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Zwilling 3-Piece Cutlery set

24 Reviews
  • Stylish tone on tone color palette makes a bold, fresh statement
  • Set includes one of each: blue, red and green
  • Micro-serrated blades made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel


As the modern kitchen specialist, ZWILLING makes a wide range of premium products that enhance the lives of professional and home chefs worldwide. Never go searching for your shears again with the ZWILLING Now S 3-pc Shears Set. Their blue, red and green handles make them easy to spot in kitchen drawers, in knife blocks, or on countertops. You’ll always have them in reach for snipping herbs, cutting foods, or safely opening packages. Made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the micro-serrated blades stay sharper longer and ensure slip-free cutting. The polypropylene handles function as a bottle cap opener, screw cap opener, and jar lid lifter. These multi-purpose shears are dishwasher safe – though hand-washing is recommended to preserve their sharpness. The ZWILLING Now S collection features a stylish, tone-on-tone color palette bursting with bold, fresh hues, the colors are inspired by fresh-plucked fruit. In this 3-pc set, you get one of each color: Blueberry Blue, Granada Red and Lime Green.
  • Stylish tone on tone color palette makes a bold, fresh statement
  • Set includes one of each: blue, red and green
  • Micro-serrated blades made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Blades stay sharper longer and ensures slip-proof cutting
  • Polypropylene handles function as a bottle cap opener, screw cap opener, and jar lid lifter
  • Can be used in either direction – both right-handed and left-handed
  • Dishwasher safe – hand washing recommended
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 7 in

Latest reviews

  1. MaChri

    My family has had a pair of Zwilling scissors in our kitchen for years (a family friend brought a pair back from Germany ages ago), and they’ve held up far beyond any generic kitchen scissors. With the demise of another pair of generic shears, I decided it was time to get more Zwilling shears in the kitchen. I’m very pleased with the quality of the new set, rivaled only by our original pair of Zwilling shears!

  2. Cooking Mommy

    Our house eats scissors, kind of like the dryer eats socks! I ordered these for the kitchen but they seem to do jobs all over the house. The blades are micro-serrated and made from from high-quality stainless steel so no rusting or tarnishing. They cut through everything. I even tested them with taking apart a chicken and they did well. Dishwasher safe is a huge plus in my books.

  3. ChefRobVee

    These shears are very good quality. The vibrant colors make them easy to spot in a kitchen full of utensils. The blades have remained extremely sharp, even after multiple uses. I am a firm believer in hand washing most kitchen utensils, it just seems to prolong their life. With the lifetime guarantee on these shears, I have no concerns because they were definitely built to last!

  4. 90skidbby

    With the three pack, I use one for opening packages, one for cooking, and one set aside for the future. I was previously using a Fiskars knife and cutting things like foam pads, packages, and zip ties. It took a lot of effort to cut with that brand but with Zwilling, everything becomes easier to cut. Much less effort needed. I blades are well made, so it figures!

  5. CookinginCali

    Just because these are fun to have around doesn’t mean they aren’t serious cutting tools. These scissors are made in Germany with quality steel so they are built to last. They come 3 to the set so you can keep one in the office, one in the kitchen and one wherever. They cut paper, plastic and herbs and vegetables easily. Slip resistant handle is good for wet hands.

  6. jbeans77

    All of us need more than one pair of kitchen scissors. Mine seem to mysteriously migrate to the garage or other rooms in the house when I need them most. Having a back up pair or two is crucial. These brightly colored scissors are well made and will cut through the toughest items in your house.

  7. Niner2015

    A great three piece set, the shears you need and want to have in the kitchen. Well made shears, these are perfect for snipping your herbs, or for using them as scissors, opening food packaging, bottles etc. A great essential set of shears and comes in fun colors too.

  8. Bradley Baby Mochi

    I am excited for this 3pc. vibrant shears, great value and well made product. I used shears more than a knife, my go-to grab for herbs, it is one of my most used kitchen tools in the kitchen. Perfect for trimming unwanted chicken skins, it is such a big helper.

  9. bourbonbb

    You can never have too many scissors! The pops of color make them easier to find. They’re very sharp, perfect for simple snipping of herbs to cutting a chicken breast. Bonus…you can open a bottle too! Guaranteed for a lifetime!

  10. elar94

    This colorful set of kitchen shears should be all you need! No matter the task, these durable shears will get the job done and you can designate each color to specific uses too. They are comfortable to use and easy to keep clean.

  11. Cast Away

    Assorted colors for any number of food prep tasks. Use for snipping herbs, cutting foods or opening packages, bottles, or jars. High quality stainless steel for corrosion resistance with symmetrical handles and dishwasher safe.

  12. MImi L

    Love the feel in my hand and they are very sharp! Have only used them a few times since receiving them a few days ago but they have lived up to the Zwilling reputation. So happy to have a set of quality kitchen shears.

  13. Bosgril2

    Now “S” Shears are made in Germany and stay so sharp for kitchen use. Nice that they are designed for left or right use and also can be used as a bottle opener. Comfortable handle to use.

  14. Esrclt

    These are great scissors for multiple purposes and very reasonably priced. They are well balanced and quite sharp. So far they have worked on everything that I have tried them on.

  15. bulldog mom

    Good quality shears. They seem to go MIA in our house, so now we assigned a color to a person so you can catch who is swiping your shears. Sharp, durable, comfortable handles.

  16. jmarilyn425

    You will not lose these! Gorgeous vibrant colors and multitaskers as well. Bottle opener, screw cap opener and jar lid lifter. Stainless steel will not spot or tarnish

  17. Fsauceda

    Cut herbs great and very easy to clean. I like the fact that you can put them in the dishwasher, but I always handwash knives and shears. Plus the lifetime warranty

  18. Morganrudy

    Great value for this three pack of shears. I have them in the office, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. I seem to reach for them often. Good cutting edge, nice feel.

  19. thermann9

    I was surprised to see such a reasonable price for 3 pairs of Zwilling shears. And you can color me impressed. Good quality, good balance and solid grip.

  20. justfara

    These are sharp and good. I have only washed in the dishwasher once and so far, so good. Much better than what I’ve had so far.

  21. Breann

    I’m glad I got three! I like that they are not heavy. They are well-made and the lifetime warranty is impressive.

  22. Daniel Staub Weinberg

    I had trouble registering my shear set. Can you help? The shears work great, very sharp, and strong.

  23. John Staub

    Great shears. Best I have ever owned. One in the kitchen. One at my desk. One for my Mom.

  24. xmab

    Love the shears I use them to cut everything; fresh herbs , flowers , leafy greens ,ect.

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