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WORX POWER SHARE NITRO Hedge Trimmer Attachment

8 Reviews
  • [DRIVESHARE – ATTACHMENT CAPABLE] Turn your Worx Nitro Driveshare String Trimmer into a Hedge Trimmer
  • [DUAL-ACTION CUTTING BLADES] For optimal cutting performance and efficiency
  • [PIVOTING HEAD] 10 positions for trimming from nearly any angle


The Worx Nitro WA0220 Driveshare 17in Universal Hedge Trimmer Attachment turns your Worx Nitro 40V String Trimmer into a powerful and versatile hedge trimmer. Dual action cutting blades slice each branch, twig and leaf twice—once forward, and once back, ensuring an even cut of the hedges, bushes, and low-lying tree branches on your yard or property. The approximately 1.0 in. diameter is enough to handle thicker hedge branches and twigs, and the long 17 in cutting length makes for flat, smooth tops and sides on your hedges. While the 10 ft of maximum reach gained from this attachment lets the user reach up to the tops of tall bushes or the bottom branches of some trees. And at only 4.52 lbs. of added weight, it’s easy to hold this Hedge Trimming Attachment up high for some time. The cutting head is adjustable with 10 positions to choose from, so you can attack from almost any angle. It’s a great feature when approaching difficult to reach areas. Part of the Driveshare system which allows the Worx Nitro 40V String Trimmer (WG186) to transform into a high-powered Hedge Trimmer (WA0220), Edger (WA0223), Brush Cutter (WA0221), or Pole Saw (WA022 all sold separately). Worx Nitro brings gas-like power and performance to battery-powered tools. You get the benefits of gasoline without all the drawbacks, like the cost, the mess, and the fumes.
  • [DRIVESHARE – ATTACHMENT CAPABLE] Turn your Worx Nitro Driveshare String Trimmer into a Hedge Trimmer
  • [DUAL-ACTION CUTTING BLADES] For optimal cutting performance and efficiency
  • [PIVOTING HEAD] 10 positions for trimming from nearly any angle
  • [UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY] Fits most split-shaft design trimmers from other brands
  • [INCLUDES] Hedge Trimmer Attachment, Blade Scabbard, Hex Key
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 34.5 × 4.92 × 3.94 in

Latest reviews

  1. DIY54

    Ordered online 3/17/2021 – FedEx received 3/23/2021 – Opened 3/23/2021 – Tested 3/24/2021. A simple test of the Drill Switcher and I am impressed with the ease. I bought the kit also. I have only given it a light test of drilling and screwing but the ease to switch is wonderful and the speeds, the torque also are easy to adjust. You can’t go wrong. I bought 4 other Worx products in the same order.

  2. Carletta

    My shelving luv

  3. Art09

    I volunteer at a local community theatre. I needed to pre drill and drive hundreds of screws for the set ( see photo) It is a two story set with three sets of stairs needing plenty of support for safety. I think after the first 50 holes and screws I knew the Switchdriver would pay for itself on this one set alone! It is far more powerful and has much more torque than I thought it would for its light weight and compact size. I wish I had Switchdriver for the sets I have built in the past. No more excuses for not pre drilling!

  4. Oldguy41

    Have you ever been in a situation where you need to both drill a pilot hole and the drive a screw? I know I have more times than I can count. You had two choices – well – three actually. 1st, you could drill the pilot hole, change bits to drive the screw then repeat for as many times as necessary. 2nd choice – carry two drills, one to make the pilot hole and the second to drive in the screw. Better than choice one, but more expensive and if you are working outside or on a ladder ….well… This left choice 3. Do not drill the pilot hole and just drive in the screw. Works o.k. EXCEPT – more than once broke the screw head off: stripped the head or split the wood.

    Then along came this new switchdriver.

    Picking it up my first impression of it was how balanced it felt. With the battery in place it is very comfortable to handle. I was wondering what the guard in front of the trigger was for. As soon as I put the bits in I saw that it is there to protect your hand from the bit that is turned down. (See picture- WORX or mine). In using the Switchdriver I found when drilling in wood it is much better to drill in high speed. In metal, of course, you want to drill at a lower speed to prevent burning the bit. I note that WORX recommends NOT drilling in the lower gear for long periods of time as this may cause overheating.

    I did some expermenting with what the driver could do. So, with an old tough piece of 2X4 I drilled pilot holes and then put in some 2” screws. Not even an effort. I then tried putting in the screws WITHOUT drilling the pilot holes. Again, did it with no problem but I know this had to pull on the battery. Then, I switched over to trying this out with 4” #12 hex head screws. Again, with the pilot holes drilled they zipped in. Driving the screws without the pilot hole in high gear, I was able to drive them in 3 inches when the driver stopped. Keep in mind, I am still using the same battery, so the power is down a little. I then put the drill into low gear and easily drove the screws all the way in.
    The tool certainly has plenty of torque for everything I threw at it.

    I find that using the Switchdriver takes a little getting used to. I am so accustomed to changing out bits that I keep forgetting I only need to rotate the chuck, but I am catching on. I am enclosing a couple of pictures that show how I have addressed a couple of issues relating to the 1/4″ bits. The Switchdriver is designed for quick changing bits which are readily available. Many of us, however, still have some of the older 1/4″ and round bits. You just CANNOT use the short bits without the use of a magnetic holder. The round ones will only work if you have a chuck of the type that I show.

    I do not how long you can expect the battery to last on one charge, but there are two batteries so between them you should be able to go a fairly long time – plus – if you happen to have other WORX 20 volt products you can just keep going.

    Overall, I find this tool to be a great addition to my collection. I think you will like it as much as I do. I recommend this product.

  5. Rhonda Tate

    Over the years, it has been so frustrating to do home projects that require a pilot hole to be drilled prior to securing with a screw because changing the bits out of the drill each time is a big pain, especially when you lose or drop them each time. I used my SwitchDriver the other day to install shelving in the mud room which required a pilot hole followed by screwing in a 2″ screw. The experience was so wonderful that I decided to put the same shelving up in the laundry room. The only way to really appreciate this great tool is if you’ve ever had a frustrating experience with changing the bits out each time. This will solve the problem and make projects like this so much more enjoyable. Lots of power and torque behind the 20V battery too! It charges quickly and there’s really no hassle at all. This is my new favorite tool by WORX!!

  6. Walter in Picayune

    I have had my Switchdriver for well over three years now and have worn almost all the paint off parts of it I use it so much. I use it on any project I need to drill to hole for except drilling masonry where nothing beats a good hammer drill. I pick out the screws needed and put the appropriate screw driver head on one arm and then put an appropriate sized drill bit with a counter sink if needed on the other arm. Switching back and forth is easy and driving wood screws into a pilot hole is quick work and eliminates fractured wood. I also drill soft metal and plastic with it. Of all the WORX products I own this is by far the one I use the most.

  7. Spike F62

    This is the most ingenious tool ever made. The ability to drill a hole then put a screw in the project without taking the drill bit out of the chuck is great. This function saves time with just a twist of the chuck. The drill is light weight and very durable. The easy to use switches adds to the simplicity of this tool. The built in light is very useful to help look at the project. Being cordless is also very helpful the battery is not heavy so it is not necessary to manhandle the drill. With all these great features I give the Switchdriver the highest rating. I have already told friends about this great tool and I will buy more Worx tools.

  8. Patty Lou

    I actually purchased the Switchdriver for my son-in-law as a Christmas gift. He’s a contractor and a furniture refinisher. He was very excited when he unwrapped his gift. He had never seen or heard of the Switchdriver. I told him that I’ve purchased at least 5 items from Worx and am extremely pleased with all of them. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his new gift as well. Keep up manufacturing tools that not only contractors can use but homeowners as well. They sure make chores around my home a lot easier. Although I personally haven’t used the Switchdriver, I gave it all high marks since I feel sure it measures up to all my purchases of Worx products

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