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WORX Power Share 320 PSI 0.53-Gallon-GPM Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

16 Reviews
  • [5x MORE PRESSURE] Than a garden hose with a nozzle, and much more portable. Take the Hydroshot anywhere you need to clean
  • [EASIER TO USE] Lighter and more compact than a pressure washer, the Hydroshot packs the perfect power to clean everything from bikes and cars to windows and patio furniture
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products


Weighing in at less than 4 pounds with the battery attached, the 320 psi 20V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner packs a big punch in a lightweight machine. Featuring 5 pressure settings, 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and watering – it has the flexibility to tackle projects both inside and outside the house. Use the Hydroshot to spray mud off the tires of the truck or bike, clear dirt off the deck or driveway, clean the grill or patio furniture, and hose down the garage or basement. Spray clean the windows, window screens, or the paneling on the house, wash out bathtubs or dog houses. You’ll keep the boat, RV, truck, and cars pristine with this handheld carwash. A garden hose only has so much reach, but the Hydroshot is perfect for cleaning virtually anywhere! It pulls from any fresh water source: pools, ponds, sinks, or buckets and uses only . 53 gallons per minute. This model comes with the a 2L Bottle Connector, which makes the Hydroshot more portable than ever. Want even more uses for your Hydroshot? Check out the great cleaning attachments available (sold separately): turbo nozzles, squeegees, buffers, and scrubbers, to name a few. It’s the fun, fast way to clean anywhere, anytime!
  • [5x MORE PRESSURE] Than a garden hose with a nozzle, and much more portable. Take the Hydroshot anywhere you need to clean
  • [EASIER TO USE] Lighter and more compact than a pressure washer, the Hydroshot packs the perfect power to clean everything from bikes and cars to windows and patio furniture
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [DRAWS WATER FROM ANYWHERE] Any fresh water source is fuel for the Hydroshot. Drop the 20’ hose in a lake, pool, or bucket. You can hook up to a garden hose at the house or even a 2L bottle on the go
Weight 6.17 lbs
Dimensions 18.01 × 4.65 × 12.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. JudyZ33

    I am a fan of the HYDROSHOT. I first used it on an outdoor table that had been stored under a mimosa tree for months. It was filthy from sap and droppings. The HYDROSHOT was able to clean without damage. Also, I was very excited to see how it cleaned my bird bath out in the yard. I was able to clean it and fill it with one tool, no scrubbing, and give the birds fresh water. That is something I can easily do frequently with the HYDROSHOT. I see many potential uses for this tool and I plan to use it frequently.

  2. jj112

    This tool is amazing. The power combined with portability and ease of use make it the best tool I have ever used for outdoor cleaning. I purchased it to keep my balcony clean, and have already found so many more uses for it including cleaning my car and lawn mower. 10/10, highly recommend!

  3. jeff0174

    My Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner arrived today and I immediately put it to use. I purchased it with the idea of cleaning my lawn maintenance equipment . This summer has been dry and my lawn tractor is always covered in dust after mowing. I chose to use the two litre bottle attachment which I found to be extremely easy to use and very convenient for my situation. I have multiple properties to maintain and with the Hydroshot I can pressure wash my tractor in 5 minutes after each use. All I have to do is bring extra bottles of water with me where ever I go and I’ll have clean equipment every time! The Hydroshot is perfect for the job and I look forward to finding many other uses for it as well. Portability, convenience and performance of this product is second to none!

  4. Dewitt09

    I was very happy with the capabilities of this product until I had only used it for about 10 minutes and pulled on the water hose to tighten it. The quick connect snapped off at the inside of the quick connect which made the sprayer unusable.

  5. HeartSoul Concerts

    After seeing some reviews online, I thought this was going to be more difficult than it actually was to use. It’s actually quite easy to put together If you follow the instructions. I had no problems using it right out the Box.

  6. DACJR

    I am pleased with this powerwasher and would recommend one of the hydroshots for your household needs. It is difficult for us to kneel down and scrub our standup shower so I decided to give this portable washer a shot. It works just as I intended other than I wish I would have bought one with a little more PSI for the tougher spots of the grout but that is not the fault of the washer since I purchased the one with the lowest PSI considering I didn’t want it to strong to the point of knocking the grout loose. Now I simply spray the shower with foam cleaner, use my filled tub as the water source and powerwash the shower clean. Love it!

  7. MM670

    I have a few other Worx products and love the way they work. The Worx battery pressure washer has a great design and it really can be used in many ways. However, I found that the pressure was horrible. I have a 3/4” hose that gives amazing pressure. I thought once hooked to this tool I’d be able to blow dirt off anything. That was not the case. It took a half hour to wash the lid of a 4’X3’ storage box and it still was not even clean. I think if they are able to up the pressure somehow, this will be the future if pressure washers.

  8. Sandy36

    I bought the hydroshot with the dispenser for a cleanser and the hydroshot never worked with the dispenser. I reported this and was sent a new dispenser and the hydroshot still didn’t work. I also tried to use it with the attachment for both the hose and bucket of water and a plastic bottle and it doesn’t work with these attachments either. The only way it dispenses water is when it’s hooked to a garden hose. There is pressure then, but I can’t use it with a cleanser which is the reason I purchased it. I have been happy with my Worx lawn mower and weed trimmer, but I’m very disappointed with the hydroshot.

  9. Sneak

    I bought a Hydroshot for use in cleaning cars, boat, and golf cart. If connected to a hose, the water pressure is no better than a regular nozzle on a hose. You’re supposed to be able to draft a water from a lake, but there’s not enough suction to even pull water up the hose to the unit, much less spray it. Also, the battery lasted less than 15 minutes. When I called to see if there was something I could do to improve performance, the service rep laughed and said he could retire now if he had one dollar for every time he received a call regarding a Hydroshot. This was a total waste of money.

  10. Pita212

    This machine is very frustrating to use they give you an extension wand but omitted short wand so you cant get to wash the side of your boat dock. I purchased the soap dispenser separately and it doesn’t attach to the brass end of the new hydro shot design!!

  11. Dannoman

    I bought this with the hope this would work well on my siding. It really did and didn’t harm it. Much better cleaning than I anticipated.

  12. Team 2 Gils

    I bough this to was off my ATV at the races when it gets really muddy and this does the trick

  13. ToolMan69

    I bought the original and later the upgraded model with a 4.0 AH battery and quick charger vs. the older model with a 2.0AH battery and slow 5 hour charger. Both are fine – the newer is obviously even better. My car gets very dirty at work and I can rinse off my van pretty well with one (2 liter) bottle of water connected to the device. This is also nice because in the Northwest we shut off our outside water for the cold winters. This is an excellent product and I’m glad I bought it!
    (I’m also glad Worx now gives a bigger battery and a much faster charger!)

  14. yourmom4

    I shared my hydroshot with family and had to buy a second one because they don’t want to give it back. I use mine to clean rugs before washing, spray out cat litter boxes to clean as needed, wash patio furniture. I stick the hose in a three gallon container and take it where I want to use it. My son in law tossed the hose in the lake and use it to pressure wash the inside of the boat, just use your imagination. Sidenote: I had a little trouble getting this one started, needed to hook up to the garden hose to force the air out, but otherwise just awesome.

  15. Anonymous

    I bought this Hydroshot and the first time I used it, It would not suck water out of the bucket. Worked great with garden hose!!!! I contacted support to see what I was doing wrong. They said it was defective. They sent me a new one and a lable to send it back. Nice people to work with!!! So I will withhold my recommendation till try a new one. It work great with hose very easy to hold and move around to wash and rinse the car. Got it clean and it was very dirty!! Hadn’t had a hand wash in over a year!! Very happy with it on a hose!!!!!

  16. JK Mississippi

    Hoping that everyone who purchases understands this is not a pressure washer and you shouldn’t think like the car wash when considering this unit. Industry wide its a “soft washer”. I purchases this to apply and clean items that cant tolerate the strong pressure washer force. Cleaning Screens, modern engines that have lots of electronics, and applying dye to landscape bark and straw. Its a wonderful addition to the many tools of home ownership. The unit works well and has sufficient battery life to get through all the projects. The adjustable head on the want keeps all the different spray patters closely at hand and not lost like single tips. Just think out of the box and you will probably come up with some uses that are original to you.

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