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Zwilling Bellasera 1-Piece Polished Modern Flatware

23 Reviews
  • Manufactured from high quality 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Optimal combination of 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel offers the best corrosion resistance
  • Maintains a long lasting silver-like luster


<p>ZWILLING J.A. Henckels is a name that has been synonymous with premium cutlery since 1731. Our flatware products continue this longstanding heritage and tradition of design, excellence and expertise.</p><p>Each piece is produced from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. The dinner and steak knives are forged for superior cutting precision. Produced in compliance with strict quality standards, all ZWILLING flatware features carefully polished surfaces and edges. The heavy gauge and substantial sizing result in perfect balance and the feeling of quality in the hand. ZWILLING flatware is dishwasher safe.</p><p>Bellasera features contemporary styling, fashioned with a lustrous mirror finish. Unique standing knife design will make an elegant statement at the table.</p>
  • Manufactured from high quality 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Optimal combination of 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel offers the best corrosion resistance
  • Maintains a long lasting silver-like luster
  • Mono-block dinner knife construction for perfect weight and balance
  • Forged dinner knife blades provide cutting precision
  • Substantial sizing and heavy gauge weight
  • Dishwasher safe
Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.5 × 2.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. Anonymous

    I was looking for new flatware for me and boyfriends new apartment and this set first caught our eye simply because of the classic and stylish design. My boyfriends exact words were “I really love their shape”. Lol But as soon as we used them we realized there weren’t designed that way but for looks. They are basically ergonomically perfect they fit, feel and weigh just right and for me being left handed I sometimes hold things differently and knives are the worst but these are the best butter knives I ever used! My boyfriend being a righty says the same thing as well of course. They are high quality and timelessly designed and I know they will last us a very, very long time.

  2. Bryce T

    As part of a years of service gift from my company, I ordered this set via a third party seller. I’m very pleased with the set. Great design, finish and quality.
    What caught me by surprise was the utility knife. The handle design is different so it will be to your preference. Adding pictures.

  3. T Marie

    Just received this European inspired product. Very nice quality so far. I love that the knives “stand” up. And the extra hostess set is a nice plus! Very classy details to the sugar spoon and slotted serving spoon!

  4. 007chris

    This flatware set is great I got the 45 piece set everything I need in it. This set will serve 8 Its shiny and made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel so everything in set has a little weight

  5. Cook00

    The biggest draw was the nice design. The handle has an ergonomic feel and adds a very unique aesthetic to the set.

    There was one spoon that had some scratches but the rest of the set was great.

  6. Hc462

    This is a great set. The butter knifes are so much more comfortable then a traditional butter knife.
    Great design. A+ Zwilling

  7. drMAG

    Beautiful flatware set! It’s shiny and modern, with a slick design. Love the way the knife stands up, very unique.

  8. JasonD

    I bought the Bellasera in Mid-January 2019 and I noticed that the knife handles were getting spots of rust on

  9. Marloubar

    Very stylish practical set. Comfortable to hold and elegant.

  10. Kayc912

    This size of all the pieces are perfect. My last set of flatware the small fork was way too small. I would say that these are a medium weight. They do not feel like they would bend easy at all. They look like good quality flatware. I was a little worried about the shape of the knife but once they got here you really don’t notice it. It actually feels like it’s easier to hold. I picked this it because it had a lot of good reviews and I’m glad I did. I would recommend this to anyone

  11. JasonU801

    Bought this set to replace a drawer full of mismatched utinsels collected over the years. This is a beautifully crafted set of flatware. The finish is smooth and polished as well as the edges of each piece. They are extremely comfortable in my hand and the handles aren’t overly long. Some other sets I was considering had handles that were too long and made the utinsel feel unbalanced. These feel very balanced. I honestly don’t have any cons to list regarding this set at this time.

  12. OptimaK

    For the first time in my 20 years of marriage, we bought 2 nice sets of flatware. I chose this one because of the familiar brand, good reviews, and the looks. We love the way the knife sits. It doesn’t wiggle around noisily on our glass table top like our old ones every time it gets bumped. It feels natural and comfortable and I’m wondering why all knives do not face this way? They also have a great weight (not too heavy or so light they feel cheap).

  13. PollyE

    Love this set! It’s simple and elegant. The knives are not only beautiful in design but also extremely comfortable in your hand. The handle is ergonomically designed and has a nice serrated edge. The spoons and forks are a great size abs I love that it fits in my dishwasher basket without having to flip the basket door up. Every piece fits, including the knives. Great every day set and elegant enough for formal place settings!

  14. Chad L

    I was a little bit hesitant about buying this because of the price. However, when I received it I knew the meaning of you got what you pay. It’s well-designed and good quality. After washed with the dishwasher it still looks great with no scratches. It may take a few more months before I know exactly how good it is in terms of anti scratching but for now I’m satisfied.

  15. Linda in PNW

    Outstanding flatware. Not too heavy and not to light.
    The pieces are highly polished and gleam. They are safe in my dishwasher but I do have a model with a third top shelf for flatware. The design is elegant although minimal, very modern. The absolute best piece is the knife. It is so well balanced and really does stand on the bottom edge as shown. They feel so good to hold. Besides design, I chose this set because knife is made from one piece and made in Vietnam. I have found Vietnamese made products to be of good quality and this is no exception. Highly recommend if design suits your taste.

  16. New flatware for the win

    I’ve been searching for a new flatware site and feared ordering online only to be disappointed by sharp edges or flimsy stainless steel. This set is beautiful, well balanced and fit both my small hands and the large hands of my boyfriend without either of us feeling clumsy. I love how the knives stand in position, an added treat!

  17. Richard2021

    We received our first set nine years ago for a wedding and still love it to this day. Yesterday I went and bought another eight piece set just to replace missing pieces from over the years, so glad it is still available, but do wish you could buy just individual pieces as small spoons and forks are the first to go missing.

  18. Mrs Velez

    Got this product at a great price. Already own the knife set by this company and had to try the silverware. Sturdy and has a nice weight to it. I love how the knife sits. Great variety of sizes for spoons and forks. I love the extra serving spoons, butter knife and sugar spoon.

  19. 4foodtastic

    I bought Henckles chef’s knives around 35-40 years ago. I’m still using them. Of course, I make sure to take good care of them. Then, I bought Henckles steak knives. Love them. So, it only made sense to buy Henckles flatware. I love the look, weight and feel of this flatware.

  20. ChrisH3040

    We have just had these a few days but are really enjoying not only the quality but the design of the knives that stand on edge. We’ve used similar utensils while visiting high end restaurants in Europe and the memory these provide, especially during a pandemic, is priceless!

  21. Julz302

    The Zwilling Bellasera set is sleek and elegant. The silverware is heavy (like good quality silverware should be). The handles have a very modern profile. I fell in love with it.

    I realized my set had a flaw so I will be contacting Zwilling for help with resolving it.

  22. AndiO

    This flatware is so gorgeous that after my boyfriend lost or ate 3 of the teaspoons, I bought a whole new set. I love the weight of the utensils & the dinner knives have this cool feature of resting on plates, without falling over.

  23. ljg13

    I am very happy with this silverware. The pieces feel good in the hand and have a nice weight. I really like the offset knife handle. Very innovative and love how the handle helps the blade “stand” on the plate.

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