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WORX Trivac 12-Amp 620-CFM 70-MPH Corded Electric Leaf Blower

12 Reviews
  • Powerful electric blower turbine tech spins out 620 CFM at 70 MPH
  • Variable speed allows different tasks require different speeds, you can actually clear corners and driveways quicker at a slower speed, so we let you dial it down when you need to
  • Dual-stage metal impeller provides a 18:1 mulch ratio


The Worx TRIVAC is the easy-to-use, All-in-1 system for blowing, vacuuming, and mulching leaves. No stopping to change tubes and no downtime to switch from a blower to a vac. This machine does it all with a flip of a switch and no tools. The balanced single hand operation makes it easier to maneuver and control without much fatigue. The TRIVAC delivers up to 600cfm of blower force power with a hi-impact metal impeller. The included collection bag holds up to 1.2-bushels of mulched debris. With the TRIVAC’s powerful 12 Amp motor, this tool makes an efficient alternative to gasoline powered tools. There is no downtime with the TRIVAC — blow the leaves into a pile; vac and mulch them; and dump the bag for compost or collection.
  • Powerful electric blower turbine tech spins out 620 CFM at 70 MPH
  • Variable speed allows different tasks require different speeds, you can actually clear corners and driveways quicker at a slower speed, so we let you dial it down when you need to
  • Dual-stage metal impeller provides a 18:1 mulch ratio
  • Lightweight and compact you can control all this wind power with just 1 hand, it’s only 9 lbs. and designed in such a way as to direct all that force at the leaves, not at you
  • Cord retainer it keeps your extension cord connected, even if it gets snagged on something, Just a nice little feature we threw in
  • Tool-free assembly there is some minor assembly required out of the box, but you’ll be out there, making the neighbors jealous in less than 3-minutes
  • All-in-1-system leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher All-in-1
Weight 16.98 lbs
Dimensions 20.28 × 13.98 × 15.55 in

Latest reviews

  1. DIY54

    Online purchase 3/17/2021 – FedEx received 3/23/2021 – Assembled 3/23/2021 – Tested 3/24/2021. Yes, it is corded but still a piece of easy use equipment for my use. Noise motor expected and acceptable. Air volume was a nice surprise. Low was good and high was a delight that I didn’t expect that much volume out. Yes, a recommend if not worried by a cord.

  2. Omaschoo

    As Fall leaves piled up, we ordered the TRIVAC 3-IN-1 Blower / Mulcher / Yard Vacuum w/ Leaf Collection System to help tackle the piles. We were very pleased to see how much vacuuming power the yard vac had and how quickly it chewed up the leaves with the dual mulcher blades. The collection system not only fits our standard 30-gal garbage cans, but we found it also fits over the 95-gallon city-issued waste bins. The mulching blades reduced the leaves to a small enough texture we could put the leaves directly into our flower beds for winter mulch. We would highly recommend this 3-in-1 system to anyone looking to speed up the Fall leaf cleanup, especially if you’re wanting to compost or mulch with the leaves.

  3. pupcuir

    My partner and I just moved into a house that has quite a few oak trees. I purchased this just as leaf-ma-geddon was about to arrive and am I glad I did! One day, all of the leaves dropped and after one weekend, I was able to corral, vacuum and mulch all of the leaves into the hedgerow and flowerbeds to prep them for the winter.

    Now that most of the leaves are dealt with, any stragglers that happen to blow in are quickly taken care of!

    One of the best lawn care tool purchases I’ve made to date. Highly recommend.

  4. RJ18

    I had a WG 510 and it worked great in mulching. Really small spreading. Purchased the WG512, thought it would be as good as the WG510. However it wasn’t. Sent it back for replacement because the shredding was poor. To be fair it could have been a problem with the new unit. Waiting for replacement then I’ll try it out. However I don’t seem to have much faith in that.

  5. Eric21

    This is a powerful yard tool for mulching up leaves while saving you time and money compared to raking leaves and driving them to your local yard waste site or paying for a service. The leaf collection system fit snuggly onto my 96-gallon yard waste bin (the largest size available) for easy pick up by my waste collection service. The only reason I’m not giving it five stars is because it requires an extension cord. Not a deal breaker obviously, but it does deter me from pulling it out of the garage for quick clean up jobs or to suck up a small pile… uncoiling the extension cord and getting everything set up is too much work for quick jobs.

  6. RFC Texas

    I switched from a toro leaf vacuum to Worx. My Toro was 18 years old and did a great job. It finally wore out. I decided to try Worx instead

    My opinion is it needs more power and a wider chute for collecting leaves. The chute constantly clogged while in vacuum mode from a pile of leaves that were totally dry and freshly blown into a pile. It should have been an easier job to pick up

    It needs an easier way to remove the chute to clear the impeller when it clogs

    The cover did not fit snugly over my garbage can and as a result it spread a good deal of mulched leaves back into the yard

    On a positive note it does a good job mulching

  7. Raylee

    Very happy with vacuum/mulcher hooked it to 55 gallon drum on dolly took csreogyallmy leaves in no time I would buy it again and again

  8. RudyF

    My old blower quit in the middle of leaf season. So, I was faced with picking up a replacement at the local home store or ordering WORX on-line. I needed right away so order response time was most important. Customer service was helpful in relating lead-time. I received new blower in 3 days. Packaging was great, double boxed. The blower/vacuum itself works great! Very easy to switch between blow/vac. Mulch hood fits over 96 gallon roll-out bin. Mulch significantly reduced leaf volume as advertised. Only slight negative is large opening reduces the air force when blowing, so not quite as powerful as other designs. Overall, would definitely recommend!

  9. Anonymous

    I have rocks all around my trees in my fence all around the backyard my neighbor has this horrible tree that’s always dropping little small leaves in particles into these beautiful white rock beds I need something that would suck out all those little tiny leaves without sucking up a rock and I had so much to do using the blower part helped but the vacuum part was what I needed. I would blow all the leaves as much as I can to get them loose into the corner and then I would use this to vacuum it up but I could go up and down as I’m vacuuming directly into the rocks and it would move the rock enough to let the leaf go it sucked them all out now I have it under control this is the best thing I’ve ever bought I was taking them out by hand before

  10. GeorgeU

    Bought this system after reading reviews in a variety of posts. What especially intrigued me was the Leaf Collection System that I could attach to my trash container. Amazing! The TRIVAC sucked up all types and sizes of leads and debris, mulched it and then blew it into my trash container. We have a 1/2 acre residential lot with numerous trees and shrubs, so the fallen leaves were plenty. I used the blower to make piles of leaves, used the vacuum to suck them up, and the muncher did the rest. After all was done, the entire yard was clean and my trash bin was only half full. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you.

  11. Baumie

    Blower works great, it not that noisy, it’s not quiet, but not near as loud as the gas machines and you don’t stink like gas when your done. Multi speeds help too. The vac works good too as long as the leave are dry, it don’t like sticks small or big, pine needles gives it problems. The dust does seem to blow out some and does get you a little dirty. The good thing to is that you can take a pile of leaves that would fill the back of a pickup box and get it into a large trash can. Dragging the electrical cord around is a pain, but it better then smelling like gas. The bag gets a little heavy, but the strap helps a bunch with it and make the machine easier to handle. Nice machine.

  12. Nicho 1027

    Tried it out day after in arrived-works very well with leaves only (dry leaves work best)- However small sticks, wet leaves have a regular ability to slow or stop unit frequently. Discharge hose for barrel attachment could be longer for easier use but that would probably require a bigger blower to force everything out the end. wet or damp leaves don’t completely mulch (needs a faster spinning mulch blade!) Selector switch sometimes doesn’t stay in selected choice (vac or blow) shutting down unit until you re-select and latch again. However this is still way above anything else out there!

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