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Zwilling Paring Knife

15 Reviews
  • VG10 super steel
  • Authentic thin Japanese blade profile
  • Hand-honed using the three-step Honbazuke process to a 9.5 to 12 degree edge


MIYABI strives for perfection with Kaizen – Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better.” This line of knives combines the best hardening technology with the artistry of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The resilient core of VG10 super steel is protected by a stunning 64-layer flower Damascus pattern. The CRYODUR blades feature exceptional sharpness and durability thanks to their innovative, icehardening treatment. Then, artisans hand-hone the blades with the historic Honbazuke method. This attention to detail translates into precision cutting for MIYABI Kaizen users. The blade is balanced by a refined D-shaped handle made of black linen Micarta. With a wood-like texture, the comfortable handle won’t slip from your hand and acts as a moisture repellant. Handcrafted in Seki, Japan.
  • VG10 super steel
  • Authentic thin Japanese blade profile
  • Hand-honed using the three-step Honbazuke process to a 9.5 to 12 degree edge
  • CRYODUR blade, ice-hardened to Rockwell 60
  • 65-layer flower Damascus design with katana edge
  • Traditional Japanese D-shaped black linen Micarta handle
  • Handcrafted in Seki, Japan
Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 1 in

Latest reviews

  1. bourbonbb

    A prep knife is such an awesome shape and size! It’s perfect for chopping smaller fruits and vegetables but also can handle meats and cheeses.

    The Damascus design is beautiful! The knife has has that incredibly sharp asian edge angle and has a core of VG10 steel which is very hard and will give you incredible edge retention.

    The handle is authentic to Japanese heritage also, with its D shape design. It is extremely comfortable in your hand and is made of micarta which is a linen and resin mixture. It has the look and feel of wood, with the durability of a synthetic material.

  2. CookinginCali

    The Miyabi Kaizen 5.5-inch utility prep knife is an extremely popular knife. It is much beloved for the variety of precise cutting that it can do. It’s razor sharpness makes every stroke efficient. The 64 layers of molten steel, applied over the VG10 steel core, hold a tight edge. The blade is both hard and light at the same time, making it glide through both delicate and hearty foods beautifully.

    Adding to the enjoyment of this phenomenal cutting tool is its beauty. The Damascus-style polishing showing the layers and the linen Micarta handle with finishing details combine to make using and owning this knife a joy. Hone regularly. Hand wash. This knife will be sharp and beautiful for a lifetime.

  3. Nya nya

    The pattern of knife edge is so beautiful and it makes me feel sophisticated when I cook. Easy to cut everything.

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful knife with a sharp blade! Perfect for more detailed work.

  5. DanCooks

    I really like this knife. I recently added it to my Kaizen collection. It fits the space between my pairing knife and Chefs knife and Santoku. The blade size is the perfect size for working in hand or on the cutting board. The D shaped handle is very comfortable in my hand. The “super steel” blade is very sharp. The Damascus style layering adds a beautiful aesthetic to an already great knife. I love the tradition and artistry put into this knife from the micarta handle all the way through the Katana style watermarking on the blade edge.

  6. HomeCook5

    I love using a prep knife instead of pulling out my larger chef’s knife when using fewer ingredients while preparing a smaller meal. With smaller piles of vegetables you don’t need the same reach but you want the same sharpness. It’s also a go-to for sandwich making and cheese slicing. The Kaizen series are gorgeous Japanese knives that have a core made from GV10 super steel that retains the sharp edge use after use.

  7. JAG73

    I had been wanting this knife for about a year, along with others In this collection. I received them at Christmas and have used it without disappointment! Beautifully balanced and comfortable,not too mention sharp! I want nothing else in my hand when I’m the kitchen other than another Miyabi knife like my carving or my rocker! Hands down best knives ever!!! You absolutely get what you pay for here!

  8. Niner2015

    I love the look of the blade and the flower Damascus pattern look of the 64 layers of the VG10 steel on this knife. The handle is nicely rounded, really feels nice with the Micarta wood handle. It has a really nice light weight feel to it, and I can cut and chop through anything with ease and smoothness, a great small blade to have as an alternative to a chef knife.

  9. bleue moon2

    A superb knife from the Miyabi Kaizen line – my fav go-to prep knife as it does about every task in the kitchen. Super sharp and stays sharp and resilient. Cryodur ice-hardened to maintain the blade and its sharpness. The Damascus pattern gives it aesthetic beauty. A must-own knife if you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen!

  10. elar94

    A prep knife is one of the most essential knives to have in the kitchen and this Kaizen version is one of the best! I like the balance and comfort that the beautiful handle offers and the durable Damascus blade stays sharp for a long time. This awesome knife is ideal for tackling medium sized foods.

  11. Bradley Baby Mochi

    This Kaizen prep knife is so comfortable in my hand. The round handle feels like D-shape is enjoyable. It is great to cut medium size food, great for cantaloupe, vegetables and meats. This is a go-to knife for me because I like how I it feels great in my hand and cutting edge is exceptional.

  12. kammya108

    I use this knife for everything that is too small for my chef’s knife, like peeling garlic or slicing strawberries. I love that it has knuckle clearance so that I don’t hit my hand on the cutting board while I’m chopping. The blade is beautiful and the handle is very comfortable to use.

  13. siennablue

    Beautiful looking knife of great quality. Sharp out of the box. Versatile. Feels good in the hand, great for smaller hands in particular. Perfect size handle and the perfect weight— not too light but not too heavy. Can use for all types of cutting.

  14. Morganrudy

    Exceptional cutting edge . Beautifully crafted. I like using this size knife for longer vegetables such as eggplant and squash. Light and durable. This knife is designed for precision slicing and will stay sharp for a long time.

  15. BoxerDoug

    First, it is a work of art, beautiful construction, graceful flow from handle to blade tip, excellent instructions; a perfect gift. The first slices are magical: smooth, precise width of cut, and easy to clean and store.

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