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Zwilling Clad CFX 10.8-in Steel with Non-stick Coating Skillet

26 Reviews
  • Ceraforce XTREME ceramic nonstick coating is 50% longer lasting and 3x more durable than our previous nonstick
  • Safe to use with metal utensils –10x more scratch resistant
  • Pouring spout and flared rim provide clean and dripless pouring


One flip and you’ll be hooked on our latest nonstick. Our ZWILLING® Clad CFX line features Ceraforce XTREME ceramic nonstick, a revolutionary coating that is 50% longer lasting and 3x more durable than our previous nonstick. When paired with the even-heating 3mm aluminum core, you’ll enjoy perfectly browned and braised dishes that don’t stick. Chef-friendly features include no-spill pour spouts and comfortable handles that allow for easy maneuvering while wearing oven mitts. All these perks and more make ZWILLING® Clad CFX a pleasure to cook with
  • Ceraforce XTREME ceramic nonstick coating is 50% longer lasting and 3x more durable than our previous nonstick
  • Safe to use with metal utensils –10x more scratch resistant
  • Pouring spout and flared rim provide clean and dripless pouring
  • Sturdy 3mm clad construction with aluminum core heats up evenly and quick
  • Comfortable stay-cool handles offer maximum maneuverability
  • Oven safe up to 400° F
  • Compatible with all cooking surfaces
Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 10.8 × 3 in

Latest reviews

  1. Vintagembrace

    This pan was a replacement for one that had scratched ceramic coating in the set we purchased after moving to a new home with an induction stove and having to buy all new cookware. While it took us 5 months to get the replacement and it arrived with a slight chip on the edge(Why I gave 4 stars) we’ve been using the rest of the set and love it! The pans heat quickly and evenly, and I can even pancake-flip an omelette thanks to the great nonstick! So long as silicone or wood utensils are used, I am sure this set will last a long time.

  2. Notsoironchef

    I am not the best cook, but this pan makes it easier to prepare my favorite foods. It is a substantial weight, if I needed to knock out a burglar invading my kitchen, I would grab this pan. The surface cooks very well and much more evenly than my previous crappy pan. Also, I love the fact that it is ceramic and not worrying about chemicals possibly leaching into my food. Purchasing the sautee pan next!

  3. Lin7777

    My friend recommended me ZWILLING fry pan. I picked Clad CFX as it says it has the latest technique, compared to the previous fry pan products. I just started to use it and it’s coating and other finish feel so good. Non-stick for sure and easy to clean. You can see from the photo that I took after toasting. It’s bit heavy because of the material it uses.

  4. Sameven

    I ordered the Zwilling Clad CFX 10″ Fry Pan from Macys. No matter what I tried everything sticks to it, right from the moment we got it. Not only it’s not non-stick, it’s sticking more than any pan I had, even with crazy amounts of oil! Makes it almost impossible to clean. We have another pan of the company that works great and since there are decent reviews I have to think there was some bad batch? In any case, our experience with it has been terrible.

  5. PeterPiper

    This pan was supposed to be nonstick. Everything we cook in it requires soaking and scrubbing the pan afterward. The nonstick ceramic holds up well and things cook evenly but the clean up afterward kills the deal. We have several good quality nonstick frying pans from other manufacturers and none of them have this problem. I just cleaned it. I wish I knew I could post a photo. It would have been convincing.

  6. jbeans77

    The new CFX ceramic non-stick coating is longer lasting, more durable and chemical free.
    This tri-ply pan is completely clad with an interior layer of hygienic 18/10 stainless steel, an inner core of aluminum and an exterior layer of 18/0 stainless steel for induction capability. The stay cool handles and ease of care make this pan a great addition to any kitchen.

  7. Tris L

    We’ve had this pan for a few days and it has worked perfectly. It’s a bit hefty compared to our old, regular non-stick. However, you get used to the weight pretty quickly. This is our second Zwilling item after the Twin Profection knife set. Like our knives, I feel like this pan will be around for the long haul. Great craftsmanship!

  8. bulldog mom

    Amazing non-stick. We are so impressed we have several sizes. Food slides right out. The ceramic itself does not contain harmful chemicals. And it prefers being cooked on a medium heat. We do not use metal utensils and it still looks great. Our favortie non-stick fry pan.

  9. Dmusil88

    We have yet to use our new pan yet, but the weight, handle, overall feel, and attractive stainless steel appearance is what led us to choose Zwilling over other brands. We are amateur cooks, but hope to get many great meals from this pan!

  10. hello123456

    I was looking for a safer nonstick option that didn’t require as much maintenance as cast iron or carbon steel. I found this browsing through an outlet mall and thought why not! Now it is my go to pan and it’s very easy to take care of

  11. Morganrudy

    Fantastic pan which i use daily for family meals. Perfect for frying and sauteing. The pan heats quickly and evenly. The non stick is extremely durable. I like the look and feel of this pan. Comfortable weight and handle.

  12. MdeLB

    The Zwilling 10-inch Clad CFX ceramic frying pan is the perfect size and weight to comfortably cook anything from grilled cheese to sautéed onions. The ceramic surface heats evenly and is so easy to clean. Highly recommend.

  13. Bosgril2

    This newly designed CFX nonstick frypan has some wonderful upgrades. It is 3x stronger and like that it’s Cermamic and Stainless Steel, so great for sautéing and frying. Cleans easily and cooks even better.

  14. isjaff

    Beautiful and sturdy pan. Very easy to cook with and clean after. I normally just soak the pan in warm soapy water, which saves time when it comes to the cleaning. Does the job perfectly, so far so good!

  15. Bradley Baby Mochi

    It’s a perfect size slightly bigger breakfast pan cooking omelette, frying eggs, scrambled eggs, and pancakes. This ceramic pan performs well in sauteing, browning/searing and braising meat, and an excellent non-stick pan-frying fish and tofu. Flipping and turning is effortless with this pan.
    I’ve had a variety of stainless steel nonstick ceramic coated pans, now I owned this new revolutionary CFX ceramic nonstick, it’s the new favorite in my kitchen.
    Safe to use with metal utensils, 10x more scratch resistant and more durable. However, the keyword is “resistant” so with enough force, anything can cause scratches. Therefore, wood and silicone kitchen tools are recommended. It is easy to clean; just soak with water and soap and use a sponge to remove food residue. There’s a variety of cookware stainless steel cream cleanser available to keep your pan exterior in pristine condition, so cleaning is a breeze!!!
    Personally I liked handwashing my pots and pans most importantly non-stick pan. An unbeatable deal for a well-made and reasonably priced product! The best ceramic non-stick in the market.

  16. Home chef 101

    I owned many, many different brands of pans and non of them come close to this one!!! Extremely durable, and easy to clean. Food doesn’t stick or stain the pan. Highly recommended

  17. Sparky12

    This is the best pan I have ever owned!!! Non-stick, easy to clean. Just a bit heavy but worth the extra weight! You won’t be disappointed in this product or any of their products

  18. Bee84

    Love my pan. Ceramic is healthier than Teflon. Great qualifying and not too heavy. Easy to use on medium to medium low heat, never use on high heat. Perfect size for everyday use.

  19. Michelle27

    Great product! I purchased this fry pan to replace a Teflon coated pan. Definitely moved up a few notches! This is excellent quality, durable and comfortable. Gets the job done!

  20. Lynnel

    A solid fry pan, not too heavy, that heats evenly. I’d been looking for a high quality non-stick for awhile and am so glad I found this. It’s my go-to for everything!

  21. Zeldafarmer

    I purchased this pan to replace an older teflon pan that had seen better days. The size is great for cooking for two and I like that you can use metal utensils.

  22. Tracy in Chicago

    The ceramic surface is great for it’s nonstick properties. The food just slides off. Also pleased that it is a more healthy choice than other surfaces available.

  23. Confido

    after trying several cheap products from other manufacturers we finally paid the extra price and got the extra benefit. We expect these to last a long time

  24. Katymae09

    Nonstick ceramic coating works perfectly. I love that it doesn’t have a toxic coating like Teflon. You do need to be careful not to use metal utensils.

  25. Alexm89

    This is the best product i have ever used. I finally gave up on buying products and hving to throw them away because of failure. It will not dissapoint

  26. A4376

    We purchased this pan to replace our non-stick pan and I’m so happy we did. This pan heats up quick, is non-stick, and is super easy to clean.

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