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Zwilling Motion 13-in Aluminum Cooking Pan with Lid(s) Included

23 Reviews
  • Designed in Italy. Engineered in Germany
  • Multi-layer, PFOA-free nonstick coating ensures effortless release and easy cleanup
  • Heavy-gauge, 4mm hard-anodized aluminum construction delivers even heat distribution for exceptional cooking performance


As the modern kitchen specialist, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels infuses high quality, expertise, and innovation into its premium cookware. ZWILLING Motion merges the best of Italian design with expert German engineering. In this perfect pairing, chefs benefit from the high performance of heavy-gauge anodized aluminum and the convenience of nonstick coating. The multi-layer PFOA-free nonstick coating offers effortless release and quick cleanup. Combined with the durable aluminum construction that ensures even heating, these versatile pots and pans are perfect for all cooking techniques from searing to sauteing. The tight-fitting tempered glass lids let you monitor your cooking while the double- riveted stay-cool handles are designed for maximum maneuverability. Dishwasher safe, ZWILLING Motion is also easy to clean, making this easy-to-use cookware a pleasure to cook with.
  • Designed in Italy. Engineered in Germany
  • Multi-layer, PFOA-free nonstick coating ensures effortless release and easy cleanup
  • Heavy-gauge, 4mm hard-anodized aluminum construction delivers even heat distribution for exceptional cooking performance
  • Tempered glass lids lock in moisture and let you monitor cooking process
  • Double-riveted stay-cool stainless steel handles
  • Oven safe up to 450 F
  • Dishwasher safe
Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 4.7 in

Latest reviews

  1. jberry4193

    Love this pan! I can cook multiple things in this and it cooks evenly as well. Cleans easily…will definitely be buying another product from this same line!

  2. mnc0289

    I found this Zwilling Motion Fryer well just searching for a new frying pan with a lid. I was just looking basically for a 12-in but when I came across this 5 qt fryer I fell in love. I was hoping the pictures that I saw were a true representation of the pan. When I got it and opened the box I was super excited and the pan met all my expectations. The size is perfect.The weight is just right and the non-stick surface is amazing. Very little oil if any needed at all. Heats evenly throughout the bottom of the pan and it’s one of the easiest pans I’ve had as far as cleaning goes. Just a little warm soapy water is all you need. I highly recommend this fryer. I actually like it so much I am going to order a second one and give it as a gift. Definitely 5 stars for me!!!

  3. Cooking Mommy

    I love this pan – perfect for one pan dinners. This pan is made from a heavy-gauge, 4mm hard-anodized aluminum construction and has amazing, even, heat distribution. The helper handle is a nice detail, really does help with those heavier dishes. The handle is stay cool on the stove top and the pan can with stand temperatures up to 450F so you can start a meal on the stove top and finish it in the stove. Bonus – dishwasher safe.

  4. CookinginCali

    This deep frying pan is really user friendly. I use it for making pasta sauces (easy to toss pasta in), rice dishes and grain dishes. It can also double as a deep fryer when the mood hits. Great for making popcorn! The tempered glass lid is the bonus.

    The Motion line of hard anodized aluminum fry pans is terrific. They feature a durable non-stick coating that holds up to frequent use. The thick layer of aluminum makes the pan heat up quickly and evenly, minimizing hot spots and scorched foods. Dishwasher safe but hand wash to keep it looking like new. You can use metal utensils on the surface, although I generally use silicone or wood/bamboo; it just keeps it looking nicer, and I don’t have to remind the family all the time.

    Dishwasher safe, but if you want it to look like new hand wash. The non-stick surfaces really shows it’s value by the easy clean up.

  5. Sophie123

    This is a 5 qt 13″ nonstick deep saute pan. I’ve found it to be a pan I regularly reach for in my kitchen – deep enough to saute veggies, pan fry meats, and do some more liquidy stews while not feeling like I have to use so much oil because it’s nonstick. Great quality, sturdy but not too heavy, and somewhat more rare to find is the beveled round bottom (not a strict edge) which makes it easier to stir ingredients.

  6. Ocean

    I received this skillet as a gift and initially thought it was way too big but it quickly became my favorite skillet and I would say I use it 5 out of 7 nights! I love that it can go from stove top to oven. My only complaint is that the handle is starting to become loose and the rivets that attach it to the skillet have no way to be tightened. I can’t find any warranty information on the website.

  7. Chef_Nick

    The size of this pan really gives you a lot of options when cooking. It has a large cooking surface, which is great for searing multiple items at once. The 5 quart volume also allows you to add enough liquid for most dishes. This pan is perfect for stews or chili because you can sear all your meats and veggies and then add the cooking liquid. I’d definitely recommend for family meals.

  8. Trina33

    This is my favorite pan in my kitchen. It is big enough to use for sauces, sautéing, frying… you name it. It is non-stick and very easy to clean. I recently looked for something comparable for a gift and couldn’t find anything that was even close to this one. The price point is great! As long as Zwilling makes this pan, I will have it as my go to pan every day.

  9. Sunshine1

    Use this pan everyday because it is so versatile. The nonstick is the best, so i use for eggs, and pancakes in the morning. Also great for a great brunch frittata because the sides are a bit higher than a fry pan, and the non stick coating helps everything slice out.
    The higher sides make deep frying a breeze, and can also be used for stews, sauces, and stir fry.

  10. DanCooks

    So many pans are just too small or just too heavy. This one is great. The hard anodized body is durable without being too heavy. It is large enough to make a one pan meal for my whole family. I love the tight fitting lid and the ability to put the pan in the oven. The handles are great and stay cool to the touch on the stovetop.

  11. bulldog mom

    Amazing pan! I love the size. Great for frying, searing or sauteing. Good size for a large family. The glass lid allows you to monitor what’s going on inside without letting precious moisture escape. Good weight. The helper handle is definately handy when it’s full of your favorite meal.

  12. YuriS

    I’ve only owned it for a week, so I can’t speak to the durability yet, but the nonstick is the best I’ve ever tried. Everything just wipes right off when cleaning. Seems very well built, nice and thick. This size is also versatile for basically any meal. You can fry pancakes or make stews.

  13. dbphilly

    The first time I threw my minced garlic into some shimmering oil in this pan, I knew I was going to love it. Heats evenly and cleans up in a swish of soapy water. The extra handle helps as it is quite heavy but unlike many saute pans out there I’ll bet this one outlasts me.

  14. jmarilyn4

    This has got to be my favorite size. I use this for frying chicken, a big batch of pork chops and steaks as well. You get great browning and searing with these pans due to the heat retention and distribution, and clean up is so easy!

  15. CarolynCO

    This is my second, exact one. I was upset when they were out-of-stock or backordered for what seemed like forever. I keep one at our cabin and one at home. Love how deep they are and the glass lid.

  16. Unhappy Alley

    This is my third attempt to review the pan I ordered but the company won’t publish it.

    Please just mail me the darn pan. its got a shipping label it just needs to be mailed from your warehouse

  17. NYC cooker

    Love all the pots and pans in this series. Started with one and have replaced every single one I owned (even the most expensive ones. Heats evenly and reliably and could not be easier to clean.

  18. RW in Raleigh

    Got this pan for Christmas and it is everything I expected. Cooks evenly and nothing sticks anywhere. Highly recommend this cookware!

  19. MDMD

    Perfect size for larger family meals. Order to replace an older, smaller deep skillet. Just what we wanted

  20. pp1987

    This is just an amazing addition to our kitchen. The nonstick really makes cooking a breeze.

  21. Docbb

    Absolutely awesome. Well made! Easy to clean! Super durable! Excellent product! Thanks!

  22. hb99

    Very sturdy and well-made. With proper care this pan will last for many years!

  23. Anonymous

    Big enough to cook a meal for 4 adults, easy to clean

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