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Zwilling Utility Knife

28 Reviews
  • The strong, hand honed blades with micro-serration cut precisely
  • Twin Select Kitchen Shears are a perfect example of perfect design and function
  • Dishwasher safe


ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS TWIN Select Kitchen Shears handle every kitchen cutting task with ease. Whether snipping herbs, cutting foods or safely opening packages, these shears are up to the task. Micro-serrations allow for precise cuts. All ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS kitchen shears are dishwasher safe.
  • The strong, hand honed blades with micro-serration cut precisely
  • Twin Select Kitchen Shears are a perfect example of perfect design and function
  • Dishwasher safe
Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 6 × 4 in

Latest reviews

  1. EvdeV85

    I bought this knife/scissors sharpener after watching a pitch from a person selling knife sets at Costco. I was skeptical at first because I’d had a similar style sharpener before getting rid of it and opting for an electric sharpener. This one definitely edges out the electric one because it can sharpen scissors, and I feel like I have more control over the blade when pulling it across the sharpening surface. Plus it’s size makes it super easy to move around.

  2. Chris the chef

    Scissors are just what I needed. I was looking for something that can cut through meats and other foods. After 3 other pairs this is my favorite pair now. And it looks clean and sleek to match my kitchen =)

    I would definitely recommend

  3. Alamedagirl

    I have been afan of Zwilling shears for a long long time and i would only ever recommend them over anything else. you know them you probably have them the red circle with the 2 men is the give away! well, when I went to buy another pair these popped up in the search too so i did some reading and decoded to give them a go..Pricey but OMG they feel so good in your hand, they work well for both left and right handed people and they are the prettiest scissors I have ever owned. If you like good scissors, you know ones that cut smoothly and effortlessly, then stay with Zwilling and know that these are worth every little bit more than the regular ones… tho I still have and use those throughout the house… These are mine!

  4. Colt1990

    These shears are amazing! They cut through lobster tail and king crab legs like you wouldn’t believe, I cant wait to try them on other foods!

  5. CookinginCali

    These all stainless steel shears are for great all, all-around cutting. They can cut through parchment paper, packaging, and produce all with nice clean cuts. They cut through shrimp shells, soft crab shells, and grilled meats and chicken. The high quality steel and micro serrated edge ensure these will last a long time. Plus they are beautiful. I don’t mind putting these on the table when I have the need.

  6. love2cook

    These are pricey shears, but I bought them because they are so much more than typical kitchen shears. The micro serration on the blade allows for precise cutting. These are great to mince and chop herbs and scallions and cut meats and poultry. The handles also serve as a bottle opener! Stainless steel means they should hold up for years of use and require a minimum amount of maintenance.

  7. Jian

    Bought this over the weekend. We have a kitchen shears and two scissors. I won’t say I have to have this. But when I first lay my eye on this, I LOVE the looks. And I was amazed to see one of the use is to cut roses which I don’t plan to follow. After I use it, I love the feels, very elegant, very comfortable, and fully functioning. I wish I have had this earlier.

  8. ChefRobVee

    Durable, nice weight and extremely sharp! These have yet to show any signs of getting dull. They open that obnoxious plastic packaging they you spend 5 minutes trying to cut through, with ease and precision. Recently just tried the bottle opener on the shears, when I couldn’t find any other in the house and it worked like a charm!

  9. Cheffy

    I’ve owned this knife for the past 10 years, and unfortunately it was lost when we recently moved. My husband replaced it with another brand, and I was miserable. Could not wait to order this knife on your site. I use this in my kitchen and throughout the house. It is comfortable, reliable and stays nice and sharp.

  10. Lonnie164

    Just purchased these shears to replace my old shears. Wow, what a huge difference!
    These shears are extremely sharp and cut through even the hardest items. Extremely comfortable in the hand, and look great. The only problem is that everyone in my family loves using it, which makes it hard to keep track of!

  11. kammya108

    I love these kitchen shears and how they are actually a multi-use tool. I use them to not only cut things like herbs and spatchcock chicken, I use the handles to open tough bottles. I love how they are made of all metal because I feel like I can get them cleaner than if the handles were plastic.

  12. RJ88

    I bought these shears recently and they are AMAZING! I own several Zwilling J.A. Henckels products. Their quality is ALWAYS top notch. With that being said, these shears meet the the high
    standards I expect. These shears are razor sharp and strong. I will be ordering a second pair.

  13. bkrayci0

    These stainless steel kitchen shears is the only shears you’ll need in the kitchen. They have a rotary and bottle opener and they are so easy to clean. You do not have to worry about raw chicken juices because you can clean this so easily without worrying about cross-contamination.

  14. Niner2015

    I love the look of this pair of shears and that it is all stainless steel, and not two different materials. It makes it much easier to clean or even put in the dishwasher. The blades on this pair of shears cut nicely without tearing, and I love that they are made in Italy!

  15. jbeans77

    I wanted a really good pair of shears to use in my vegetable garden. These a perfect. They cut my herbs cleanly and neatly cut vines and small branches when needed. I am sure these would be great in the kitchen as well but so far they are staying out in my she-shed!

  16. love2cook

    These are the best shears I have ever owned. Besides cutting precisely when trimming poultry and meats, they can serve as a bottle open. Easy to clean, very durable, no stain, rust ..stay sharp for years. Worth the investment to have a great pair of shears.

  17. Linda 1954

    These kitchen shears are the first ones i had that actually cut, anything! They cut beautifully! They are nice and sharp and cut with ease! They are all stainless steel and well made. I highly recommend these to anyone that wants a GOOD kitchen tool!

  18. Co cook

    I use kitchen shears for so many tasks, so wanted a nice pair to last and get me through cutting potted and backyard herbs, cutting stems, cutting open packages and using as a bottle and lid opener. Wow! All that from this small but mighty tool!

  19. Anonymous

    These scissors are designed to look good but not work well. They are very uncomfortable to use. Exceptional scissors have wider, if not contoured, finger pads. See OXO MULTI-purpose Kitchen Scissors at one-third the price.

  20. KitKatlover

    Love the look of all stainless steel. Looks so expensive, but really isn’t. Great fo cutting raw chickens, herbs, and veggies. Also powerful enough to cut through the hard plastic a lot of our merchandise is packaged in.

  21. elar94

    This is a great, durable set of stainless steel kitchen shears. Comfortable to use and easy to clean. Whether you are adding to your kitchen tools or replacing an old set of shears, this is a great option either way.

  22. bourbonbb

    I will always choose stainless over other materials. I love the way these cut with the slightly serrated edge; no slippage. They stay sharp and are very easy to clean. A must have for every kitchen.

  23. Cast Away

    Love these kitchen shears and so too did my boyfriend first time he used them. He insisted on having a pair as well. Was happy to gift him a pair knowing how durable and sharp they are. True love.

  24. Akosan

    Have been using this for more than a year and wonder how I got along without it. Solid performer. Handles any chicken bones with ease and cuts clean and precise.Sturdy and steady.

  25. Anonymous

    This is a great pair of quality kitchen shears made of stainless steel. It’s very useful for cutting raw and cooked food. You will not regret investing in a quality product.

  26. Cooking Mommy

    These scissors are so easy to use and they are comfortable if your doing big projects.
    The blades have little serrations grabbing anything they contact for a clean cut.

  27. HomeCook5

    These stainless steel shears have a microserrated edge and cut very nicely through all your kitchen tasks from string and plastic packaging to meats and herbs.

  28. Nema

    These are the best shears I have ever had . They cut through anything. Well made. I have gifted these, and those who received them, agree they are the best.

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