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WORX WORX Hydroshot Deluxe Cleaning Accessory Kit

17 Reviews
  • [EVERYTHING YOU NEED] This kit adds scrubbing, squeegeeing, and soaping functionality to your power washing Hydroshot. And, it lets you clean underneath your vehicles, too
  • [GET A HARD SCRUB WITHOUT THE WORK] The water-powered rotary brush with hard bristles provides an intense cleaning of hard surfaces
  • [SO MANY THINGS TO SCRUB] For a thorough deep cleaning of all your outdoor surfaces, like patios, windows, deck furniture, even siding


Unlock the full potential of your Hydroshot with this Deluxe Cleaning Kit. Everything outside your home, including your vehicles, will be cleaner than it has ever been. The Outdoor Hard Surface Brush features dual articulating points and a lock-on knob so you can adjust it to the right angle and lock it down and watch it scrub. The hard bristles are only meant for hard surfaces because this brush scrubs really hard. But your deck and your deck furniture, your brickwork, and your siding will soon be free of stuck-on debris. Cleaning under your vehicles may be the most important part. Now with the Pivoting Quick Connect Adapter, you can easily wash your car’s undercarriage, or clean your boat below the waterline. The 12” Window Squeegee With Sprayer takes the chore out of cleaning your windows. Anyone can grab a squeegee, but when you add a sprayer behind it, you clean off caked-on gunk quickly and smoothly. And the replaceable rubber blades don’t leave streaks giving you beautiful, bright windows on your home. The Soap Dispenser Attachment adds soap right into the spray, so you don’t have to mix it with water ahead of time and pull it up from a bucket, potentially damaging your Hydroshot. Just adding soap to this power washer increases its effectiveness significantly. When you add a Scrubber, Squeegee, and a Pivot Adapter, too, there’s nothing you can’t clean.
  • [EVERYTHING YOU NEED] This kit adds scrubbing, squeegeeing, and soaping functionality to your power washing Hydroshot. And, it lets you clean underneath your vehicles, too
  • [GET A HARD SCRUB WITHOUT THE WORK] The water-powered rotary brush with hard bristles provides an intense cleaning of hard surfaces
  • [SO MANY THINGS TO SCRUB] For a thorough deep cleaning of all your outdoor surfaces, like patios, windows, deck furniture, even siding
  • [EASY WINDOW CLEANING] Who would’ve thought that cleaning windows would be fun? This Squeegee attachment makes it much less of a chore
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last
  • [WATER SPRAYER] Clean off caked-on debris while you’re using the squeegee. Just pull the Hydroshot trigger, and the stream helps you clean
  • [WASH THE UNDERCARRIAGE] Get under the car, truck, boat or RV. With this adapter, you can adjust the nozzle up to 180 in any direction
  • [MIX SOAP INTO THE STREAM] The soap dispenser attaches at the nozzle and adds a perfect amount of soap right into the Hydroshot spray
  • [WHAT’S INCLUDED] (1) Squeegee, (1) Soap Dispenser, (1) Pivoting Quick-Connect Adaptor, and (1) Adjustable Outdoor Power Scrubber Brush with Hard Bristles
Weight 7.72 lbs
Dimensions 16.26 × 10.35 × 4.65 in

Latest reviews

  1. Guille56

    It’s a pretty good product . But for more pressure you should connect it to you garden hose . The feature to wash with the 2 liter bottle the water runs out quickly so you have to refill it again that’s the bad part
    Also when I use the garden hose that it came with the hose connector got damage . I called them and explained it to the company and they replace itright away
    That’s the positive .

  2. Mumee44

    We purchase the bundle kit on 4/21/2020 and yesterday was the first time we tried to use the soap dispenser on the extension piece. They did match up with the brass fitting. After much pushing and pulling, having the water hooked up, we squeezed the trigger and the bottle went flying. We then discovered that the brass fitting had a square opening that the bottle didn’t have, either did the squeeze, the brush head, or the multi position adapter. What is going on. After finally calming down today, I saw on line that the brush head, the bottle and the squeeze would fit at the handle portion of the Hyroshot but not the extension piece. So therefore, this is not a good option to purchase. The extension piece comes with the WG625 and has a brass fitting at the end that only the spray head attaches to. So if you don’t mind being up close to what ever you are cleaning, this bundle is not worth it.

  3. Norah

    I got this to scrub my composite deck. It did not meet my expectations sadly. This is the first of your products I’ve been disappointed in. The scrub brush just didn’t perform very well. The soap dispenser was smaller than needed and I would have liked it to work in combination with the scrub brush. I love my hydro shot just disappointed in these accessories

  4. Northwoods Gramma

    You have just made my hydroshot more versatile. Now I am able to clean windows and many other things with one tool. Not only that but I never run out of batteries because the batteries from my other Worx products are interchangeable. You definitely live up to your name Worx. That is what your products do. Thank you.

  5. Chris4383

    I bought this product for my parents who are older and can’t use a power washer anymore.
    They are so excited about all the little/big jobs this gadget can do.

  6. Drew211

    This product is amazing always finding new ways to make jobs easier. And added bonus the same battery can power my other worx products.

  7. jayjoseph

    used once received to clean, disinfect pool decking, cleaned windows and cars.
    keeps me occupied ….. excellent product, worth the price

  8. hopinPA

    I love all the worx products, but the cleaning kit needs a connector to the wand?
    have 5 word tools and love them all so easy to use.

  9. Mimi51

    I just bought this for my hubby…..he’s yet to use these attachments…..but said they should be great!

  10. MJclean

    Not needed but it is nice to have some accessories. It makes more fun to use it like gadget.

  11. HeliDoc

    I bought because I have mold on the back of my hose, it work well with the product I used.

  12. Miller Time

    All quality when using, but could use the additional accessories (of course added cost)

  13. Tocmoc

    Window washing was a breeze! Love the versatility. Very lightweight.

  14. mjcn

    so many cleaning jobs done and many more ideas for these tools

  15. RGD0061

    The cleaning kit allow the Hydroshot even better, a must have

  16. rmkdak

    Brush works great. Perfect compliment to the Hydroshot

  17. Bassman100

    This works great makes cleaning a breeze.

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