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WORX POWER SHARE 20-volt Max 1/4-in Variable Cordless Impact Driver (1-Battery Included)

26 Reviews
  • [EXTREMELY COMPACT] At only 2.42 lbs., this powerful but slim impact driver was designed to be both comfortable to use and able to fit into tight spaces
  • [LED HEADLIGHT] The lamp illuminates when the trigger is pulled and allows for visibility in dark work areas. And the LED low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to swap out batteries1111
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family


This versatile, powerful, and compact 20V impact driver was designed to be strong enough to get the job done, yet small enough to get into narrow spaces. So you can bring all this force to places other drills have trouble fitting into. Its motor has been engineered with efficiency in mind, so it wastes little battery while still doling out 0-3300 pm and 1500 inch lbs of torque. Control the speed by pulling harder on the trigger, so you can decide exactly how much force each fastener requires. And the forward and reverse switch lets you back out slowly, too. The quality of life features on this drill are what sets it apart. It’s smaller and lighter than other drills with similar specs, so you can grip it tighter. Its handle is designed to be used for long stretches with its soft, over mold construction. And the LED light prevents you from ever having to work in the dark. The 0.25in hex chuck accepts all popular brands of bits and comes with a 2 Phillips screw driving bit, as well as a 5 hour charger and 20V 1.5 Ah Power Share battery. And that battery can be used on any power or garden tool on the Worx PowerShare platform. It’s an impact driver with modern features to make it easier on the user, but still built to perform for decades to come.
  • [EXTREMELY COMPACT] At only 2.42 lbs., this powerful but slim impact driver was designed to be both comfortable to use and able to fit into tight spaces
  • [LED HEADLIGHT] The lamp illuminates when the trigger is pulled and allows for visibility in dark work areas. And the LED low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to swap out batteries1111
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family
  • [ERGONOMIC DESIGN] The soft-grip handle makes it easy to use for long stretches, and the overmold plastic casing covers all touchpoints for a consistent grip
  • [VARIABLE SPEEDS] Just pull harder when you want more power and ease up for more delicate work. Go from 0-2600/min as needed
  • [FORWARD AND REVERSE] Just flip the switch to toggle between forward and reverse
  • [INCLUDES] 20V Impact Driver, 1.5Ah Battery, 5-Hour Charger, #2 Phillips Screwdriving Bit
Weight 4.21 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 10.5 × 8.25 in

Latest reviews

  1. Raiders25

    I got this a few weeks back and I must say I super happy with it!!! I used it to trim some one inch branches and it went through it with a breeze. I love the fact I can use the same tool if I just want to cut a piece of wood here and there without having to take out another tool, just adjust it to the down position and your ready to go! I LOVE IT!!! A BIG thanks to WORX for adding the battery, not like most other products where you have to buy the battery seprat, WORX includes it! Keep up the GREAT job WORX!!! Love your ideas of making the most out of your tools! You guys and gals are good!!! Sincerely, Martin In Newark Ca.

  2. Slickster09

    Needed a cordless reciprocating saw and after purchasing the Ai drill I figured why not add another WORX tool to my arsenal after how happy I was with the drill. This too is fantastic. It’s great having the ability for “grunt work” cutting of a reciprocating saw & switching to a jig saw for more refined cuts. The Axis delivers equally on both accounts and I couldn’t be happier. Battery provides amply power to cut through 1″ boards with ease. Controls are intuitive and I barely needed to consult the instruction manual (like most of WORX tools). Just great, easy to use, powerful tools. Give them a try. It’s worth it!

  3. Scott1938

    It seems likes Worx has all of the product innovation. The ability to have a jig saw and sawz all in one tool alone makes this tool worth buying. It has an LED light, dust blower, orbit mode switch, tool free blade change and open foot design – all of the features I look for. The only thing it can’t do is make a bevel cut but the times I have had to do that are few and far between. Plus you can use sawz all blades for cutting metal in jig saw mode which is a huge advantage if you are cutting pipe. Can’t speak for longevity yet since I have only had it a little while but overall a great multipurpose tool for the homeowner.

  4. NoNonsenseWoker

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is an excellent home tool that can probably handle a few small professional jobs. It was ideal for a project where I needed to blow open a couple square holes in some Eucalyptus Hardboard. The light and dust blower are very good features. I wasn’t crazy about the battery life per use. I had to put an extra day in the job just to cut a total of four 15.5″ squares out of 1/8th hardboard. It’s a balanced tool but could probably stand a bigger battery pack. Otherwise multiple batteries are likely needed.

  5. North 40

    Product is very versatile in its ability to switch between reciprocating and jig saw modes. Abundant power in both modes. For light to moderate tree pruning this is a better option than my small chain saw. Cordless design with interchangeable battery packs is a great way to go. Very happy with this purchase and will add other Worx tools in the near future. My only criticism is for the user’s manual. Very sparse on information and directions. The pictorial instructions are too vague for a non-handyman like me. I figured it all out, but I think it should have been easier. No worries though – this is very good gear.

  6. Teleprof

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have some experience with Worx, since I bougth an electric wire trimmer years ago and still is working in perfect condition. I liked this two function saw because you can have two tools in one. As you can see in the picture it can cut a log of almost 4″ without any problem! I also cut a sheet of cardboard with second function as a jigsaw. Next assignment will be a series of 2″ PVC pipes that are going to be installed at home. I am very happy with my new Worx tool and I recommend it!

  7. Stumper

    I bought this as a companion to my farm field mowing and the eges were bein taken over by the trees overhanging limb, which I would end up being smacked with. With a wood cutting blade I can reach up and cut the small to medium branches as I work along the edges I have trimmed them for years using a Pruning Shear and a pole saw for the larger unes but each year new growth and leave laden branches give me a fit. This unit makes quick and easy work to cut them and as the ticks that end up on me while bush hogging from these branches has pretty much cease. I have yet to use the saber saw portion but will be in a week or so. Great Product as are all my other 20v platformed tools.

  8. martin928

    I bought this tool because it is 2 tools in one. Last week I went from the shop to cutting out 6″ circles to switching it into a reciprocating saw and cutting down three 5″ trees that were damaged by a storm. Great versatility. Switching only takes seconds , hit a button and change the blade over for the task at hand. I love the fact that it accepts all kinds of blades not just one style. Because I own a lot of different style blades. The unit is quieter than an electric one and as for being battery operated it doesn’t seem to be heavy. Lack of worrying about cutting the cord making circle cuts is great.

  9. chattydaddy

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] First,I hope this helps with the decision to purchase. If you are a simple DIY weekend, then this might be worth looking into. In my opinion, this is for light to medium work. I purchased this, because I bought the WG186 Nitro Trimmer.

    I like the idea of using the 4.0 Ah and 1.5 Ah batteries in both trimmer/drill/driver. The LED on the drill/driver is nothing to write home about. If you are the type that stores your batteries in the home (ie AC controlled environment), I think you will find any lithium batteries will last a very long time. Pending you take the steps to charge them correctly.

  10. Carol J

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this a month ago and had a few projects lined up to use it. However, while charging the battery, I noticed my neighbors taking down an Ash tree that suffered from the invading Ash beetle. They’ve helped me with several tasks, so I took my new reciprocating saw, donned safety glasses, and put it to the test. Wow, it sliced off branches like slicing butter. My neighbors liked the way it performed too. That tree was reduced to a stump in no time. After recharging, I used it on my own landscape issues, and I took more time with clean up than the actual job. A great purchase in my opinion. I’ll enjoy this tool for years to come. I like getting and using the right tool for the job!!

  11. RuralGuy

    Great tool, have only used it with jigsaw blades so far, but the convert feature really saved me on a tight job using the jigsaw blade in the extended position. The manual is very poor, the outside of the box gives a better description of the features, especially #6 Pendulum control. And I almost lost that since to ship it to me WORX just put a label on the retail box, which took a beating during its journey and got wet on my porch; it should have been packed in a separate box. Manual: Numbers with words should be next to diagram. Better description of #6 – F Pendulum Control needed.

  12. ynnad56

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My daughter gave me the 2 in 1 saw for Father’s Day. This was my best tool.can switch from jigsaw to reciprocating saw very conveniently. I have done a lot of projects since I got this tool. It comes very handy when cutting tree branches.

  13. KiteArmy

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] If you are familiar with Worx you know that they build great quality tools. This tool is no exception. When I first saw this tool, my first thought was why did I not think of that.

  14. cornerman

    When I saw the promo from Worx about the Axis Cordless Reciprocating & Jig Saw I immediately had thoughts of how I would utilize it as a pruning saw. I carry it on my lawnmower for easy access to keep shrubs and trees nicely shaped and trimmed. I look forward to more easily trimming my Crapemyrtles this fall. The saw is lightweight yet certainly powerful enough. I have tested it in both jigsaw and reciprocating saw mode and I am extremely satisfied. Having multiple tools utilizing the same rechargeable batteries has opened a wholly wonderful new world for me.

  15. TedT

    I was skeptical about a battery powered reciprocating saw but thought I’d try the Axis since it can also be used as a jig saw. I used the recip. to cut some shrubs that had some thick braces & stems. Worked great. While I haven’t used the jig saw yet, I’m confident it will also work as well. This dual saw is sturdy & a little heavier than I anticipated. 20 volt battery provides plenty of power for my needs. Also easy to convert between the recip & jig functions. Nice not to have to use extention cords as with electric saws. Very convenient.

  16. DCRGSH

    Bought to primarily use the reciprocating function, but find that it has become my “go to” for 90+% of the cuts I make on my various wood projects. I use it in the shop (rough cuts, jigsaw cuts, etc.), as well as in the woods to trim tree limbs along trails. It does not allow the base plate to be angled so it only makes pependicular cuts. For me, that isn’t an issue, but would limit some jigsaw applications so that is the only reason I gave it 4 stars on the “Features” & “Design” ratings. Plenty of power, long lasting, solid feel so I’m predicting it should have a long life. I did purchase another battery as it’s always better to have one charged and useable vs. having to wait for one to charge. Very pleased with quality and value.

  17. Michael53

    I recently purchased this 20v Axis Cordless dual cutter and was really impressed with how it handled. I loved the brightness of the light, its balance and handling as well as how easy it is to switch blades and transition from a jig saw to a reciprocating one. It has plenty of drive. I liked it so much I am thinking of purchasing another one for one of my friends. I highly endorse it and it is even better with the 20v battery as part of its family. I am happy I bought it. I saw a review independent from Worx and it convenced me to try it.

  18. Oldguy41

    I have used a variety of saber saws for at least 50 years. While it is not a tool that I use everyday, it does get its share of use. Here are my comments on the new multipurpose by WORX. My first impression was that it was a strange looking contraption but that quickly disappears once I picked it up and took a closer look at it. The first thing I liked was the heft of it. Solidly built. With the battery in place it balanced well in the hand. Changing from saber saw to reciprocal and back, quick and easy. The sole plate is a solid one piece rigid enough to allow a person to :plunge cut”(meaning – you can put the toe of the shoe on the work and slowly lower the blade into the work – softer material please) without losing control. It has a second plate just behind the first that adds to stability while scrolling. While making long straight cuts is typically not the primary function of this type of saw, there is adequate clearance to use an external guide as there is no slot in the base shoe to attach one (see picture for examples). The saw scrolls easily in plywood and almost as easily in heavier stock. Working in heavier stock (as in 2X4 type wood) the solid base helps hold the blade perpendicular. The built in light helps keep you on track. On the reciprocating side, I do not currently have any major project going so I used it to rip up some old 2×4’s. The saw zipped right through them quick and easy with minimal vibration.
    As I had some trees that could use a little trimming, I then brought the saw out into the yard (did I mention cordless?) to see what it might be able to do. What I needed cut was in the 2″ – 3″ range. It zipped right through those as well. So in summary, here is a combination tool that will work extremely well with scroll work, fairly well in straight line cutting and overall is well suited for the average DIY person or home handyman. Don’t forget it’s use as a yard tool as well if you don’t have a jawsaw. I would recommend this tool to anyone who has around the home projects or for that matter, even a tradesman.

  19. neesr

    Living in the country has its perks and its pitfalls. Our trees got out of control when I was no longer able to keep them trimmed due to declining health. Enter the WORX line of tools. My treeline is once again emerging as a healthy, beautiful accent to the house and outbuildings because the WORX saw allows me to quickly and safely cut back the wild growth. Once all the landscaping is back up to my satisfaction, I look forward to all the crafting I will do with the jigsaw. So pleased I found you and purchased this item.

  20. Lllamamama

    Mothers day present since I am always trimming trees and fixing things around the house. I can easily trim some smaller trees and then remember I need to cut a small tube in the barn. I always keep the tool in its container so I have the blades I need with me. Easy to switch blades. One of the best tools I own. I have recommended this to many female and male friends. Being an engineer I am particular about my tools and want something well made, reliable and light weight. At age 72 I want something to be useful.

  21. jdb71

    I purchase this saw three weeks ago. The reason I bought this was because of a medical surgery I have had in the last three weeks, The doctor had placed me on a five pound weight limit. Two days ago we had received a burst of wind that broke several large limbs off of my trees in my back yard. Using my axis cordless saw I was able to cut all of these limbs up and then have hauled off. This procedure was a lot easier than getting my chain saw out to do the same work. Would recommend this saw to anybody!

  22. Bill from IL

    I saw a radon mitigation system man use this saw and thought it was great. He told me uses his all the time and it has held up well. Then I got the model information, and after he left that day, I ran out and got one. Today I used it as a R saw after having already used it as a J saw. This is surely one of my go to’ tools and is much easier to use wo the cord that others have. It held up for hours of use on the project and I really love it. Quality is evident and I’m darn glad I got it.

  23. GAD1

    Bought this several months ago and have used it to cut everything from 1/8″ plywood to 2x4s and even small-ish tree branches and it’s never missed a beat. I love the convenience of not having to deal with a cord, and being able to switch from a jigsaw to a reciprocating saw as needed is great. The built in light is a big help. The variable speed trigger takes a little getting used to and I wish the blower was a little more effective at moving sawdust from in front of the blade

  24. TommyE49

    This is an amazing tool in regard to it’s versatility, flexibility and ease of use. Obviously, it replaces TWO corded tools in my workshop arsenal. The one thing that surprised me is how powerful it is. I used the reciprocating saw feature to trim trees and shrubs around my property. I finished in half the time v. my old, now obsolete corded saw. One does not have to avoid cutting the power cord, therefore, using it at any angle quickly makes the job a breeze.

  25. YATES

    This tool saved the day! We were removing the screened in sections – but saving the posts – on our back patio and using a power saw or chainsaw was too risky due to hitting the brick foundation. The wood blade was the perfect length to allow us to cut the wood into sections and remove without having to remove the posts. We put this tool to test and it outperformed and the battery lasted the whole time. Really impressed. Many uses that you just don’t think of.

  26. Happy75

    Bought this two weeks ago and have really enjoyed using it. I cut off and cut up a 6 inch diameter limb, that was blocking an oak tree’s growth, a 6 inch diam. tree, a 5 in. and three- 4 in. trees. I am almost finished cutting up those trees. As a lady,75 years old (( almost)), this tool along with my Worx GT weed eater and my Worx cart, get the jobs done for me. If you could “love” tools, I would “love” Worx tools. I promote Worx to all my acquaintances. 🙂

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