jeproks

    Ive been using this trimmer at least twice a month. Yesterday, my wife used it and she was just having fun using it as I watched her, then suddenly it stops cutting. I checked it and it seems it was stuck due to grass around the shaft where the plastic fan is. SO I CLEANED IT, BUT STILL WOULD NOT RUN!! SOS, need help. Wife says she’s just starting to have fun doing the chores!!! LOL!! Please help!! Thank you!! Is this the end of life for this trimmer???

  26. WentzDaSuperbowl

    Trimmer’s weight is a back saver if you have a bad back. Enough power to do a half acre fenced lot, walk way, driveway and decking of pool. Easy to use and change trimmer setting. Highly recommend for home use. The battery just lasts to do one trimming of the property, so have both fully charged. Question will be whether the batteries last for a few years. This is not a commercial tool and does not have power of a gas trimmer.. Set proper expectations.

  27. GrassGuy

    I bought this trimmer (WG162) about a month and a half ago. It’s frustratingly inadequate as a grass trimmer. It easily bogs down while trimming common lawn grass due to the lack of power and the single strand of line. Having to ‘baby’ this tool just increases the time it takes to complete the task. The edging rollers aren’t really useful – easier to just hold the trimmer where you need it. Same for the flower guard – simply not needed.

  28. Wires

    I’m almost 70 and lugging out the cords to trim and edge 3 yards was getting to be too much! My brother-in-law surprised me with the cordless 20V trimmer and edger. He also purchased an extra battery because he knows I do 3 yards on the same day. Not only is the trimmer/edger cordless, but it is also light-weight. My body and my age has benefited and I will be trimming and edging for many years to come with my new WORX trimmer/edger!

  29. BergerC

    Awesome trimmer that gets the job done! I really bought this for the edging feature, which works great! Easy to use and cuts deep to make the edges really POP in your yard. The spool auto refill is the best part and super easy to use. I have a gas trimmer as well, but I have to cut the lines and refill 2-3X when edging and cutting around my yard. This is a lot easier and doesn’t require mixing oil / gas, but does a great job too!

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