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WORX Power Share 20-volt 8-in Cordless Electric Pole Saw 4 Ah (Tool Only)

16 Reviews
  • [INLINE MOTOR] For a compact and lightweight design—placing the motor along the same axis as the pole gives this saw excellent balance
  • [AUTOMATIC CHAIN TENSIONING] This tool-free system won’t ever over-tighten the chain, giving you optimal tension every time out, and extending the life of the bar and chain
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family


This WORX 20V 8-inch Pole Saw comes with the Chainsaw Head Attachment, so you can trim, limb, prune and more, easier than ever before. Powerful but lightweight, it’s only 8.8 lbs with the battery attached, so you can wield it without much stress on your hands, arms, and back, and still get a lot done on a single charge. And the innovative automatic, tool-less chain-tightening and lubrication systems make this saw low maintenance, so you can spend your time actually getting the chore done. Plus, this pole is compatible with our Hedge Trimmer Head Attachment (model WA0308, sold separately), if you want to add that functionality later on. Here are the specs: The 8” bar means you can trim limbs up to 8” in diameter, or chop up fallen limbs that are up to 14” in diameter. The chain runs at a smooth 16 ft/s, with a 3/8” pitch. The oil tank has a 2.8 oz capacity. The 20V 8” Pole Saw is part of the WORX Power Share family, which means the battery sold separately is interchangeable with every other tool on the platform. That’s an enormous arsenal of building, DIY, and Lawn and Garden tools to chose from so you can tackle any job in a way that works for you.
  • [INLINE MOTOR] For a compact and lightweight design—placing the motor along the same axis as the pole gives this saw excellent balance
  • [AUTOMATIC CHAIN TENSIONING] This tool-free system won’t ever over-tighten the chain, giving you optimal tension every time out, and extending the life of the bar and chain
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family
  • [AUTOMATIC CHAIN LUBRICATION] So you’ll always have efficient, smooth cuts—and the oil-level indicator lets you know when you need a refill
  • [TELESCOPIC POLE ATTACHMENT] For up to 13-feet of reach. And you can make tool-free adjustments to make the pole shorter, too
  • [3-POSTION HEAD ATTACHMENT] The chainsaw head adjusts into three different cutting angles (0°, 15°, 30°) giving you options to get at out-of-the-way limbs and branches
  • [180° ROTATING REAR HANDLE] For easy vertical/horizontal cutting. You don’t need to twist your arms and wrists to cut parallel to the base of a branch, you can just rotate the handle
  • [INCLUDES] 20V 8in. Cordless Pole Saw
Weight 13.23 lbs
Dimensions 51.57 × 7.68 × 7.09 in

Latest reviews

  1. Tom and Sue

    The saw shaft slides in and out quite a bit ,the head has different angle adjustments and the handle swivel’s for more adjustment. What does this mean, more comfort and easier to get to those hard to reach places. The handle is far more beefier than I had expected for the price that I paid and no more mixing gas just insert the battery and pull the trigger. You will have to put some oil for the chain but it is very easy. The best part of all is my wife likes it she was not intimated by it. I showed her how to operated it she took it out of my hands and I did not get to use it after that. She went on a cutting frenzy and cut every limb she came to. So far WE like it.

  2. Cbusenke

    Too bad when you buy a power tool, you don’t just buy a tool. Because you will be investing time and effort with it, an implicit amount of trust goes in to the purchase. One factor that goes without saying and usually without thought until its an issue is customer support. Customer support is dictated as a policy by corporate leadership, given a budget and executed. This saw was great until the handle broke. Without a good handle its useless. No one, including the company that makes this saw sells a replacement handle. Which means you’re screwed should anything ever happen to it. Its a chain saw, of course something will happen to it, repeatedly. Don’t buy this saw unless you can guarantee you won’t drop it, step on it or have any kind of accident.

  3. Mark90

    Bought this a few days ago and just got to try it out. Lightweight and dainty saw. Cuts fine for a battery powered saw. The batteries last a few minutes which is expected. Once the chain got warm from cutting a few larger (6”) branches, it stretched and had to sit inside and open the cover to adjust. Poor design that the tension knob and cover screw are the same thing . You need to loosen the knob, pull the chain bar forward by hand then tighten the tension knob. Very awkward.

  4. ermk

    Worked well for a couple days of work, then broke at the plastic angle connection on the base when putting in a battery. The tool worked well when in use otherwise. Not super long lived battery, but not bad for a cordless with 2ah battery.
    The angled head works well for tall branches, and I liked it except for it breaking right away. Ince it’s under 30 days I’ll try for a replacement and see if it lasts any longer and update the review if it does.

  5. Linda64

    I thought the saw was a little heavy with battery attached but once I got used to using it I love it. I am an older woman and don’t have a lot of arm strength but I figured out to let the branch hold most of the weight. Amazing cutting ability for the size of the saw. Kind of regretted not getting the 10″ saw at first but have found out I didnt need it. I am amazed at the size branches this cuts. I own 3 Worx products and love every one of them.

  6. cfrank397

    I just purchased this pole saw and haven’t had a chance to use it. I did assemble and start the saw to make sure it works but will have to wait until after winter to put the saw to use. As with all the other WORX tools I have purchased, tis pole saw is well constructed and seems to be another quality toll. the pole connectors are strong and assembly is easy. It is not too heavy but not lightweight and flimsy like others I have checked out.

  7. cruzer

    just got pole saw it said it had a 13 foot reach but only has 9.7 pole. Call worx and lady said she was surprised as i was but the other 3 feet missing for reaching 13 feet were me. In other words with my arms extended it would make it 13 foot reach Not what i needed and now i have to buy ladder to reach the limbs i had measured to cut. Poor wording on their part. Saw does work great though.

  8. ArtH

    I should have thought about it first. Having a chain saw, no matter how small, on the end of a 9 ft. pole is a bit difficult to manage. The design made attempts to provide a great tool. However, for myself, it is too heavy and for the tool its self. The friction locks on the extension pole will not keep the pole extended. I could not use it and needed to return this purchase, sorry.

  9. Pompom mom

    Worked great for first few months last year then quit. Waited a few weeks, tried again and it started working again hurray! But wait, excitement too soon. Tool dropped maximum 2 feet off wheel barrel. Lo and behold, cheap plastic handle snapped (probably since tool so top heavy). No way to repair. Don’t waste you money.

  10. papamarine

    I used this pole saw to trim tree limbs that had grown so much from all the rain we have had and were hanging down. The overloaded limbs were hanging down so much that they were interfering with my grass cutting. It not only made lawn care easier, it really opened up the view of my property. I plan to trim some more later.

  11. Hunter4

    We always have a dead branch just waiting to fall. Now I can easily reach up and cut them off before they fall and hurt some one. I also used this to cut up a fallen tree that had about a 10″ diameter near the trunk. It made quick work of that too, all that and still had battery power left over.

  12. J Orchard

    This tool was easy to assemble and easy to operate. It works with all the 20V WORX batteries I already owned. The tool was easy to maneuver overhead, easy to adjust the cutting angle and easy to extend or retract the pole length. I just let the tool do the work, and down came the branches!

  13. Walter in Picayune

    While not as light as my manual pole pruner you don’t have to work as hard sawing larger branches. Just rest the chain against the branch and let it do the work. I store mine hanging vertically from a hook in the ceiling by the battery end and have not noticed any bar oil dripping from it.

  14. Anonymous

    I bought this tool/toy for my birthday gift and I am a female who is 5 feet 3 inch. Therefore, this tool is a little heavy for me to handle for long period of time. Other than the weight, everything works perfect and it does what a pole saw needs to perform. Great tool with great price.

  15. zoomtoy

    I like this tool. I learned the bar length is 8 inches from the outer tip to about the center of the tensioning knob. So, 7 inches is exposed for cutting. I chose the WG349 over the WG323 for its lighter weight, 3-position head and rotating handle. Might get the 10-inch model next time.

  16. Jverp

    Brought this to trim dead branches on several trees, including a pin oak. It sliced through them all like butter. The saw was so easy to assemble and use. It was a great buy. Used the 20 volt batteries from my grass trimmer and blower so saved money there.

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