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WORX WORXsaw 20-volt Max 3-3/8-in Cordless Circular Saw (1-Batteries Charger Included)

12 Reviews
  • [IDEAL FOR CUTTING SHEET GOODS] A modern saw for modern woodworking and construction: Just grab the Worxsaw and get ripping and plunging
  • [SLIM DESIGN] Lightweight and easy to operate—there’s no cord to get tangled up in or double-back on
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products


Traditional circular saws are bulky and unwieldy. They usually have a cord to get in the way, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, they’re hard to control. Meet the Worxsaw. This 3-3/8-in Compact Circular Saw is perfect for beginner DIY-ers that are ready to step up to intermediate projects, or serious woodworkers that just want an extra, grab-n-go saw for quick rip and plunge cuts. It comes with a 1.5Ah battery and 5-hour charger, a 24T carbide-tipped blade, a hex key to switch out that blade, a vacuum adapter, and a parallel guide, so you’ve got everything you need to get going right out of the box. With a no-load speed of 2300 rpm, it can achieve the speeds of much larger saws because the thinner kerf of the 3-3/8-in blade puts less strain on the motor (as compared to a full-size 7-in+ blade). That also means the motor will last longer than larger saws. It’s only 4.4 lbs, so you can take it anywhere, store it anywhere. The grip with integrated safety trigger is well-balanced, for excellent control. The left-side blade design makes it so that you can see exactly where it is that you’re cutting, instead of measuring and guessing. And maybe best of all, you only need one hand to operate it. Keep the awkward full-size saw in the shop, when you need a no-muss, no-fuss circ saw on-site, grab a Worxsaw.
  • [IDEAL FOR CUTTING SHEET GOODS] A modern saw for modern woodworking and construction: Just grab the Worxsaw and get ripping and plunging
  • [SLIM DESIGN] Lightweight and easy to operate—there’s no cord to get tangled up in or double-back on
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [QUICK DEPTH ADJUSTMENTS] The lever on the outside of the housing lets you go down to 1-1/16-in, perfect for 1-in lumber
  • [FULL METAL GUARD] Even though it’s small, this circ saw is built to last with quality components and expert engineering
  • [EASY BLADE CHANGE] The spindle lock makes for quick and safe blade changes, just grab the included hex key, remove the battery, press the spindle lock button—that’s pretty much it
  • [BUILT-IN DUST PORT] Hook up your favorite dust vac and clean the air and your workspace of dust and debris while you work
Weight 5.8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 5.68 × 5.13 in

Latest reviews

  1. Paddlefoot

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Even though my husband is in the picture, we both love MY WORX tools!!. The Compact Circular cuts through the wood like butter, while the WORX WorkBench (that comes with clamps and spacers) is easy to fold out and is lightweight!! I have found that all the WORX tools I have purchased are easy for my small hands to use and it’s not intimidating either!! Building us a Coffee Table currently!

  2. DPJ14

    This saw feels good in the hand and is ready to go. The one thing I notice is that the retractable blade guard cannot easily be freed using your operating hand meaning that you have to use your “other” hand to do it. Therefore, it means the other hand can’t be used for holding the piece of wood to be cut. It has to be clamped or somehow be fastened in place. That’s annoying.
    Apparently, earlier versions of this saw came with a laser guide (as seen on a YouTube video from 2015). That would be a nice feature as the saw blade is so deep in the assembly that you can’t see it well and have to rely on the indent for alignment of the cut.

  3. SmokedNeckbones

    Great product. Great price. I used this on : Polycarbonate(1/4″ thick) and 2x.
    I experienced some kickback but that was user error. I was going faster than I should have. I was researching smaller circular saws for tight spots where a smaller lighter saw would be beneficial and saw this one at the 11th hour. I was going to go with another brand but the dust port sold me on this one. After investing in a lot of tools I am finding myself now wanting to reduce the dust I put in the air more and more, who wants to breathe that stuff all the time. The dust port works well with my shop vac with it’s 1 1/4″ port, see below. I felt like it collected a good portion of the dust about I would say about 95%+. I recommend using the dust port every single time, it also helps keep the cutline visible.

    This is a depth guide that worked well to stop the saw from going to deep.

    To me this lost a star because while cutting it became difficult at time to follow the my line, also the charge time is 5hrs. That is unacceptable. I know they make faster ones but packaging a product with a 5hr charger is a bad move. I say phase out that charger altogether if you are trying to remain competitive. The saw felt a heavy, when I first it I was expecting it to weigh close to my multi tools. It weighs more

    Another thing this is a blade left saw and I would say is mainly for rightys. I am a righty so I was able to use it just fine but there orientation of the parts allowed me to hold the saw in my right hand and use my left hand to pull back the blade guard on the left. A few times I got too comfortable holding the saw and pulled back the red lever on the grip and squeezed the palm trigger by mistake and I turned the saw on without realizing it. Maybe having a 3rd button that needs to be activated(probably by the thumb) would help prevent someone from accidentally starting it also.

  4. Fire3000F

    It cuts reasonably fast through max capacity lumber. Today I tried to use it to cut through 3/4 inch drywall on my garage ceiling to repair water damaged areas. I found it much too difficult to use for this job which had to be done while on a ladder. I had to use a hand held utility knife and hacksaw that required a lot of manual effort. I also used it to cut 2 X 4 boards, but found it hard to follow a pre-drawn line on the boards. I also could not operate it with only one hand since a second hand is needed to pull back the blade release lever. A cordless jigsaw would have worked much better for my job today.

  5. Jack Frosty

    If you are using it for limited depth cuts, like 1/4″, it is not good, the tool is wide and with the depth set for shallow cuts, the angle of the tool is almost upright making it akward to use and it is hard to keep enough pressure for the base to sit flush on the item you are cutting. I was cutting 1/4″ mirros with a diamond blade, one hand on the tool, and one on the water supply spraying on the blade. For shallow cuts you need two hands, one on the barrell of the tool and the other on the base plate. It is probably a good tool for maximum cutting in depth, but for my use, it is not the right tool.

  6. Alexspengler

    I am new to any kind of woodwork, so I purchased this circular saw to get started. The use was super easy and within minutes I was on my way sawing all the wood I needed for my project. Now that I am able to use a saw I’m looking forward to start new projects,

  7. JEarl

    My children bought this for me last year for Father’s Day because they new that I had several other Worx tools and loved them. This one, however, is a different story. This time I used it which, was about 5 months after they gave it to me, the adjusting lock for the depth of cut broke (made of cheap plastic). The second job that I wanted to do was to cut some 2 x 4’s – big problem as this saw does not have the capacity for 2 x 4’s. I would definitely not waste money on this tool. Please do let this affect your decision on the jig saw & reciprocating saw combo which is a great tool, or the combo rotating head drill which is another great tool or the turbine leaf blower. They make lots of great tools but this is not one of them.

  8. Toivo

    I have not had. Chance to use the worxsaw, as yet, I do have the drill driver and have had the opportunity to use that. When I first grabbed it, I was impressed with the feel. It felt quality, just holding it. Then I used it. I was impressed with the quiet and smooth operation. Why has it taken so long to come up with a product like this? It is so handy to drill a hole and the swing it and drive a screw in.

  9. kgirl

    I am disabled and like to do projects but find most tools too heavy to operate. Worx tools are not only light but powerful enough to get the job done. I own just about every worx tool and have a large standing tool box to hold them all. Whether I need to cut a piece of wood paneling or flooring or cut out a square of damaged drywall this tool makes it easy for me while I am sitting believe it or not.

  10. Randy Johnson

    I was sceptical about buying a battery operated power tool but this small portable saw put all those fears to rest! It actually works a lot better than advertised! Cut 1/2” plywood and 1/2” to 3/4” boards effortlessly! If I ever wear this thing out I will definitely buy another from this company! Received quickly and was packaged well to prevent damage!

  11. Garv21

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’m very satisfied with this Worx compact circular saw. I’ve been able to use this tool when away from nearby line power without having to use a generator. I’ve used this to break down pallets and other tasks and have been satisfied with its performance. The portability is a plus but need to be realistic on the type of cutting that is needed.

  12. RonnyS

    First let me say that Worx customer service is second to none. The employees are very polite and helpful. I’ve had to contact them a couple of times and both times I went away with a great experience. Now. The saw works great. I own multiple Worx products and love them. Great company, great products and great customer service

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