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WORX WX324 5-in Steel Pruning Saw

22 Reviews
  • [ULTRA-COMPACT DESIGN] Powerful, compact, and versatile saw for pruning, trimming, delimbing, and bucking
  • [OFFSET BAR AND CHAIN] For improved line-of-sight
  • [ONE-STEP TOOL-LESS CHAIN TENSION] For convenient, fast, and easy chain tension adjustments


The Worx WG324 20V Power Share 5” Cordless Pruning Saw is the perfect around-the-yard or on-the-go compact cordless chainsaw for pruning bushes, trimming limbs, delimbing fell trees, bucking fell trees, and more. A great tool for chopping up logs for the campfire, clearing a path while hunting, or for just maintaining your property. Full of safety features, like the retractable guard over the bar and chain, and the handle guard to defend against flying debris. This is a less intimidating chainsaw, with a compact, lightweight form-factor that makes it easier to operate and control. But it doesn’t skimp on the specs. The 5 in. bar length is long enough to delimb 4 in. diameter branches if the tree is still standing, or 10 in. diameter branches if it’s already on the ground. But at that size it excels at getting at harder to reach and awkwardly placed branches that a full-size traditional chainsaw wouldn’t be able to easily reach. The chain speed is 18.4 ft./s. (5.6 m./s.) with a 0.25 in. chain pitch and 0.043 in./32 links chain gauge. It only weighs 3.86 lbs. with the battery attached and 3.04 lbs. bare. That light weight makes it easier to hold up high when pruning. The Worx WG324 20V Power Share 5” Cordless Pruning Saw is ideal for residential homeowners, home flippers, or outdoor enthusiasts. A truly handy little cordless chainsaw.
  • [ULTRA-COMPACT DESIGN] Powerful, compact, and versatile saw for pruning, trimming, delimbing, and bucking
  • [OFFSET BAR AND CHAIN] For improved line-of-sight
  • [ONE-STEP TOOL-LESS CHAIN TENSION] For convenient, fast, and easy chain tension adjustments
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family
  • [AUTOMATIC CHAIN LUBRICATION] Cordless chainsaw features automatic chain lubrication for hassle-free, efficient cutting with increased bar and chain life
  • [RETRACTABLE BAR AND CHAIN GUARD] For enhanced under-cutting capabilities
  • [GUARDED HANDLE DESIGN] For added safety and security
  • [INCLUDES] Cordless Pruning Saw (WG324.9), bar and chain sheath, 20V 2.0Ah Power Share battery (WA3575), quick charger (WA3881)
Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 16.18 × 4.61 × 8.46 in

Latest reviews

  1. Oats

    Great tool for thinning out lilac bushes with good-sized limbs and stems. Also, great foe pruning low sucker limbs on trees. You can even up hedges that have a few long growths in the body of the hedge. Really has been a very useful tool so far.

  2. Sophie47

    This is an amazing saw! We bought it to cut smaller branches from 8 very large trees that were in need of severe pruning. We also had a large chainsaw & we ended up using the worx pruning saw for most of the work. It was cutting 4.5” diameter branches very well. It makes it easy to be in a lift or up in a tree & have a hand free to hold things, whereas a chain saw takes two hands to use. We have other worx tools so we have 2 other batteries, but only switched them every hour. We are really impressed with this saw. We used it for 2 days at 8 hours a day, it really surprised us. Other people that were helping us were also impressed with it & said they will be buying one. Can’t wait for the pole extension to be available for it. Attached is a picture of one of the trees it cut.

  3. tim_b

    so i purchased three different configurations of worx/nitro chainsaws (full-size, trimmer attachment and this one), and this one’s my favorite by a long shot. i purchased the tool-only version and used the 4.0Ah batteries i got with other tools, so i could run for a longer time than the 2.0Ah battery that comes with the base model. ANWAY, i used it for two days straight clearing and pruning trees and it’s now my favorite outdoor tool. super lightweight (not discernibly heavier than my drill with the same battery), compact (easy to get into awkward spaces and angles), super aggressive chain. the only slight inconvenience is having to tighten the blade every so often, but that’s the same with any chainsaw. definitely recommend.

  4. lhiro

    I have several trees and bushes on my yard and a hand saw. With the hand saw, I can do all the trimming in about 3 days and have a very sore arm and back. With the Cordless Pruning saw and some extra batteries I can get is done in about 1 day and not be sore. It is small enough so it is easy to work with, and with it being cordless I don’t have a electrical cord to get in the way or have to mess with gas and oil. Also with the chain guard at the top of the chain and the guard in front of the trigger it seems to be safer than other similar products.

  5. Carolyn103

    I bought this tool to trim some branches but before I could test it out, we had a late April snow that took down a lot of branches. Baby shark to the rescue. Though it’s not meant as a chainsaw, it did a great job cutting up the branches that fell – none of which were more than 4 of 5 inches in diameter. So this tool has already proved more useful than expected. When I finally do get around to trimming the juniper (when spring FINALLY arrives), I know it will work just fine! This thing is lightweight and sharp – she’s my BABY SHARK!

  6. CEL2013

    While my other Worx tools have been great and I have many this little saw did not meet my expectations. After using it twice the chain will jam if you try and cut anything much larger than a small inch branch. I am able to get the chain back on but it will keep happening and my 10 new pruning saw does a much better job. Also do not understand why I can’t buy the extension pole separately. That is just wrong. I do NOT recommend this product,

  7. FarmerBob2021

    I was amazed at what this little guy could do. Lightweight, no startup problems like gas models, easy to handle and cut up branches that I thought were going to be too big. I trimmed up live and dead branches in our woodlot and now plan to chip them for garden mulch. I cannot say enough good things about this Worx pruning saw. I really thought these battery saws were for city slickers………….now I am a firm believin’ farmer !

  8. LadyMcKean

    I have had this for a couple of months now and I just love it! It is so easy and safe to use. It is just the right size for small to medium jobs so I can get them done by myself. I don’t worry about cutting my hand or fingers because of the way it runs. One you let go of the trigger, it is off. I am having so much fun trimming trees and bushes and things growing that I no longer want. I recommend this to everyone!

  9. castingrod

    Purchased the 5 inch trimming chainsaw about a month ago. This helps me to trim the branches, and small scrub trees while mowing the yard. This helps while mowing to clear the low hanging limbs that hits me in the face or makes me move the riding mower back and forth in and around the area the branch is covering. Hands and arms are not getting bruised or scratched up, and being 73 I tend to bleed due to the scratches.

  10. Seattle Dianne

    We are using this little saw almost every day, catching up on yard work. I’d worried it would be too heavy for me to use — it is not. It has very good power for its size. We couldn’t get a 40 v battery so are using a 20, with a backup charged. It lasts long enough for us to get a good amount of work done. I am wondering how to get a replacement blade and when the longer-lasting batteries will be back in stock.

  11. Potscatton

    This little chain saw is 100% HANDY. It can be easily be used one-handed while the item being cut short or trimmed can be held with your other hand. Safety features include a fold back guard on the chain’s top and a push button that must be held IN while you squeeze the trigger to engage the chain. I had several wind-blown limbs and while the main body of the limbs were a job for a full-size chain saw, the dozens of branches on each limb were easily and conveniently trimmed-off with this pruning saw. I’d say that this saw is best for limbs on the order of 1 to 3 inches in diameter. Smaller than 1″ diameter would be better trimmed with a standard scissors-type pruner. You can certainly cut diameters up to 6 inches diameter, but those would be best handled by a full size chain saw. [This “pruner” is not really intended for “large” diameters.] I have already “sold” several of my neighbors on it!

  12. SheLovesTheCountryLife

    I have had my pruner saw about a month now. I have trimmed branches and cut down baby trees. I am an older female and this saw has been easy for me to use. I do have small hands and the safety button is a little tricky for me to push at times to get the saw going, but it is a great feature that needs to be there. I really like this saw and I am very happy I made this purchase.

  13. Iowagasman

    With winter coming may tree are losing their leaves and it is time to trim away dead or extra branches. They are too small for using a large chain saw and too big for pruning shears. This saw is just the right size to get the work done. If you live when you have strong winds and many broke limbs on the ground clean up is easy buy cutting them up into manageable pieces. A great buy.

  14. Capn Dave

    There are cutting jobs that are not appropriate for a regular chainsaw. That is where this tool shines. One handed, short maneuverable chainsaw is perfect for those cuts. It is safer in some situations. This is just a great tool well executed. And as an added bonus, it is about 15” end to end: perfect for laying out cuts for kindling for your wood stove.

  15. Gene Sarnowski

    Fantastic, like all the Worx tools I have. Used it too cut some small trees and branches around the house. This time I didn’t have to pull out the 18or 16 inch chain saw full them up with gas,oil and start pulling and pulling to get them started. Fast,easy done in half hour.I have four trimmer, three blower, two blower and vacuum and two hag trimmers.

  16. Deb369

    I bought this to trim small tree branches and larger bush branches. This little fella is amazing. It just zips through 1-3” branches with no effort. The cuts are clean and even. Hand oiling the chain is a bit inconvenient compared to self oiling chain saws, but that can’t be expected on a compact chain trimmer like this. It is five stars all the way!

  17. TedT

    There are too many restrictions on use that are not listed until you see the owner manual.
    Returned mine-still waiting for refund. Do not use on a ladder; do not use above your shoulders; use 2 hands; etc. Also looked like I was shipped a previously returned unit; no pkg. on battery or charger; leaking oil packet; no manual; no warranty card.

  18. SonnyC

    I ha some storm damage and had lots of tree limbs to cut up. They were really to small for my regular chain saw but too large for a hand saw. At my age it is just too much to try and do by hand. This small chain saw was easy to use and not too heavy so I could get a lot done without arms and hands becoming tired or sore.

  19. Ky Dean

    Had very high hopes – first day of use today on the farm training and pruning some trees and bushes around the hunting cabin and nothing but problems.

    Had to keep adjusting the chain and bar & the sprocket drive is loose and it kept coming off. Have to return it now & try another…I hope this one is just defective

  20. KKFM

    I have small hands and a weak grip due to arthritis. I bought these because I have lots of pruning to do, and they work great. Much faster than a hand saw. My only complaint was the lack of support, written or in video form. I looked at the owner’s guide, but it did not have details on maintenance, etc.

  21. Critters

    Just purchased for my husbands birthday and he loves it. Loves it even more now that he read the book and he can attach it to his pole saw that we also purchased from Worx. Trust me we have at least 10 Worx products and love them all. I use my weed eater weekly and my husbands uses his blower daily!

  22. Romma1

    I had my Jaw saw and my new cordless pruning saw ready after a storm hit us with a sizeable branch. At first was sceptical but was fairly surprised how easy and fast this pruning saw cut down each branch quickly- I did not have to use my Jaw saw ! Love it! Best of all it’s not even heavy for my hand.

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