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Zwilling Clad CFX 10-in Steel with Non-stick Coating Cooking Pan with Lid(s) Included

22 Reviews
  • Ceraforce XTREME ceramic nonstick coating is 50% longer lasting and 3x more durable than our previous nonstick
  • Safe to use with metal utensils –10x more scratch resistant
  • Pouring spout and flared rim provide clean and dripless pouring


One flip and you’ll be hooked on our latest nonstick. Our ZWILLING® Clad CFX line features Ceraforce XTREME ceramic nonstick, a revolutionary coating that is 50% longer lasting and 3x more durable than our previous nonstick. When paired with the even-heating 3mm aluminum core, you’ll enjoy perfectly browned and braised dishes that don’t stick. Chef-friendly features include no-spill pour spouts and comfortable handles that allow for easy maneuvering while wearing oven mitts. All these perks and more make ZWILLING® Clad CFX a pleasure to cook with
  • Ceraforce XTREME ceramic nonstick coating is 50% longer lasting and 3x more durable than our previous nonstick
  • Safe to use with metal utensils –10x more scratch resistant
  • Pouring spout and flared rim provide clean and dripless pouring
  • Sturdy 3mm clad construction with aluminum core heats up evenly and quick
  • Comfortable stay-cool handles offer maximum maneuverability
  • Oven safe up to 400° F
  • Compatible with all cooking surfaces
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 7.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Mike D 313212415

    This is the worst piece of cookware I’ve very bought. The nonstick isn’t nonstick. Everything sticks to it. The coating is chipping away. And the glass top clouded. Going in the trash.

  2. CookinginCali

    The best non-stick cookware and at a great price. Finally. Really good, long lasting and affordable non-stick cookware. This CFX line is a great surprise. It doesn’t stick and it cooks like high quality 3-ply stainless steel cookware – browning, caramelizing, taking higher heat and holding steady at lower heat. Plus it is ceramic non-stick, considered ‘green’ and ‘all natural’, and created to last – years not months. The 3-ply construction makes the CFX comparable to higher quality pots and pans. This is the line to embrace for healthy low fat cooking and for easy convenient clean-up. Whichever is your priority, you will love this set. I loved testing it.


    Great product, read all instructions in order that you care for this product properly.

  4. Winniesmom

    Deep lid edges with strainer and pour spout are awesome features! High quality pot.

  5. Danny8802

    Good solid material construction. Beautiful looking. Heats up fast. No problems.

  6. Islander2

    This is a great pot for many uses. This pot does it all. With easy cleanup it’s a win win. You get what you pay for. Stop buying those cheap pots and pans that don’t last with peeling nonstick surfaces. This non stick surface is durable enough for metal utensils but I will use plastic or wood just to be sure. This pot lid has slots for straining things or adjusting the amount of steam to escape. Wait for a sale then get what you need. They will last a long time. I highly recommend this pot and would buy it again. You will not be disappointed.

  7. bleue moon2

    I love this new 6Q for many reasons. . . it is non-stick, has nice pour spouts with strainer, roomy handles and a glass lid that is tempered. What could be better? Easy to clean and washes right out. Great for making those Fall and Winter comfort foods like chili, stews, casseroles and meat and rice or pasta dishes. You can heat on high heat, but no real need to do so. The new non-stick can handle medium to high heat now, too. Also makes a good amount of soup so you can freeze some for next week! This size is a must-have for every household.

  8. Niner2015

    This is a great dutch oven. An upgraded version of the Spirit collection, the Zwilling Clad CFX has a much more durable ceramic nonstick that will last much longer and is more durable. I use this a lot for soups, sauces, or even to use for a stove top potpourri. I love that the lid has a strainer design to it and that the sides of the dutch oven have pouring spouts, great for pouring water out from cooking pasta. The tri-ply construction of this dutch oven is really well made, it’s not going to be prone to warping or having cold spots in the pot. It heats up really well and retains the heat well. I like the functionality of the Clad CFX, it’s combining the best of both stainless and nonstick cookware: durability, heat retention, healthy cooking and easy cleaning.

  9. bourbonbb

    This is my pasta pot, my soup pot, and yes, it works as a dutch oven. I love that it is the healthy non stick option; no harmful chemicals. It’s so much more durable than the first ceramic coatings that were on everything. They couldn’t withstand heat, the dishwasher or metal utensils; this can take it all!

    The handles are wide and comfortable. Plus the glass lid has two sets of straining holes, perfect for making pasta. There’s also a pouring spot. They thought of everything!!

  10. kammya108

    This is a great size for a pot for boiling pasta and this pot is even better because it comes with a pouring spout and strainer in the lid, so I don’t have to take out and clean a strainer when I am making pasta. The interior is one of the best non-stick surfaces I’ve ever used and when I make tomato sauce, I can wipe out and rinse the pot and it’s clean! I love the glass lid so that I can see what’s happening to my food without opening the lid.

  11. DanCooks

    I am very happy with this pot. The tri-ply stainless steel construction heats evenly and quickly. The ceramic non-stick coating is PTFE and PFOA free making it so healthy to use. It is scratch resistant and much more durable than the original ceramic non sticks. I like how the lid allows me to monitor my cooking without having to open it up. The straining holes (two sizes) are a bonus.

  12. HomeCook5

    Nonstick Dutch Oven makes clean up a breeze. This is such a versatile pot. It’s great for braising meat, cooking soups, stews and sauces, boiling water for pasta or even us it to fry chicken with minimal splatter because of the tall sides. The best part of this nonstick coating is that it’s metal utensil safe. The built in strainer on the lid is a small but favorite feature!

  13. elar94

    This new nonstick from Zwilling is some of the best out there. It has never been easier to cook with and clean a piece of cookware. This dutch oven showcases all that Zwilling is doing right in making innovative cookware at a great price. Make your soups, stocks, pasta or rice dishes in this perfectly weighted dutch oven without worrying about anything staining or sticking.

  14. Cooking Mommy

    This dutch oven is the perfect size, 8 Qts are a little to big for daily cooking. The pan is chemical free and the nonstick works wonderfully. There are three layers of metal – an aluminum layer sandwiched between two layers for stainless steel so the heat capability and heat retention are great. The temperature of the pan will not drop if you put something cold in.

  15. jbeans77

    CFX is one of the newest, longest lasting ceramic non-stick surfaces on the market today. Applied to an excellent tri-ply stainless steel 6qt pot it is a winner. The pour spouts and strainer lid are a nice addition for straining pasta and potatoes. The spouts also keep food from dripping onto the outside of the pan. Stay cool handles finish the look.

  16. Cast Away

    Ceramic nonstick with no harmful chemicals or fumes is an excellent alternative to traditional nonstick surfaces. The thick aluminum core permits pan to heat up quickly and provides an even cooking surface. Large handles on sides and glass lid make use with hot pads easy. As does the convenient pour spout and built in strainers in lid.

  17. bulldog mom

    Excellent cookware. I like to think of the ceramic nonstick as organic-no harmful chemicals. The pan heats up quickly and efficiently so I cook on medium heat and get great results. The lid has a built in strainer which is priceless. This 6 qt is a great size. larger than my previous 5 qt but not as large as the 8 qt!

  18. Morganrudy

    This is my favorite ceramic non stick pan. I use this daily for sauces, pasta dishes, mashed potatoes. It is easy to use and clean. Comfortable handles. The straining spouts are great to have. You can retire your staining basket. This pot will rapidly heat and stay warm longer. Love this pot!!

  19. Bosgril2

    I replaced my other nonstick dutch oven with this new Zwilling CFX. Like that I can use metal utensils without scratching the interior, the new pouring spout, see-through glass cover and that it’s dishwasher safe. Good price for well made cookware.

  20. Bradley Baby Mochi

    I’ve had variety of stainless steel nonstick ceramic coated pans, Spirit is one of them and now owning this new revolutionary new CFX nonstick is the new favorite. I recently used this new Zwilling Clad CFX it works great for all my cooking needs. Performs both great for my gas stove, oven safe up to 400F degree, great for broiling, and does works for every stove top.
    Outstanding dutch oven, great for for sauce, and soup pot, Flipping, turning, frying, sauteing, braising is easier for its extreme ceraforce ceramic nonstick is 10x more scratch resistant, even washing and cleaning is a breeze.
    Cooking is better with the new clad CFX XTREME Ceraforce ceramic nonstick because it is more durable than any other ceramic nonstick coating, equal heat retention.
    One of the coolest thing about this new Zwilling pot features no-spill/dripless pouring, has handy built-in strainer and comfortable handles that allow for easy maneuvering and roomy stay cool handle. Safe to use with metal utensils, 10x more scratch resistant however wood and silicon is recommended.

  21. Rottiemom

    I needed to replace a Calphalon nonstick Dutch oven because the interior was no longer nonstick. This pan is the right size, not too heavy, and has a lovely slick ceramic interior. It browns nicely and cleans up easily.

  22. Ally NH

    This is a gorgeous, beautifully made Dutch oven that you can lift without breaking your back. Heats evenly and holds heat well. LOVE the strainer and pouring features – every pot should have them. Love it!

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